Bonjour Jolie

  • Feminine care
  • From $22.50

Bonjour Jolie is premium subscription box designed to pamper women during their period. Every Bonjour Jolie monthly box is filled with hand-selected feminine care and pampering products, tailored to match your needs and preferences.

Bonjour Jolie subscribers can create their own combination of pads, tampons and liners to include in their Bonjour Jolie period box. Additional feminine items are also available to add-on to your box. Monthly Bonjour Jolie boxes also include a special gift, bath and body items to pamper yourself, specialty teas and drinks, artisan sweets, and more.

1, 3, and 6 month Bonjour Jolie subscriptions and Single Bonjour Jolie boxes are available.

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Bonjour Jolie

  • Feminine care
  • From $22.50

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  • Lindi P

    I never thought I would enjoy a time of the month box so much but Bonjour Jolie does such a great job! Once again the gift item is absolutely gorgeous and I put the Antiqued Silver Flower Cuff Bracelet on my wrist immediately to show it to my husband. He was very impressed with how nice it looked. The bracelet was made in Switzerland and is adjustable so will fit nicely on most wrists.I’m not sure if everyone got the same scent but my Solid Heart Lotion Bar is Chanel No 5 scented and smells amazing. I think that lotion bars are a great idea. I just tried it out and it left my skin really soft.I’m a fan of Bonjour Jolie Natural Lip Balm and the cherry scent is amazing! I like that their lip balm is made without parabens, artificial colours or preservatives.I had never tried Moonpie before so we had to open this Double Decker Moonpie right away and try it out. It was so delicious and perfect timing as Mardi Gras just started and this is a traditional Mardi Gras treat. the value of the items received was $34 (including the Always item). I really like this box as it includes a good mix of pampering, chocolate and a nice gift item to make your time of the month just a little easier.

  • Sarah D

    I subscribed early in May, my box came in two days! I was super impressed with their customer service and their shipping speed. The box is a plain box, which I like. The inside is so pretty! Everything was wrapped in a bow and pink tissue paper. When you open it, there are sweet little pink rose petals on top. Each group of items are packed in the own little bags, the groups were a gift, edibles, pampering, and feminine needs. This box really makes the ,most sense out of all the others, PLUS, they had every brand out there so all the brands and sizes I really wanted, I could get with them. All the other TOM boxes out there are very limited on their brands and sizes. Here they had literally everything needed! They had bath salts, lavender sachets, Chocolate Oh sweet chocolate, lip gloss, lip stain, twistbands! I got the June box and it came with 9 twist bands worth $15, that paid for my box! I really feel that this box is not only awesome but it really saves you money. I use natracare for my pads and tampons and since you get to choose 25 items, if I bought my pads and tampons at the store it would cost $15 just for those, so I see real value here! I highly recommend!

  • Sue Kitty

    The box itself is fabulous! It included everything I needed to get through my period and some nice extras like lip gloss, tea, and caramel popcorn that made my day a little brighter. Everything was wrapped nicely and the whole thing just made me feel special and cared for. I really appreciated that I could request gluten free treats. I think that the best part of Bonjour Jolie is the customer service. They are exceedingly pleasant and easy to deal with. When I emailed with a special request they responded super quickly and were able to accommodate my last minute change. I highly recommend this subscription! Super box and a super company!

  • Juliana Jackson

    Just got my first box, and I am hooked! I love that they offer all the brands including two organic brands and even poise pads! It seems with other companies you only get a few choices for tampons and pads, but Bonjour Jolie, they carry everything, which is super awesome! Also , they seems to have a well rounded group of gifts sent out. Whereas some companies only focus on one item, or just food, Bonjour Jolie send outs a bit of sweets, a bit of tea, a gift, some pampering items., just a bit of everything to make you happy! Its like they know me!! I am telling all my friends about them!

  • Rachel J

    Just want to let you guys know that I truly loved ya’ll this month. It was a super busy month, and a really really bad period this week. I was so happy with my box!! It was shipped out on the 10th (exactly when I requested it) It arrived in perfect condition, (as always) and I loved and sued and ATE everything!! I tried those new Always Infinity Extra Heavy Overnight Pads ya’ll just got in, and OMG they were a lifesaver. I am sticking with those. The scrub was out of this world amazing! My favorite was the drinks, Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and Strawberry Daiquiris, you guys are so creative I shoved all the food (boy there was a lot too this month) in my face. I used the whole box and it was a huge help and relief this month. I have been with you guys since June of 2013, I have strayed a few times to “other” boxes and kept coming back because hands down NO ONE can compare. I love you guys!!

  • Sasha Raquel Pensky

    My Boyfriend got me a 6 month sub to this box (frankly I think he was tired of picking up tampons at the store for me)

    I never, ever thought of a period box, and now I can not live without it!

    Seriously, I get tampons PLUS candy, chocolate, jewelry, high end makeup, soaps, bubble bath, lotions, scrubs, bath bombs, gourmet snacks and teas and allot more.

    It makes me feel better, and I love the variety of things they send out. What a freakin amazing idea this is and it is really such a great box!

    I have changed my dates and supplies wicked easy, just by going into my account and then BAM next month all changes are made.,

    I freakin love the ladies in their customer service too, they are quick and oh so helpful when you need to talk to them. I have been hormonal and not so nice at times, and they are always gracious and sweet and quick to help. ( My neighbor was stealing packages in our neighborhood, and mine was one of them) so when I talked to Bonjour Jolie, those ladies sent out a replacement the next day, no questions asked. I was like WHHATTT??

    These ladies are where it is at!! I tell all my friends about them, they are the BOMB!!

  • Katie Chellingworth

    I first saw this box on a youtube video by some perky little red head, she was cute and loved the box. I just had to have one too!

    I first bought a single box to try it, and when it arrived it ended up being damaged by the post office. It arrived in a plastic bag with a big note on it from the Post Office that said, oops we broke it. sorry :( I was so sad!! So I snapped a pic and emailed Bonjour Jolie to see what they could do for me.

    Bonjour Jolie responded within a few hours and sent out a replacement box that day! I got my new box two days later and it was perfect, and awesome. They had really great customer service and I totally loved the box.

    I signed up for a 6 month subscription after that, since I loved them so much. They really were awesome!

    So far, I have gotten 3 boxes from them, and loved and used all the items in them. I am seriously impressed with the variety of items and quality of items too!

    I highly recommend them!!!!

Bonjour Jolie

  • Feminine care
  • From $22.50