• Cat
  • From $19

The KitNipBox subscription box is a cat’s best friend, delivering a monthly box of the most amazing cat toys, treats, accessories, and other goodies from around the world.

Each KitNipBox features unique items to keep your cat happy, healthy, and fit, such as fun cat toys, delicious treats, health and hygiene products, innovative new cat gadgets, and more surprises!

Give your cat a monthly KitNipBox of high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy, cat products. Choose from Single Cat and Multiple Cat KitNipBox subscriptions.

Monthly KitNipBox subscriptions are available.

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  • Cat
  • From $19

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  • Doris

    My cats love their special monthly delivery! I continue to be amazed with the variety and quality of the products. I have discovered so many new treats that my cats love through the boxes. These guys really do their homework! They toys and treats I buy from stores are always hit and miss, but KitNipBox seems to be packed full of hits every time. The value for the money is also fabulous! I’d recommend KitNipBox to any cat parent.

  • Morgan

    My fur baby received his first box this month and both him and I were equally excited to get it open! He was on top of the box within seconds digging out the toys. I was pleasantly surprised to see healthy snacks that I felt comfortable feeding to him, as well as toys that were a Halloween theme. He usually gets bored with toys within a day of two of getting them and never plays with them again. A week later he still is going crazy for the catnip toys, the feather wand, and even the little motorized mouse guy! The box was full of entertaining toys for him, and nothing makes me happier than to see my little man playing with the toys day after day. From a human perspective, I am in love with their customer service, fast shipping, and adorable packaging. I would highly recommend KitNipBox to all kitty lovers out there!

  • Lindsay Kemp

    Wildly entertaining not only for Fluffy, Guinness, and Panther – but for us! When we opened the box, the three of them actually were crowding around us out of curiosity…we had a good laugh as we “introduced” each of the toys to them and how they responded – Guinness could not figure out how the wind-up mouse toy was moving! Fluffy seemed to think the catfee catnip was a pillow, and did not want the others to interrupt her “beauty sleep”. (She is quite the princess!). Panther was all over the treats, as usual! The 3-D glasses were especially Meow-nificent! Thanks for such a well curated, quality (I know my brands, and they were all top rated ones!) box of goodies! We love KitNipBox!

  • Tara

    My three fur-babies and I love-love-love KitNipBox! They know it’s for them every time the box arrives. My 14-year-old boy hasn’t touched toys for years, but he’s been as playful as a kitten with the toys KitNipBox has been sending.

    All of the items I’ve gotten have been high quality and spot on – it’s clear that these folks know cats and cat people! Many of the items are handmade and definitely not something I could just go pick up at a regular pet store.

    I also love that they support animal welfare and are actively involved in the community. They actually donate to the very shelter where I got two of my three kitties!

  • Ginger Neko

    I’ve been a subscriber to KitNipBox for about six months, and I have to say that of all my many subscriptions, this is the one that provides most consistent value and usefulness as well as delight. For $19 a month, the Happy Cat (now called the Single Cat) box is a treat for my three cats AND me.

    Many of the toys included are handmade good quality items, while some are good-quality larger brands. Treats included tend to be from smaller brands with high-quality ingredients, and other items (including a Feliway sample and the most adorable cat bowties ever) are either from reputable quality large brands or handmade by crafters. Some of the most adorable artisan toys I’ve ever seen have come in my KitNipBox, and my youngest cat (still a kitten, barely) found two of her Favorite Bestest Toys Ever from this box.

    Every box I’ve received contained a soft catnip toy, which is important to me because my kidney cat is on a prescription diet and his only real ‘treat’ is catnip. While he’s very lethargic due to his illness, these toys are the only ones that bring out his playfulness. Thanks, KitNipBox, for giving some joy to my poor sick little guy.

    The company’s service is very good, despite being a very small company. The boxes always arrive on time, in simple packing boxes with the company name on the side. Inside, the items are packaged in attractive tissue paper and sheer gift bags, which is simple but makes me happier than some more wasteful packaging I’ve seen from other boxes.


  • Cat
  • From $19