Kawaii Box

  • Kawaii
  • From $18.90

The Kawaii Box monthly box is the cutest monthly kawaii subscription box, delivering 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea to your door every month.

Each month, Kawaii Box carefully selects a mix of Japanese and Korean kawaii (cute) products to include in your box. All Kawaii Box kawaii items are 100% original and licensed,

1, 3, 6, and 12 month Kawaii Box subscriptions are available and Kawaii Box gift subscriptions are available.

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Kawaii Box

  • Kawaii
  • From $18.90

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  • Roxann

    The box is a fun surprise every months and I enjoyed the items in it. However, the items only comes from the website Blippo (who makes the box) and you can buy every items of the box from the website for about the same price. You do not get added value or exclusive items for subscribing, which is a bummer for me, considering many other boxes offer you sometimes a 40$ value for a 20$ box. I prefer to choose my own items on the website but if you love surprises or if you just can’t choose from all the items on the website, you’re going to love this box!

  • Amber

    Kawaii box is filled with 10-12 cute kawaii items that are delivered with free packaging to your house which is awesome (I got a subscription for 6 months). But there is some confusion with the boxes if it’s may’ box or June’s box for example, this is probably due to the shipping speed. Apart form the small negatives the Kawaii Box is awesome! everything in the box is licensed and super cute and will give you a huge smile on your face. when you open it! ^V^

  • Alex Rally

    Every month I am overjoyed when my Kawaii box arrives! I know I will be smiling all day. I love this box and I take pictures to share on facebook and with my friends, because everything is so cute and fun. The products are adorable and the candy is yummy and the plushies are my favorite! I have so many cute key chains and cell phone charms, but I always want more. My absolute favorite part of the subscription is the impeccable customer service. I am a customer who is always emailing and checking in with my purchases. The staff at Kawaii box is always prompt and helpful and I appreciate that so much!

  • CakeSummoner

    Kawaii box Is awesome.

    Fun items
    Fast and kind customer service
    Free shipping

    there is just one con that I
    When I got my first kawaii box my plushy was broken and that reallly bummed me out

  • Imogen

    It is an amazing box worth the money!! I love it!! :)

  • Haley du Fresne

    Awesome awesome awesome. Free shipping even to NZ makes this one of the most cost effective subscription boxes with the most items in it.
    All cute, all fun, all tasty.
    Email response was really quick and friendly.

  • María Miño

    Really cool stuff. Ships worldwide. Shipping is free. I absolutely love this box.

  • Alison

    I got a 3-month Kawaii subscription for my teen granddaughter’s birthday, who moved away across the continent. It was such a great success! She was so thrilled with her Kawaii gift! Each box was delightfully crammed with fun things, and the anticipation of the next box adds to the enjoyment. This was quite a satisfying find :)

  • Emese Simon

    cutest monthly subscription box ever ! it is always filled with a lot of (10-12) goodies, mostly stationary products and plushies/squshies. the box even contains some japanese sweets ! so cool :) i can only recommend the box if you love cute stuff !

  • Karolina

    Great value for price ! Ive been shopping around for subscription boxes for a while and Ive been disappointed a whole lot but kawaii box is awesome every month. Theres always something I love something I can keep to give as a gift and something plushy and then theres like 6/7 other items!

  • Claudette Melanson

    I LOVE Kawaii Box. It’s like a little present to myself every month. I usually don’t treat myself to many things but I love this. I can’t wait to get it every month and open it to see what’s inside. Now I have so many cute things around me. I’m an author, so I love the cute writing pads and pens that make it more fun. I also have cute stickers I can include with prizes that readers love. The value is fantastic. The box is packed full and the quality is fantastic. I look forward to this little gift to myself very much.

  • ľúbezná

    Cutest box ever! It’s fun and little treat for you :) Whats great: ships worldwide and for FREE!

  • Tsu

    The only problem I’ve had is that after initially signing up for Kawaii Box, it does take a long time to ship, but seeing as this is international shipping, it kind of makes sense! And after that, they have arrived at my door every month without fail~ There’s a variety of kinds of items– stationary, keychains, accessories, and always some sort of Japanese candy inside and it’s so interesting to try something new and different from the candy I’m used to in America!

  • Amber

    Love everything I have got, it is all awesome and cute <3 highly recommend :) customer service is great they have always been quick to reply :) 5 stars <3

  • Hang

    Love this subscription. The cutest one I subscribe to. Customer service is fantastic! Items are cute. ALways look forward to receiving my box each month.

  • Evie

    I loved this box! It’s got so many cute kawaii items for a low price! It’s amazing and I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Venla

    I absolutely love this box, as I believe that any kawaii lover would! The products always make me so happy, and I can’t wait for the next box!

    The only minuses are that some of the products are of slightly poor quality, and communication with the customer service via email is sometimes hard. But overall these have been small minuses.

  • Shea

    I ordered the July Kawaii Box and was very pleased with what I received. The shipping method was a little confusing for me at first but I soon was able to get the hang of it and tracked the package all the way to my mailbox, which was very very nice. The box itself was a little banged up but in no way do I blame the sellers as that’s what happens to airmail lol
    All in all I really enjoyed it and every item was cute. I wasn’t able to make use of all of them myself (there were so many!) but my friends were more than happy to take the pieces I couldn’t use, and it was nice to spread the joy around a little.

    10/10 would reccomend, but you might regift a couple things, which is actually kind of a bonus in a way.

  • Lizzie M.

    I am newly addicted to all things kawaii and I was STOKED when I found out about Kawaii Box. It ships monthly for $18.90 with free shipping — did you get that? FREE SHIPPING! And they also have other subscription options as listed above. Every single thing that I have received in my boxes as been so kawaii (cute) and well, just plain adorable. Shipping is a little bit slow, but that’s because it ships out of Singapore so you have to give the box time to reach you. Kawaii Box takes the time (obviously) to find cute items for all of us each month and to ensure we come away with a SQUEEEE! moment at least three times while pulling things out of the box. :) I HIGHLY recommend them if you’re into kawaii or even just “cutesy” types of things. Even give it just a one month shot — then you’ll be hooked! :)

  • Luly

    I really liked my May Kawaii Box, there were a lot of cute things inside, also post cards and discount code. I was really happy!


    I like Kawaii box because they have such cute items. And they also do giveaways so people can try it. Everytime they give a box there is alway a snack. And all the people are very kind. Iam so excited for my first Kawaii Box.

  • kathy castillo

    :) its perfect its adorable ☺ and i love it everything is soooo kawaii

  • Nikki Inocente

    I absolutely love the Kawaii box! It’s contents are usually valued at about twice as what you pay for it, if not more. The shipping is free, and although it takes a week or two you get tracking and it’s free, so you really can’t complain! The packaging is very cute, I don’t know how they get that much stuff into those boxes but they pack it up perfectly. I can never get everything back like it was, haha. Most items are actually useful and you’re not stuck with a bunch of pointless nicknacks. You get one snack per box, it’s fun to try sweets from a different country! The customer service is great and very quick to respond. They are super helpful and will answer any questions you have. 10/10 would recommend for any one who enjoys “kawaii” stuff :)!! <3

  • Eileen

    I bought a 6-months subscription for the kawaii box after watching some unboxings on YouTube and I loved it immediately. I received 4 boxes so far. I didnt like the first 2 that much, pretty much just stationary. But the last 2 boxes (may and June) were soooo awesome. Like way more valuable than my first 2. I totally love them and I cant wait for my next and last 2 boxes.
    There are some things that are in every box like a squishi, a plush and some kind of asian candy which I all loved so far. Everything is indeed adorable and cute, totally kawaii!
    I would totally recommend this box, especially to kawaii stuff newbies like me!

  • CayHoot

    I can’t fault this subscription box! It’s so cute and fun and a great little treat for yourself or a friend. It caters to a wide age range with some wonderful surprises to look forward to! Ships worldwide, quickly and safely and for FREE! One of the best value for money boxes I have had, I love it! So Kawaii!

  • Ana Clara Mativi

    Kawaii Box is full of beautiful items, it’s free shipping worldwide, they ship it fast, but it takes a long time to get to you in countries like Brazil (it’s not their fault, tho).
    All licensed products are original and good quality. One of the things that caught my attention was the care with the package and the handwritten cards that come with the box.

    Overall, it’s a very nice monthly box, if you like kawaii stuff, go for it!

Kawaii Box

  • Kawaii
  • From $18.90