Baby Bump Bundle

Baby Bump Bundle

  • Pregnancy
  • From $25

The perfect gift for new and expecting moms, Baby Bump Bundle offers specially curated boxes designed for women at each stage of pregnancy.

Baby Bump Bundle offers three bundles to choose from:

  • BumpBundle – For moms-to-be, this bundle includes pregnancy products hand-picked for each trimester of pregnancy. Order a bundle for a specific trimester or get all 3 bundles at a discounted price!
  • BabyBundle – Designed for newborn babies, the BabyBundle is a box of products just for baby – from bath products and diapers to onesies. Choose from the itty bitty BabyBundle or a regular Baby Bundle.
  • Breastfeeding Bundle – For nursing moms, the Breastfeeding Bundle has a fashionable breasfeeding cover and other products selected for breastfeeding moms.

Baby Bump BundleBaby Bump BundleBaby Bump Bundle

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Baby Bump Bundle

Baby Bump Bundle

  • Pregnancy
  • From $25

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  • Melissa

    My best friend’s had a baby and her birthday was just weeks after her daughter was born. I wanted to get something for her that was relevant to being a new mom. This was the perfect gift. Great idea, great products! Great customer service. My friend was so surprised and thankful.

  • Karen Cantor

    I have ordered a few Baby Bump Bundles to date and have always been so pleased with the presentation, the products, the service and the value. With baby bump bundle the mom to be or new born gets hand selected items that are not always easy to find in stores. Makes a great shower gift, newborn gift or just a surprise as soon as you hear your friend or loved one is expecting. You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend.

  • Britt @ The Magnolia Pair

    I received my bundle as a review for my blog, and I couldn’t recommend this bundle more. The products I received were top quality and must haves for a new baby. I loved all of my products and even invested in more after I finished using them. I highly recommend these bundles to everyone! They make great gifts, too!

  • TheWiseBaby

    A great gift for moms to be and new moms! All of the items are thoughtful and useful and are sure to be gifts the recipient loves and uses!

  • Virginia S.

    Great “Bundle of Joy” in a beautiful bundle package! The perfect gift for moms to be in all stages of pregnancy! I have ordered several as gifts and even one for myself and I coudnt be happier!

  • Randi S

    I absolutely loved my Baby Bump Bundle! My package was the perfect combination of things I would NEED, and things that were just plain FUN (Knocked Up Nail Polish- hilarious- and a great way to pamper Mom)…making it the perfect gift for a mom to be. So much fun to open up and see what was inside. The customer service is wonderful too, I highly recommend Baby Bump Bundles for a fun, unique shower gift…or to spoil yourself! :)

  • Pamela

    It seems like all of my girlfriends are in their baby making stage of their lives. Not having gotten to that stage yet I have no idea what the mom to be needs. Baby bump bundles help take the guess work out for me and allow me the chance to give a little bit of everything mom may need, or baby. I love gifting these bundles and I love how much more personal they seem than ordering a pacifier from a huge department store! The few I have purchased so far have been a huge success!

  • Kristina

    I received bump bundles during my pregnancy and was extremely pleased with all the products. Not only was it an exciting surprise but I loved the brands and used the variety of items. My most favorite was the knocked up nail polish that I still use now!

  • Nicole

    This is the perfect gift for moms to be! I have ordered so many of these bundles for friends who are expecting or for new moms! They have all been very impressed!!

  • Brooke T

    Loved everything in the box, and the customer service was amazing : )
    Also, my 3 year old had a blast helping me go through it. He is super excited for his brother to get here :)

    And I already put the belly band on :)

  • Whitney

    I sent my sister in law a bundle when I found out she was expecting. She loved receiving the bundle in the mail – it was such a nice surprise!

    I also received a bundle from my BFF when I gave birth earlier this year -I loved trying out the new products that it came with, taking monthly pictures with the month stickers and more – it was really very special!!!

    The bundles make amazing gifts – no more figuring out what to send my friends when they are expecting – I just order them a bundle !

  • Meghan

    A friend bought me a baby bump bundle after I had my second baby. The package that arrived was super cute and all of the products were top notch. I’ll definitely purchase a bundle for my next expecting friend or relative!

Baby Bump Bundle

  • Pregnancy
  • From $25