• Healthy snack
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If eating healthy is something you and your family strive to do, NatureBox makes life easier by delivering curated boxes of healthy snacks direct to you. These snacks will never have artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or MSG. To keep you snacking smarter, all snacks are less than 200 calories per serving.

Boxes range in size and frequency and if you’re hoping to gift NatureBox to one of your more hungry friends, there are many options. Boxes can come with 6 snacks or 12, 20 or 50 snacks per box depending on whether you’ve got a big family, a large office, or a hungry belly and want to keep them all for yourself.

Snacks from NatureBox are made with high-quality and simple ingredients. If you have certain dietary concerns, like if you prefer foods that are low in sugar or made without gluten, NatureBox has got you covered. Snacks include delicious options like Probiotic Power Mix, Dried Mangoes, Vanilla Bean Wafers, Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crips, Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops, Dark Cocoa Nom Noms, and Sriracha Roasted Cashews, to name a few. New additions are being added to the whole selection all the time, so you won’t ever tire of eating the same old snacks day in and day out (…though who would get tired of snacks like these? All of them sound to die for, even for the most conscientious and picky eaters out there!).

Plans range from in price depending on the number of snacks in each box and the frequency that the box ships. For five snacks once a month, the price is $19.95. Shipping includes all U.S. states, territories, APO/FPO military addresses, in addition to Canada. There is a $4.95 USD charge for shipping to addresses outside the contiguous US.

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  • Healthy snack
  • From $19.95

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  • Tracy Lynn

    I ordered thing thinking it would be a one-off believing I would cancel after the first order. I could not have been more wrong! Every snack was a delight and the freshness and quality were superb! The tomato almonds sounded odd, but were delicious! Even the sunflower seeds were a better quality than I have ever found in the market. I received tiny lemon tea biscuits that were sweet and satisfying. The dried pineapple rings were tangy and chewy. Finally, the fig bars were vegan (a huge plus for me) and rich and hearty. Rather than cancel my subscription, I upgraded to receive twice the amount of snacks at 50% of the price. I cannot wait to get the next box! The packaging is strong and sturdy. This one is a keeper!

  • Melissa M

    Very good value for the money. I have been a subscriber for 4 months now and they have a wide selection of granolas, salty snacks, and dried fruits to choice from OR let them pick. 5 bags of around 4 oz each for $19.95 a month is the standard size but you can add extra bags and after 2 more get reduced pricing on the rest. Coupon codes are generally available for 25-50% off your first month so do a search for one. Fairly good deal for the price and I have been very happy with them. They do have a lot of out of stock items that is frustrating but generally they come back into stock quickly so just make sure to check your box a few days before it ships for any last minute changes.

  • Mazie Lane

    I just received my very first Nature Box delivery today. It was chock-filled with five different kinds of ‘wholesome’ snacks, two bags of each one because I ordered the family pack. It looked so inviting and so well-packed, each bag bursting with yummy-looking treats, that I was immediately delighted that I’d purchased it.

    Alas, even though these snacks are touted as ‘natural’ and wholesome, the ingredients listed in one and all of them included sugar (except for the sea-salted Plantain Chips). Sugar? Say what? Cane sugar, regular sugar, brown sugar … it’s all the same actually. Since when is giving sugar to our families and children wholesome and natural? Pshaw if it is.

    Sugar overdosing is poisoning not only our children, but our entire population. Nearly everything has sugar added to it, and unnecessarily so. There have never been more cases of Juvenile Diabetes than there are now, and Diabetes across the boards is on the rise because of the horrendous sugar-eating practices of most of we humans. We were raised on it, taught to eat it as if it were a food group. Food Corporations, and food creators down the line put sugar in almost everything, trying to boost the flavor and attraction of their product (and the addiction to it!).

    I love the concept of the Naturebox home delivery, and I so love it that they are attempting to offer a more ‘natural snack,’ but seriously, my Friends, until the sugar is removed from the ingredients of the health snacks being offered through this subscription service, they can never be taken seriously as a provider of healthy, wholesome, ‘green’ eating and safe healthy dietary choices. Stevia or Honey, both can be used easily and affordably in place of the sugar content. One simply has to make the choice, make the changes, and perhaps then Naturebox will truly become the most healthful and beneficial snack box subscription offered in the snack and healthfoods market. They would then be incomparable and number one, outselling every other health box or product available. Go Naturebox! Do the right thing!

    Even with the sugar issue for me, this subscription box by the folks at Naturebox is a superior offering compared to many others. It’s ultra full of full-sized, delicious tasting treats and snacks. They are much better for one than the mainstream snacks and treats being peddled on television and the internet. They taste fabulous! I would recommend this to people looking to move in a much healthier direction in regards to what they put into their bodies. Naturebox’ products are soooo much better than others around, and they are ridiculously, yummily delicious. I would rather give these to my grandchildren than a bag of skittles or a fruit roll or a bag of over-salted chips. Naturebox has the right idea, I just wish for them to go even more healthy, more pure, more natural and fabulous at the same time. They can do it and then they will rock the health snack market for certain.

  • I currently subscribe to five different food boxes and this is by far my favorite! I get five full sized, delicious snacks delivered monthly and they never disappoint! My husband and I say it’s like having Christmas once a month in our house. And should you ever have a concern, their wonderful customer service department will assist you within 24 hours. I love this company!


  • Healthy snack
  • From $19.95