Pop In A Box

  • Funko Pop!
  • From $9.99

Grow your Funko POP! collection with the Pop In A Box Funko Pop! subscription box. Every month, Pop In A Box sends a new mystery Funko POP! vinyl that’s not in your pop collection.

Pop In A Box subscribers can access their free Pop Collection Tracker to easily keep track of the Pop! vinyls in the collection. Use the tracker to let Pop In A Box know the Funko POP! Vinyl figures you already own and the ones you want. Pop In A Box uses a special algorithm to view you tracker, see your likes and dislikes, and the send you a guaranteed POP! Vinyl not in your collection.

Choose from receiving 1 to 12 new Funko POP! Vinyls every month. Monthly Pop In A Box subscriptions are available.

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Pop In A Box

  • Funko Pop!
  • From $9.99

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  • Jennifer Fagan

    My 2nd month of subscription….was definitely pleased with what I received this month! Please check out my Unboxing video: http://youtu.be/PmcuDlEpXOs it is my first ever Pop in a box video Unboxing as well as my 2nd ever video Unboxing! (My first one was Loot Crate earlier today). Please comment and subscribe!

  • Becksibee

    I’ll admit I was dubious when I first found them, how could they have these exclusive pops so cheap when there’re triple the price elsewhere.

    But I signed up, and I’ve not looked back. It’s easy and simple, you go on the site and thumbs up all the ones you would like, and you thumbs down all the ones you don’t want and you leave the ones you wouldn’t mind but not priority. You then select how many you want and wait for it to be delivered.

    Best part is you can get exclusives, oversized, rides, dorbz, sugar Vinyls, and you get free deliver from there store which is very reasonable. They get a good selection of exclusives which again are reasonable price, (those you usually have to preorder).

    On the rare occurrence something goes wrong with your order just message or email them and they will sort you out with no problems.

    It’s a really good site with good customer service, delivery can be a little on the slow side sometimes sadly but never nothing to complain about (just been honest).

    If you like pops and want to build your collection, whether you’re new to pops or an seasoned collector this is a great, fun way to build your collection, and a guaranteed surprise every month.

  • carl coy

    great sub box to get only being using them for two years simply the sub box to get if your into pops

  • Ceri May

    By far the best subscription box for anyone who likes, loves, adores or is totally addicted to Funko POP’s

    The service works in a very clever way different from any other box in that you only get what you want.

    After signing up your first task is to fill you wish list and bin using a thumbs up and down system. Pop In a Box will never send you a Pop you already have or dont want.

    My experience of PIAB has been great. Having only one pop turn up damaged and that was no fault of Pop in the box but down to Yodel for playing football with my Alice.

    Even when I had this issue though it was resolved quickly and easily.

    Overall I have given 5* only taking some points away for speed of delivery, would love to see next day or even 2 day delivery introduced as its taking up to a week+ to receive things from shop orders at the moment.

  • Danny King

    i like pop in a box as i’m not interested in all the filler stuff in other subscription boxes i only want pops so perfect for me

  • Adam Heasman

    Always very excited to see what I’m gonna get in the box. Never had a double! :)
    Great way to grow your collection!

  • Amy N

    Best subscription service for pops because you’re guaranteed a pop! Others only have pops in them every couple months.
    Customer service is fab even through their busiest times and they’ll always do whatever they can to rectify any problems.
    Takes a while to add preferences at first but once done you’ll only ever receive the ones you want ?

  • sherisan wharmby

    Pop in a Box is a great subscription service, especially if you are a collector , You mark off what you have, want and dont want on their website, you then pick the amount of pops you would like a month and they will only send you pops you want and dont have! yes it is a random selection but that’s the fun in it !
    Pops you need and a surprise all in one!


  • Paul

    Great! Can never decide what to get next so this does it for ne!

  • Matt

    Pop in a box. Does what it says on the tin. You like Funko Pops? Then you sign up with PIAB, go through their online checklist and thumb up or down on Pops you want or don’t want respectably. Then every month you get a surprise Pop (or Pops, dependant on your subscription) from your wants list, it’s great and you don’t end up getting unwanted tat like a lot of other subscription boxes.

    Do it, sign up.

  • Hannah

    PiaB is fantastic! If you are a pop collector and know what you want, you won’t be disappointed. Every month you get a pop you don’t already have and haven’t thumbed down. We’ve had two come through and been delighted so far.
    Customer service is awesome. The owner (and now team) are all really helpful and will sort out any problems quickly. Having ordered from the shop many times as well, it’s always been a pleasant experience. Packaging is great to protect the pop, though boxes are all generic packing boxes (no biggie when it keeps costs down).

    My only gripe was the thumbing up or down of pops. But that’s Funko’s fault for having so many!

  • Sarah

    Really enjoyed my subscription to pop in a box! Sometimes found I was one of the last few to receive my box but what was in inside totally made it worth the wait! I loved receiving a pop every month and feel like I need to renew again pretty soon!

  • E J Wishart

    Love pop in a box! Got my first every pop from them in September now I have 53. The people at pop in a box are so good, any damage they will help. They are great with response times and generally such a good service best services I’m subscribed to and I’m subscribed to Loot Crate and Zbox.

  • Sarah

    I love my PIAB subscription, although it initially took time to make my wish list (although the way to do this has improved vastly since i started). I now love the surprise of not knowing what is coming each month. The packing was bit thin on my fast month (but there was no damage) but since then my pops have always arrived perfectly cuddled in bubble wrap :) The price is good too, so I have also ordered additional pops from them on top of my subscription.


    The ability to thumb up or down the collections means that you get a monthly surprise you ACTUALLY want – no expensive sub to just get disappointment – And its to the UK ? Im working my way though thumbing up and down and im enjoying seeing POPs i never knew existed and the ability to also just buy what you want when you want all for such a decent price!

  • Kizzy Jugon

    The only subscription box I have found which takes into account what I would like to own, what I already have and keeps the element of surprise. Customer service is great and they offer so many freebies and offers for subscribers (we had free shipping for few weeks in November). Love them and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • rob engels

    I haven’t been a subscriber for very long, ever since international shipping was available. But so far I absolutely love pop in a box.
    By keeping up your collection and wish list on the site (which is very easy to do) you’re guaranteed you’ll never receive a duplicate or unwanted pop.
    And the customer service is amazing, they’ll go above and beyond for you if you ever have problem.

  • Mikey

    PIAP is the only sub box I use!! It’s proper user friendly, and even tho it is a mystery, you can still kinda dictate the pops you want by thumbing up or down on POP! Figures you want or don’t want. Then it’s the anticipation of what you get! It’s cheap too!! But it’s not just a mystery box, it’s also a place to order pops direct (when available).
    For an independent sub box, it is going from strength to strength, and I for one hope that it continues to out shine all the other competition.
    Thank you pop in a box, for feeding my POP! Addiction!! Lol.

  • rob engels

    Pop in a box is a great sub service for a funko pop collector. One of the greatest features is that you’ll never receive doubles or unwanted pops by using a wishlist.
    And the custumorservice is absolutely awesome, they really go out of their way to help you. It really shows they care about their company and their customers.

  • Jess Moi

    Great box if you are a Pop Vinyl collector – monthly you get the exact pops you have been lusting for thanks to the thumbs up and down rating system which ensures you never get a pop you don’t want or already have. Often there are prizes and great deals also – also free shipping to subscribers if you want to order from the store. Great customer service and a very involved owner who is part of the Pop collecting community. Love the box and the suprises it brings every month.

  • Matt

    Been subscribed for a few months now.
    Boxes always in good condition. Like the fact you can tailor what you get to your tastes but that it still a suprise when you open it.
    I switched from Infinity Crates, I find Pop in a box is far easier to subscribe and edit than other “tailored to your interest” mystery boxes and the website is very easy to use.
    Hassle free, good quality, good value!

  • Caz White

    I have been getting PIAB for over a year now and I LOVE it.
    I cannot fault the service, information given by the owner is very frequent and we are always up to date with any goings on, deals, prizes and giveaways.
    Any issues are resolved quickly by Eddy or Antony who are both so pleasant to deal with! You will not be dissaponted as long as your collection is up to date and everything is thumbed up or thumbed down.
    The only suggestion I have is to design a personalised box for subs so we know what it is when we do unboxings. Get the brand out there! It’s one so many of us will remain behind

  • Kerry whatley

    Really amazing box for any avid pop collector! 0% chance of a duplicate and its always going to be something you love!

  • Jacqueline

    I subscribe to this box because i’m only really interested in collecting funko vinyl pops and PIAB allow me to only get the one I want. With a handy thumbs up/down system the computer uses an algorithm to match each subscriber to pops unique to their own preferences. The fact the same system allows you to keep up to date what you already have and it doesn’t send you pops you have thumbed down.

    Packing wise, they’re generally pretty good, but as always accident can happen in the mail, however if that’s the case then the superb customer services will be pretty quick to get back to you an fix your issue.

    Overall pop in a box are a pretty friendly and helpful company. I highly recommend. x

  • Rebecca South

    The ability to thumb up or down the collections means that you get a monthly surprise you ACTUALLY want – no expensive sub to just get disappointment – And its to the UK :D Im working my way though thumbing up and down and im enjoying seeing POPs i never knew existed and the ability to also just buy what you want when you want all for such a decent price!

  • Sammie Turner

    Pop in a box is AMAZING!

    I’ve had all types of boxes, and I’ve ordered POPS from lots of places. Pop in a box beats them all.

    The owner is awesome! He is so helpful and so generous. Always going out of his way to offer out prizes and having giveaways all the time.

    The sub side of Piab is awesome too. As long as you thumbs down and thumbs up what you like, you’ll never get something you don’t want. As long as you keep up with their tracker, you’ll never get a repeat. That’s where pop in a box are so different.

    Ordering a sub Lootcrate or Mygeekbox or Nerd/Horror/Arcade Box or even Infinity Crate.. Its pot luck. You never know if you’ll get a repeat of a pop you have already.. And when you do, its disappointing. With piab, there is never a chance of that.

    I can’t big up the website enough. :)

  • Jamie Gallagher

    Amazing service, great offers, fantastic opertunities to collect hard to find pops and great service team :)

  • Amy Stephens

    Amazing customer service! Quick delivery and packaged well :)

  • mel

    I started collecting pops approx ayear go and wanted a subscription service I could get every month but was worried about getting something I don’t collect. I tried pop in a box and wasn’t disappointed. You get to thumbs up the items you want and thumbs down things you are not interested in. you then add the pops you already got to your collection and bobs your uncle every month you get a pop/s from your want list. You never get the same pop twice and can sometimes get exclusives!

    Customer services have been amazing the times I have had to contact them and have always been superhelpful.

    best subscription service around

  • Ross Bryson

    Having recently discovered Pop in a Box I can only say I am incredibly impressed and over-the-moon with the fantastic service provided by the company. Being a collector of Funko Pop figure I was constantly disappointment which the availability of new and rare Funko Pops in the UK, being forced to spend hours travelling around the country to a few retailers that stock these or taking huge risks using untrusted sites to order and have shipped international which was both time consuming and worrying as to the condition of figure on arrival.

    Pop-in-a-box was the answer to my collector prayers. What I found was a retailer who understood that I truly care about the product I was buying, consistently showing me that they too care for their product and care about me the customer by ensuring Funko Pop’s sent to me were in absolute mint condition and gave me the feeling they were gently hand-picked from the shelf and handled with care throughout their journey to me (a massive sign of relief for an in the box collector!)

    Packaging was a great pleasure seeing, all products were packed with no wiggle-room inside a study cardboard box, padded with air-packets. Compared to other services such as Amazon/Zavvi/Ebay where the box is handled with zero care before and after packaging leading the damaged goods and upset people. I have never received a damaged Funko Pop and I have 100% trust that this will continue. (I even cheekily re-use the boxes that come to me to sell and trade my own collection they are such good quality)

    £3.50 is a small price to pay for absolute peace of mind to have a Funko Pop delivered (they even have FREE delivery if you subscribe to their monthly service and actively try to SAVE you money by combining postage without compromising product safety)

    Customer service over multiple platforms being it Email, Twitter or Facebook is quick and frequent. Just taking one look at the companies Twitter and Facebook pages show a great relationship with their customers, being on hand throughout the week to help with any and all problems sent their way and going out their way to talk and chat with the people who love them. I can’t imagine anyone could be at all disappointed with the customer service.

    Overall Pop-in-a-Box is a fantastic UK based Funko Collector. Delivering a high quality products safely and efficiently whilst providing customer service at a personal level, I would highly recommend them to anyone who has just started collecting Funko products too die hard collectors who just want to fill the last few holes in their collection! Keep doing what you are doing Pop-in-a-Box!

    If I had to say anything bad about Pop-in-a-Box, its that I hadn’t discovered them sooner :)

  • Elizabeth

    I love pop in a box ^^ its nice having a little thing that comes to you once a month and gives you a little surprise ^^ like a monthly christmas ^^

  • Jessica G

    This is a MUST for anyone collecting Pops and funky products! Not only do you get to choose how many pops per month to receive meaning it’s flexible for all budgets but you also get to customise your account! Add all the pops you have to your collection to avoid duplicates, thumbs up and down all the available pops to avoid ones you don’t want and improve odds of getting your favourites. The pops get packaged really well and I’ve not had a damaged one from them yet. Customer service is dab, emails get responses in 1-2 days sometimes almost immediately. As a subscriber I also get free shipping on any purchases from their store which I love because with most pops a tenner of less and free shipping it means some real bargains. In the Black Friday sale alone I snagged around 10 pops none of which were over £7.95 and shipping was free. The excitement of receiving a Mystery pop (or 2 or 3 etc.) is fab! I’ve been a sub for about 6 months now and plan on staying one for a good long while!

  • Simon james

    Pop in a box… First of all it’s awesome
    Here is why , ed the main man is first of all a real person he actually speaks to you and sorts stuff out, I have had numerous queries in the past and all have been answered in minutes of me messaging, and have been sorted out as fast as possible. Fantastic. I have never had a bad box , how is this possible you may ask? Well you can actually like and dislike items so you will never get something you don’t want, this is crazy you must think , OMG why hasn’t this been done before. Then there is the price , super good value I get 6 pop sub and its around £50 that’s like getting one free. Awesome. You also get free shipping if you subscribe holy cow this box must be wrong??? Guess what it’s not it’s exactly what it says it’s amazing . I love it

  • Zara Roberts

    After receiving two Pop funkos last Christmas I was hooked. But how did I go about finding new Pop Funkos delivered to my door….. a sub box. Next question which one. After finding PIAB on Facebook and reading that I can like or dislike pops I want or don’t want I decided that this was the sub box for me. A year later and I’m still receiving my subs.
    The price is amazing, I get what I actually like and I can pre order pops and pay when they arrive.
    The staff at PIAB are friendly, easy to communicate with and are always happy to answer any questions.
    PIAB is the No. 1 for monthly sub boxes and I certainly won’t be going any where else for my Pop Funkos.

  • Joe Bowles

    I have been using Pop In A Box for 3 months now and every pop I have received has been in perfect condition and delivery relatively quickly. Their prices are very good and when they have a sale they are unbelievable. By far the best place to buy pops.

  • stuart hanks

    Pop In A Box is probably the best subscription box for fans of Pop vinyl’s. You thumbs up the ones that you want and thumbs down the ones that you’re not interested in receiving at all ( or just leave it blank ). Yes you do get exclusives with the likes of loot crate and such but you also do get rubbish stuff in those boxes which you’re not interested in. You can choose how many you receive each month from 1 – 12 pops depending on how much you want to spend, so it really is up to you what you want to receive. They come packaged in bubble wrap around them and plenty of bubble in the boxes, so you shouldn’t have any damage. All in all the best value subscription box going. That’s just my opinion though so don’t wait and give it a go, even if it’s only for one month what have you got to loose.

  • Luke

    Awesome way to get a mystery pop each month with a surprise of maybe getting a rare easy tracker to know what you have and what you don’t also the owner is a legend

  • Aaron Gardner

    Pop-in-a-box is easily the best subscription box for Pops. Not only does it guarantee you a pop every month, but it guarantees one that you don’t own because of the ability to edit a list of pops you own via the website. This is further made better by the fact that the owner is a op collector. He knows what standards pop fanatics expect with their collections and takes great care to make sure the pops arrived as he himself, would expect.
    And as a added bonus, Ed (the owner) is very active in the community both on his own website and faceboook page and also in other pop groups. PIAB is awesome. Ed is awesome. It is perfect for anyone even remotely interested in pops.

  • Sam

    I’ve been subscribed to pop in a box for about a year now. It’s a great way to get a guaranteed pop every month especially if like me you live in a town that doesn’t sell any!

    The best thing about it is that you have your own collection list where you thumb up or down what you prefer and what you already have. So you still have the surprise element each month but none of the worry of a double up.

  • Claudia Wrinkleman

    Love Pop in the Box. The thumbs up and down system means I only get items I want so even though it’s a surprise each month I’m guaranteed not to be disappointed! My only problem is I’m running out of space!


    Best sub box I have ever had. As someone who is only really interested in collecting Funko Pops this is by far the best box for me. The best part is that you can select the ones you want and keep it updated with what you have, meaning that you will never get a pop you already have or one you don’t want.
    No other subscription box gives you this option.
    I adore the surprise element, that really appeals to me. There are so many pops that I want, it’s very difficult to choose! So I love that PIAB makes that decision for me. It’s thanks to PIAB that I have such a varied collection of pops and I love that. I even make unboxing videos of my reaction to the amazing contents.
    Another plus is that for no extra charge you could end up with products worth more than you are paying – you can end up with rares and the bigger pops.
    I only have two minor grumbles. This has only happened once – my pop boxes arrived crushed in the box. I decided just to keep them though as I’m an out of box collector. I’m sure they would have changed the boxes for me if I had asked.
    The other is that whenever I have had problems, although they have been dealt with quickly and to their best ability, I always feel like they are irritated by me. That’s probably just me personally though because everyone always says that they have the best customer service.
    I’m going to end on a positive note though.
    I currently can’t afford to subscribe at the moment and I miss it terribly.
    When I was a subscriber it was the thing I most looked forward to each month.
    As soon as I have extra money, the first thing I will be doing is re-subscribing to this brilliant service.

  • Ciaran Canavan

    Pop in a box is a great choice if you’re looking for a subscription box. While it may not have the variety of some other boxes (I.e. Lootcrate etc), it provides a surprise every month while making sure you get something you actually want, unlike the random rubbish that you occasionally get with other sub boxes.

    Thanks to the ability to go through and choose what pops you would/wouldn’t like, you will never be disappointed, and I was even lucky enough to get a few variants and rarer versions of pops during my subscription. The boxes are sent out very quickly as well, and having the choice of how many pops you want to get makes the subscription very flexible. Will definitely be signing up again when funds allow!

    My only gripe with it was perhaps the presentation. During my subscription, the pops were sent out in standard boxes. I feel this is probably why the service is so cheap though, and I would definitely choose lower prices over nice presentation.

    5 stars!

  • Gemma handley

    Have used pop in the box for the subscription and I got amazing pops. I was lucky enough to get a pop ride. The service was brilliant. Plenty of contact from them. Also used them for shop orders and preorder and again excellent service. Would recommend to anyone

  • Julia

    Fantastic subscription box … always guaranteed to be a pop figure that you want easy to increase or decrease the amount that you get and very fair prices …. plus added bonuses for subscribers
    Cannot fault service at all

  • Kim Nelson

    My boyfriend was previously getting a Geek box but then I found this website and fell in love. We are both planning to subscribe after Christmas.

    I can quite easily spend hours checking out all the different Pops.

    Prices are reasonable. Best bit is that you can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on Pops so you only get ones you want. And you’ll never get a doubler if you have your collection set up.

    Only problem I have is that there is a lack of information on the orders page. Items going from processing, to picking to despatched – would be good to have dates/times etc plus an estimated delivery date.

  • rebecca cox

    ive used pop in the box on quite a few occasions when i started collecting my funko pops they were very fast reliable and helpful they provide all the information you need on new pops you want to preorder and you can even track your pop in the box order ive never had any problems with them i definitly recommend them if your a funko pop lover like myself :)

  • Philip Desforges

    The fact you can have a big wishlist of what you want and get a surprise every month off that list is amazing, you put in the pops you have and away you go, just wait for them all to arrive :) compared to the other subscriptions they come with additional goodies but for a pop only box its brilliant,

  • Kat

    Great surprise every month and you can change how many you want each month. You can select which pops you like and never get a pop you don’t want. Great customer service too :)

  • David

    Thought I would try this a year ago and it got me hooked ! Never been dissapointed with any months sub and any queries have always been dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. Good value to if you get exclusives and rides for one of your sub pops. They also do good competitions and deals.

  • Jessica

    Pop in a box were my first subscription box and aftrr having a few more like loot crate and mygeekbox I can say Pop in a Box are the best! It comes very fast every month, usually a week after payment was taken. Everything is always packaged very safely to prevent damage, sometimes with extra treats! They have the best prices I have found and are always speedy when replying to emails. The customer service is amazing compared to other companies, some take days to reply whereas pop in a box reply within one day! Very very happy with this subscription! :)

  • Nick Knowles

    I have collected every subscription box under the sun, Pop In A Box is by far the best.
    You get what you want, every month.
    After sales team and admin are the best, very polite and helpful.

    I cannot fault them, keep it up guys, you will continue to get my money

  • Zoe

    I love this subscription service! Guaranteed to only receive a pop that you actually want due to the wonderful thumbs up and down catagory which your selected pops are sent from.
    The customer service is excellent. Queries are always answered promtly answered.
    Also as a subscriber you qualify for free postage on some fantastic pops for sale in their shop and awesome discounts on pre orders.
    All in all one of the best subs I have ?

  • Matt Wheeler

    Where to begin?

    I have been with Pop In A Box since about the start of the year and I have seen it gofrom strength to strength. Sure there have been teething problems here and there but nothing in this world is 100% perfect. All the staff are diligent and answer questions in a decent amount of time, friendly and helpful as well. The only slight downside is you can never really tell when your sub is going to accurately arrive, but the website is very helpful in saying when things have been processed so you can usually get a good idea.

    In all I love this service and if you adore Funko products I would highly recommend it for you.

  • c.taylor

    Great company friendly staff always on hand to sort out ur problems if needed great choise of pops and I’ve never known a company give back to there customers and non customers as much as pop in a box’s

  • Edward Nutley

    Pop in a box is great. with the thumbs up and thumbs down feature on the website you are more or less going to get something that you want. decent prices and great customer care they are easily accessible and reply very quickly. not had any problems with my orders from them.

  • Lisa Jackson

    You have full control over your Pop in a box subscription. Choose from 1-12 Pops per month and us the thumbs up/thumbs down feature to always get something you’ll love while keeping the mystery.

    Chances to win every month just by subscribing.

    Track you collection using the Pop tracker.

    Fast delivery and good customer service.

  • Lisa Jackson

    The best thing about Pop in a Box is you can choose what you want to receive while still keeping the mystery. Choose from 1-12 Pops and use the thumbs up/thumbs down feature and you will always get something you love.

    Chances to win prizes every month just by subscribing. One month I received a Chase Wonder Woman as part of my subscription. Talk about surprise.

    Shipping is generally fast but if there ever are any problems then they have a decent customer service team who will help out in any way they can.

  • Sian Elyse Hall

    love piab its the only sub box I get now because I only wanted sub box’s for the pop and the rest of the loot crate junk was going in a box I love how u never get a duplicate and the service is top notch thanks soo much piab I been a subscriber for about a year now and here’s to many more!!1

  • Chris

    I left Lootcrate for pop in a box and I wasnt disappointed with the decision. I found every pop that I got was in great condition (as my wife is a collector) and always came super fast no matter what day the dd went out on it.
    I found the website awesome and really easy to use and great that you can actually choose what genre of pops you have a suprise with each month. I was disappounted with never getting a rare or hard to find pop, but I guess thats just the luck of the draw!
    Would recommend p.i.a.b to anyone! Collector or not!

  • Ricky Kyle

    Simply, the only reason I haven’t had PiaB for a while is due to lack of funds.
    If Funko products are your thing, then you really can’t go wrong. Their system to track collections ensures that you will not end up getting stuff that you already have, and the possibility of getting rarer items for the price of commons just ups the ante.
    Sure, lootcrate and others will have exclusives and whatnot more often, but one thing you can guarantee is that with PiaB, you won’t be left with a bunch of stuff that you truly don’t want.
    I first subscribed near the start of the year, and there was a few issues with packaging and all, however they seem to have been ironed out, leading to people having a much smoother experience. And let’s be honest, a young company NEEDS to have teething problems, otherwise it can never improve.
    All in all, I would highly rate PiaB to any mystery box fan who loves Funko!

  • James J

    What’s not great about pop in a box. With a maximum of 12 pops delivered a month and all pops that you would like (provided you’ve gone through the list and got rid of the ones you don’t like). Every month is and good surprise as you know that you will get one you want but won’t know which one. It’s arrives quickly and you can even buy extra ones if you see one you need to complete a selection. Not to mention that you can easily keep track of your collection using their website. Let’s be honest you only get geek box and loot crate for the pops so why not cut the middle man out :) perfect.

  • Cheryl

    Top reviews on everything with pop in a box.

    Customer service is amazing and replies are quicker than I’ve known form anywhere else.

    Pops always arrive quickly, well packaged and undamaged, which isn’t always easy to achieve!

    I love this subscription, and happily recommend it to anyone who asks.

  • Sally Brown

    Amazing subscription box. Ive never had a problem with them. All items I get come bubblewrapped and in boxes to protect them. I also love the fact that you can have a say in which pop figures you get.

  • Charlotte Jenkins

    Always get my Pop’s from here:) Most of my Pops! have been greatly packed and have came with no problems. Always love the Pops that have been selected for me and have told my friends about the company.

  • Andrew Pearson

    A great idea no fluff just a funko item you know you want.

  • Markus Ibbetson

    Pop in a Box is a great website. They have an enormous range of not only pop figures, but dorbz, frabrikations and more.
    Their service allows you to choose how many random funko products you receive per month, you then have the opportunity to customize your wishlist and thumbs up or thumbs down the products you are and aren’t interested in so that they know which random product(s) to send you each month.
    They website allows you to customize your funko collection on their website so that you can tell them exactly which funko products you have, so they can be sure you don’t get doubles of anything.
    The website also tells you how much a specific collection you have e.g. it will tell you you have 25% of the pops based on books or 9% of the Disney pops. Which is handy.
    You also have the option to just outright buy any particular products you desire so you don’t have to wait and hope you’ll get that special pop.
    You will get an email receipt for your pop in a box once a month, which is a sure sign that your PIAB will be winging it’s way to you in the near future. I also get an email from royal mail to tell me they have a parcel for me from PIAB and that it’s out for delivery.
    The prices and P&P are very reasonable and the delivery time is not bad either.
    All in all the Pop in a Box service is very good and I would recommend it to any and everyone.

  • Sarah Cauchi

    This is the best subscription offer for anyone who likes to collect funko pops without spending a fortune, with the added bonus of it being a mystery and they’ll never send you something you don’t want. They are very helpful and responsive to queries. A must have subscription for any collector :-)

  • Wes

    Simple & effective. It’s just Pops and Pops you want but with the added excitement of being random within your own parameters. As much control as you want. No tee shirts. No mugs. No comics. It’s the only Pop site you need.

  • Benjamin joyce

    I’ve been using pop in a box for a year now and they have been nothing but a pleasure to use. The people that run this excellent service are very knowledgable about the products that they sell. In my opinion the ability to select the pops that you like and do not like makes receiving your monthly sub an incredibly pleasant experience as you are guarenteed something that you will enjoy. I can also honestly say that every interaction I have had with the members of staff at pop in a box has been a pleasureable experience.

  • Liberty tomlinson

    I think that pop in a box is an excellent subscription box. It handy that you can choose which pops you like and you know you will get atleast one of them in it. They are also very good value for money, some of the cheapest pops around. It’s certainly better than lootcrate as you know exactly what your gonna, get and you know your going to like it. There’s also no theme so you don’t have to skip a month if you don’t like the theme for example.

  • Rachel smith

    I love pop in a box :-) best subscription I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a few, I really look forward to this every month, it’s like Xmas lol, would recommend these guys to anyone who love funko pops!!! Great company, fab customer service, pops are always well packed :-)

  • Mina

    For me, Pop in a Box is one of the better subscription services out there for Pop! Vinyls.

    The website is easy to navigate, and has an appealing design, as well at the syaff who run it being very friendly and willing to help in amy situation.

    PiaB allows you to go through the list of Pop!s available to select and deselect those that you want, don’t want or already have, ensuring that you don’t get duplicates of Pops you already have, or don’t want.

    It is by far one of the best subscriptions boxes, and I without a doubt always encourage people I know to subscribe to it.

  • Viola charles

    I love pop in a box. I had started first of all subscribing got 2 pops every month but unfortunately money got tight and I had to give up for a while. I like the fact even though it’s a surprise what you get they have a thumbs down option so you will never receive a pop you don’t want or already have. I’ve now pre ordered so I’m now just waiting for the release.
    Postage is very good and there packed away carefully. Customer service is top notch and they have a Facebook groups so it’s easy to talk to them

  • Deborah cogan

    Piab are a great sub company, great items and great prices compared to high street shops. They are very customer focused and the owners go out of their way to ensure your subscription is perfect.
    Had a issue with yodel packing and delivery. The piab office not only dealt with it but replaced at no cost. For me they are the harrods of sub boxes

  • deanne cooper

    pop in a box are simply amazing i have tried other boxes such as my geek box and zavi z box but none have done better than pop in a box the items you get wether mystery subscription or shop orders are all packaged wonderfully and come within a couple of days, the mystery subscription service is also amazing you can never get an item you already have or that you dont want because of their like or dislike system. overall a great company and great products would definitely recommend.

  • Michelle

    Great idea as you only get what you want, with others it’s pot luck and then ends up costing more, I like how you get discounts on multiples and chances to get a rare item. Also it’s uk based and a lot of others you have customs charges with coming from another country

  • Mike oraw

    The only subscription service that I actually deem acceptable to continue paying every month. I’ve never opened a package from them and been disappointed. 100% quality packaging and great customer support, they’re active on social media and respond if you have a question or query. They provide a great random box service that includes a lot of rare pop vinyls and a brilliantly designed website to assure that you never get the same pop twice.

  • Anthony R

    Pop in a Box is the only subscription service out there for Funko fans in my opinion. Sure there are mystery boxes that get the odd exclusive like Lootcrate or ZBox, there are mystery boxes that include Pops monthly like NerdBlock or PopnCandy but PIAB is the only one where you’re guaranteed to get one you want as they’re the only one who lets you customise your wishlist.

    Back when I first started collecting PIAB was great as not only is a simple site and great to use, gives you a complete and up to date collection and wishlist but the people that run it are friendly and approachable and if you ever have a problem they’re eager to help.

    The best part is that with each subscription you get a number of chances of getting oversized or exclusives for the price of a standard. I’ve gotten oversized Dragons, Glow in the darks and metallics all for the price of a normal Pop!

    They’ve recently increased the appeal too as subscribers can buy at their leisure as subscribers get free postage in their shop too.

    The only down side for me is that delivery can take a little while and you’re never exactly sure when a sub has left their warehouse, the account page shows something as either ordered/pre-ordered; processing or dispatched but doesn’t give you the dates of when it happened.

    It all boils down to whether you want other stuff in a subscription box or your just after Pop!s and PIAB offers the best value for money and customer service out there for Funko fans.

  • Lauren Larkin

    I enjoyed Pop in a Box more than the other subscription boxes I signed up for. I was guaranteed to get something I wanted every month as opposed to the hit and miss that you get with Lootcrate et al. It’s relatively pocket friendly too, starting at £12/13 including postage for one pop is great when money is tight but you still want a treat and it’s super easy to move up or down their subscription scale. You also get some really good exclusive offers such as great deals and free shipping on the pops that you order in addition to your sub. The community/Facebook page that comes with is also super awesome – really friendly, knowledegable people who will swap/buy pops with you that you’re not 100% into. The only draw back, and it’s not insignificant (although I THINK they’re in the process of changing this) is when you first sign you you have to spend upwards of 3 hours giving thumbs up or down to the pops you want/don’t want – and you MUST do it, otherwise you could end up with pops you really don’t want. All in all, it’s a good service.

  • mel coppin

    great choice and service, quick delivery and my pops have always been packed safely. plus the added bonus for subscribers getting free delivery at the moment on all orders is amazing!

  • Nick O’Sullivan

    I love pop in a box. I was a long time loot crate subscriber but since joining pop in a box that subscription is long forgotten. I love how the website also incorporates a way of tracking my collection. The shipping is spot on and the packaging is perfect, the pops always arrive in pristine condition. What are you waiting for…? Just sign up already!

  • Darren emptage

    Fantastic company and great value for money. Very good and easy website to navigate and very helpful staff. The subscription is the best value for money out there if you love pops. You tick all the ones you have or don’t want or ones you want and each month it’ll send you ones you want. It’s great

  • Frances Armes

    Brilliant subscription box! I’ve had several boxes from Pop In A Box and each one has been perfect. You can choose which pops you do and don’t want and even add a list of the ones you already have so you don’t end up with duplicates! My first box of received a chase gremlin pop! I’ve even had a couple of special edition pops too and you always pay the standard price. Another great perk is the free delivery for subscribers so if you want to top up your right collection in between subscriptions you don’t pay delivery costs either! Definitely one of the best subscription boxes I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a few!

  • Jay B

    I look forward to this every single month, I love having the surprise pop come but not just any old pop that might not interest me, but a surprise one out of a load which I want in the first place! Great and easy place to manage your pop collection too, super cheap prices and would recommend to anyone I love it!!

  • Sid

    Piab is an amazing sub box for anyone who loves funko pops. You never get the same twice and once you like/dislike pops, you only get ones you want to collect but what I love about it is the mystery of not knowing which one you’re getting for your collection.

  • Jenny Grimshire

    I have been using Pop in a box for three months now; it is the only subscription service that I plan to use long-term (rather than just one off boxes here and there) because I like the fact that you know you are guaranteed to get what you want/like. The thumbs up/down system is great as it allows you to tailor the service to fit your needs so that you won’t be disappointed when receiving something that you don’t want or already have like you can with other subscriptions. I am not a big fan of having to trade/sell pops that I don’t want/already have so for me I love the simplicity of fact that I know whatever I am going to get, I can add it straight to my collection.

    I have bought things from the ‘Pop in a box’ shop as well, and like my subscription box they have always been well-packed and arrived in good time.

  • Carl

    I’ve been getting pop in a box for a few month now and I love it. Well packed and great not know what you will get. I’ve had other subscription like loot crate etc but at time they seem over priced for what they are

  • Tom lloyd

    Love how you can choose which pops you want and dont want so you are guaranteed to get something you like each month! And pops are a good investment ;)


    The best UK Pop supplier and is yet to let me down.

  • Kerry small

    Pop in a box are a excellent subscription service highly recommended :)

  • Kelly

    The best subscription service for pop vinyls! Unlike others there is no chance you will get one you have or don’t want! Often has sales on and at moment free delivery on orders for all subscribers!! Brilliant

  • Sian Lamkin

    I absolutely LOVE pop-in-a-box! One of the best subs out there for people with a funko-pop obsession! You’ll never get a funko-pop you don’t want because of the thumbs up and down system, and they constantly do competitions so there’s always a chance to get extra pops too, even rare hard to get ones!

  • Chris

    A great sub box! Been a customer/subscriber for a year never had a pop i dont like. The customer service is second to none. I love the sites pop tracker its the only one i use, keep track of all your pops and make sure you dont get a pop you already own.

  • Andrew

    Get a pop vinyl that you want from your “liked list”every month at a reasonable price, customer service deserves more than five stars and always has loads of competitions for subscribers, top class subscription service

  • Rhonda waters

    I love pop in the box, I have tried many other subscription boxes but found I was just getting one or 2 good things and a load of junk. With pop in a box it is simply a pop vinyl in a box, it doesn’t have to be one you can choose how many you want each month. It also has a great thumbs up and thumbs down system that helps you choose what you want to receive and what you don’t. I would recommend it to everyone who loves pops and even those who don’t.

  • Leanne snowball

    I have subscribed to pop in a box for around a year or so , currently on a break till after Xmas .
    I get 3 pops and have never been disappointed yet !
    If you don’t want a certain theme of pops (for me horror stuff etc) you just click that you don’t want them !
    It does take a while to go through them all and I think that maybe a “thumbs down” for all of a particular theme would improve it , it is absolutely worth it !

    Excellent value for money ! Fantastic pre orders at a very very fair price !

    Highly recommend !

  • Louise Manley

    Pop in a box is the best sub box I have had. I have had others which were great at first but quickly went downhill. Pop in a box is all the fun of knowing you will be getting something you like or maybe even an exclusive! Any queries i have had, the customer service is top notch!!
    Highly recommend

  • Paige Bethley

    Great pop subscription, as long as you keep up with putting what pops etc you have on there website then you will never get a double! And if you do the thumbs up and down you hardly ever get a pop you don’t want.. I always get excited when opening the box to see what I’ve had too! It’s like a little present once a month! In my opinion.. If you want a subscription that gets you a pop and some yummy candy every month then this is the one for you????

  • Teri lea morgan

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to re subscribe the last few months due to finances but I will be in the new year myself and my young boys love pops and pop in the box gives you the ones you want and you can win prizes best of both worlds and it’s cheap!! Most of my pops are from pop in the box and a good few treasured ones were from them deffo worth subscribing!!

  • Tes Lord

    Amazing subscription box! As long as you keep up with your likes and dislikes will never send you a pop you don’t want. Plus you can get rare and expensive pops cheap too. Always well packaged and always quick to reply if you have a problem.

  • francesca white

    Pop in a box is a fantastic way to increase your pop collection. The customer service is excellent. I subscribe to nerd block too but pop in a box is the best by far

  • Jessica L

    This is a brilliant sub for any pop vinyl lovers out there. The site is easy to use, the thumbs up and down system is great as although we all love pops there are some we could live without. It’s great to get a surprise each month and the box is well packed. Also excellent customer service x

  • Adam Hawkins

    Having received a few sub boxes including loot crate and zbox in addition to pop in a box, i can honestly say pop in a box is the best due to the value for money and the manner in which i can ensure i wont be disappointed with what i recieve

  • Asher Hardy

    The best thing about Pop in a Box as apposed to other subscription services like it is the perfect blend of knowing what you’re going to get, while not having a clue. Sounds weird I know, but if you have a big wish list like me (no dad I don’t have an addiction I can stop whenever I want ) is that you can still be surprised by what you get, while still being sure that you’re spending your money on something you want. The only thing I’d say is that the delivery times are very random, but that’s more or less the case with anything like this, so I’d hardly hold it against them!
    Would definitely recommend if you need a monthly pop fix! (And if I’m limiting myself to one a month it means I won’t go broke any time soon…)

  • Mark Percy

    Love Pop In A Box! You get to choose which FUNKO POPs you like and don’t like and customise how many you receive each month! They are always well packaged and should there ever be damage the team are more than happy to replace them! Highly recommend, even if you do become addicted!

  • Steve sutton

    Been with PIAB for a few months now, so far so good, prices are one of the best in and out of subscription, website easy and a pleasure to use. Occasionally have received damaged goods its true but customer support its honestly one of the best i have seen of any company and they sorted me out straight away.

  • Francesca Whetnall

    I was researching which subscription box to subscribe to for a long time before I stumbled upon pop in a box. The range of funko pops is fantastic and there is something to suit everyone. The fact you can choose which pops you would and wouldn’t like to receive offers great customability which other subscription boxes just don’t offer. On top of this, they offer free shipping to subscribers on any pop they wish to buy from the store (which has saved me alot of money). Packages always arrive on time and with no damage to them. The customer service is phenomenal, always quick email or Facebook replies. Pop in a box is the only subscription box that I am interested in now!

  • Colin Gemmill

    I cancelled both my Loot Crate and MyGeekBox subscriptions after 1 month of PopInAbox as it was much better value for money and there was no chance of disappoint with their collection system. Highly recommended. Only rated 4 stars in packaging and appearance as Loot Crate had nicer boxes. Packaging itself is fantastic.

  • Daniel Green

    My favorite subscription service so far. Have been subscribed for months and not a single issue. Prices are very good and the packaging is top notch. Cant recommend enough.

  • Elaine

    Always received my pop in a box in fantastic condition good time really great value for money I subscribe for 2 pops a month?

  • Abi Wears

    I love Pop In a Box! I have had a sub since Feb 2015, there has been times when updates on systems have messed things up slightly but they are very quick to catch on and make sure you get your pops! The system to like pops is very useful, and recently been updated to make it easier. Though it can take a while to thumbs up/down pops it is worth it to make sure you get ones you like! Highly recommend!!

  • Edward fisher

    Just amazing how I can chose random pops front the marvel collection and get ones I’m after not ones I’ve already got or the ones I’m not bothered about. I’ve also gotten very rare pops from the subscription that I would of had too pay a lot more! It’s a box with guaranteed pops every month best sub out there!!

  • Bronwen Rees

    As an in-box Pop! collector it’s important to me that the box doesn’t get damaged in the post, which happens a lot. However, Pop-in-a-Box always packages them perfectly and they arrive in great condition ready for display! They have the best prices and their shipping times are fantastically fast. Will most definitely be using their services again and again. =D

  • Matt Fallon

    Products always come packaged great and have a relatively fast delivery time! I’ll continue my subscription with PIAB!

  • Rebecca Phillips

    The only subscription that I haven’t cancelled. The like and dislike option means you get all the surprise of a subscription box without getting stuff you don’t want. It’s great!

  • Barry Adams

    Brilliant service for pop! Vinyl fans. Have used this site a few times and have been more than happy from the service and product supplied. The site is easy to use, fast and secure delivery and a great community. The ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ system works really well allowing full satisfaction with your subs :)

  • Heidi talbot

    I think this is one of the best subscriptions on the market. It’s quick and you always get something you like. You can keep your own collection list for free and the customer service is top notch. You get some great deals as a subscriber and great delivery service

  • Vicki

    Me and my housemate have this every month and every time it’s been an awesome pop we’ve got – can’t fault it

  • Matt

    I would recommend pop in a box, however from my experience there have been several delays in getting subs out on time. That said most pops have turned up in mint condition and the ones that didn’t had only minor creases. If you’re a pop vinyl collector who doesn’t know which pop to buy next then a pop in a box subscription would definitely suit you. :)

  • Emma Topham

    I have been a subscriber for a while on the 2-pops per month as well as purchasing pops through their shops. Always an excellent service and a company that is willing to improve constantly to meet the requests of their customers and the demands of online retail. Their website is very easy to use and although setup is a little time consuming it is worth it as they guarantee a pop that you want without duplication (as long as u keep your wish list up to date).

    Their customer service in my opinion is fantastic and their presence on social media sites certainly helps.

    I have had other sub boxes in the past (my geek box and lootcrate) however I cancelled these as I found that the quality was not consistent and as I am mainly a pop collector, I wanted a sub box that gave me a pop each month.

    I cannot recommend PIAB enough! Don’t just take my word for it though, see their other reviews on their Facebook and Google accounts.

  • Lynnette Widdison

    Pop In A Box is exactly that – one or more Funko Pop Vinyl figures selected from your “Like” list and delivered each month. It’s been great for someone like me who is looking to expand my collection, but who also enjoys the element of surprise – to experience the anticipation and excitement as you eagerly open your box to see what you’ve got this month. Additionally, thanks to social media, it’s fun to compare what you’ve got with other subscribers. I also like that customers also have the chance of receiving a rarer Pop when they become available. Sure – on occasion I’ve received something that I’ve forgotten to “thumbs down”, but on the whole, I’ve been pleased with the Pops that I’ve had from them, and the collection tracker is a great feature. I’ve also bought Pops from their online shop too, and have never yet had to contact Customer Services for any reason. The only negative thing that i can say about PIAB is that I miss the popping candy that they used to include with subscriptions :-)

  • Leonie Hill

    I love pop in a box! The thumbs up and down feature means I don’t ever get anything I don’t like and my sub is a little surprise each month I look forward to ? My sub has always been shipped quickly and they offer free shipping on shop orders for subscribers!

  • Claire

    One of my favourite subscription boxes. You never get a pop you already have, so no fear of duplicates! Great customer service and would highly recommend

  • Jenny

    Fantastic subscription service, unlike Loot Crate etc where you hang on for months waiting for a Funko Pop, receiving a load of tat in the meantime. With Pop In A Box you are guaranteed Pops you want, with no tat or fuss. If you want Funko Pops delivered safely every month, from a list chosen by you, don’t think about it…DO IT!!

  • Sammie

    i have been a pop in a box subscriber for 2 months now and can not fault their service!

    its great to know that you will never recieve a pop you already own, but also to still have a surprise or a pop you actually want!!

    would highly recommend this service to anyone!!

  • Lorraine

    We love pop in a box, love the surprise of opening the box not knowing what’s inside!
    It’s nice to know you will only get something from your “wish list” unlike some subscriptions where you end up with something you don’t like.
    Packaging is normally very good and delivery is fast, I like how you get a text/email letting you know when to expect delivery.

  • Peter Gilby

    Great content and they get Exclusives! the prices are awesome and the customer service is second to none!

  • Jim

    There are three main things that set Pop In A Box apart from other subscription box services. 1. Their absolutely free collection tracker. Even if you don’t subscribe they have a comprehensive database of Funko products to help you keep track of your growing collection. 2. As long as you keep your collection up to date they will never send you something that you already have, which can be a bummer when getting other subscription boxes. You still get the thrill of not knowing exactly what will be in the box though. 3. They have great customer service. The response time is short, the owner makes himself available on social media and he really tries to go above and beyond for everybody.

    Shipping time for the U.S. is not the best, but the low shipping cost offsets the delay as it is coming from another country.

    All in all a really great service.

  • Jim Murdoch

    Pop in a box is the only subscription box I use. It’s very simple to use and let’s you thumbs down pops or even entire categories that you won’t want to receive.
    Everything I’ve had through the post has been in mint condition – important to me as an in the box collector. Only issue I have is that it won’t give me the option to remain signed in.. Or perhaps I’m on the site too much!

  • Andrew Lightfoot

    Cannot fault these guys for the service they provide which in a word is AWESOME! I prefer to get PiAB over the likes of lootcrate because i only collect pop vinyls at the minute. I have never recieved a pop i didnt want either. The more pops in your subscription…the cheaper they become…which is also a bad thing because it makes me want MORE! Never had a problem with shop orders or my subscription :) love these guys

    5 Stars from me all round

  • Tina Holmes

    Had a subscription with pop in a box now for over 12 months, best subscription ever. Great packing, products and always delivered super fast. If there is any problems they are quick to email to let you know what’s going on. Definitely recommend them 100%

  • chloe

    Pop In A Box are an excellent company to get a subscription from. If you have any concerns with your orders the customer service is spot on and aim to help you as soon as possible. I would recommend them without hesitation.

  • Rebecca Taylor

    Absolutely fantastic service for Funko Pop! Collectors to guarantee a pop they don’t have every month with the chance of exclusives and other great prizes. Been subscribed on and off for 12mths and only had one issue. Not the quickest response time but all got sorted out. Great subscription box and would highly recommend!

  • Sean

    I have subscribed to pop in a box for over a year I love getting random pops each month I think the not knowing gives a sence on excitement each month. I have had some which iv been a bit hmm not what I was hoping for but my own fault for not select them. My only criticism is it take time to go through and thumbs up and down and you have to up date your collect with each months pop. However you know what your getting and for pop lovers it’s a good buy.

  • Shane

    I have been using pop in a box for almost a year now and could not recommend it any higher, the website is a breeze to use and the customer service is fantastic, I have never received a duplicate pop and compared to other subscription services, if pops are all you care about then pops are all you get! The orders are usually sent via tracked shipping and the packaging is fantastic my items have never arrived damaged. 10/10 pop in a box keep doing what you do so well!

  • Michelle

    Love the fact that they have a pop collection tracker and allow you to choose the pops you want so they will only send you ones from your list. Although sometimes deliveries are slow, waiting to see what you get is part of the fun and I’ve had so many amazing pops in my subs from them including variants and rides :)

  • Ben Michael Smith

    Honestly, a great service. easy pop tracker to keep track of your collection, a great system to stop you getting duplicates, and a wide range of subscriptions from 1-12 pops i belive all at a fair price considering that can include some exclusives, 6 inch pops and other funko products.

  • Dan King

    Overall highly recommend. Selection is great, being able to specify individual pops you’re a fan of its great. Packaging recently is much improved and if not at a busy time, like black Friday, postage is generally fast. Have been a bit slow in responding to issues both through email and Facebook but that’s my only knock on them. Over the last year I can attribute about 100 of my pops to them, if not more.

  • Kirsty-Louise Bentley

    If you love PoP viynl you need pop in a box in your life, never get the same pop as long as you keep your lists up to date and make sure you like the pops you want and you won’t get any unwanted.
    Then the best bit once a month you get a surprise pop like a little gift to yourself.

  • Chloe

    I love Pop in a Box! The concept of being surprised with any of your favourite pops was an amazing idea and I’m so glad that I subscribed. The only issue I had was speed but that is not always Pop in a Box’s fault more the postal companies.

  • James Spalding

    Pop in a box is what it says but the customer service is outstanding really quick responses and problem solving you really couldn’t ask for more, except that it is the only true mystery subscription i have seen because you only get pops in your wishlist so you never get doubles that are already in your collection and unless you only have one pop in your wishlist you will never know what is coming and nobody can post their box and spoil your surprise because it is truly individual. Its easy to subscribe and its as easy as one click to stop on the months you don’t want or cant afford it and its just as easy to start up again. I love pop in a box and the people that run it A***************

  • Kim

    I adore pop in a box they are quick at deriving items and thanks to the thumbs up and thumbs down you never get a pop you don’t want!

  • Andrew Lawrence

    The only subscription box I’ve never been disappointed with! 100% of the items are things I want! Other boxes have so much filler I end up feeling like I’ve wasted my money, PIAB is different, I always end up with a POP I want and have had more than my fair share of exclusives and rares for a dirt cheap price! The only sub you need if you’re a POP collector!

  • Anna

    Loooooooooove pop in a box!!
    My fave box subs. And after doing the (somewhat arduous) task of adding my current collection and registering my wanted pops and de-registering the ones I’m not interested in I’m also guaranteed to never receive pops I don’t want!!

  • Helen Nacey

    I love Pop In A Box!!! It is the best mail to grace my post box all month. I know that I will always be happy with the pops I receive thanks to their option to “thumb up and down all pops”. Their customer service is great, any questions you need answering – just send them a quick message and they are fast to respond. Plus you get all sorts of offers and flash deals for being a subscriber! What is not to love. This is by far the best sub box out there for funko pop lovers.

  • Jamie Morrison

    Pop in a Box is a fantastic service which allows you to keep track of all the Funko Pop! Figures you own. There is a thumbs up and down section to ensure you don’t receive any figures you don’t want. Unlike other subscription boxes, like My Geek Box or the Zavvi ZBox the customer service is also fantastic and very helpful. I have never had any problems with Pop in a Box and have been using their subscription boxes for over a year now. Highly recommended.

  • Sarah Copestake

    I’ve been getting a monthly pop from pop in a box pretty much every month since they started (money allowing) and they are the only sub box that I’ve actually stuck with. I love the fact that I’m guaranteed to get a pop that i want/need without any of the added rubbish that comes with other sub boxes and ends up sat in a draw for years. When I’ve been able to afford it I’ve upped my subscription to get more pops which works out cheaper the more you get. It’s a brilliant suprise every month and it’s well worth with it =)

  • Nikki Robson

    Love Pop in a box, you know you are getting something you love thanks to the online wish list. The website is easy to use, and you can change your subscription to suit you when ever you want, from 1 pop to 6 pops. Every month there is a chance to win a rare pop too. The pops are always well packaged so there is little risk of damage to boxes (for all you inbox collectors!), the only thing I would say is the packaging isnt branded so you dont know its from them, but on the grand scheme of things this isnt really important. Customer Service is fantastic too, nothing is too much trouble for them.

  • Jason smith

    Can’t fault them at all! Excellent packaging, top notch customer service!

  • Phillip nairn

    Only used these guys a couple of times but everytime has been spot on :)

  • Dale

    Member for 4 months very pleased with what I receive. Never damaged great service !

  • Luke Hoskins

    A great subscription box. Normally get all my orders quickly and packaged well. Would recommend to any Funko collectors or just POP collectors

  • Kasey ginnelly

    Absolutely brilliant. I only subbed for a little while but the service was amazing

  • Joel

    Pop in a box is a comprehensive funko pop experience for collectors. I started collecting this year and found it hard to understand the scale of what was available. Pop in a box solves this as well as providing a great value mystery service. The company’s owner is very good at dealing with issues and coming up with rewards for subscribers such as free upgrades and free delivery on any extra orders placed. The black Friday deals were also amazing this year.

  • Adam Howells

    Bought from Pop in the box before. It is honestly THE BEST pop sub box around.
    aslong as you thumb up and down the pops you want or don’t want on the site you are guaranteed to get pops you want! One time i got two of my favourite villians (Joker & Bizarro) in the same box. I was so happy, Plus free sweets is always good. The prices are a steal aswell.

  • Benjamin wood

    I have been using pop in a box for a year.i started out on a 2 pop sub box but have since upped it to 6, saving myself a fair bit. I find it to be the best subscription box for myself as I collect funko products.the prices are amazing saving myself between 3-8 pound compared to buying from shops, they have a great customer service team who always answer any questions you may have swiftly. And as a subscriber you also benefit from free shipping, I would recommend this site to everybody

  • Rachel smith

    Pop in box is the best sub box for me, coz you can customise it to suite your wants, so if done right you’ll never get something that you don’t like :-) I’ve been subscribed now for about 8 months and have never had a bad box or any problems with packaging fab company

  • Samantha Robinson

    I have subscribed to pop in the box for a few months now and I can’t really say anything against them. With the thumbs up and thumbs down its easy to get the pops you want and need for your collection. You also in a way know what’s coming.
    I used to subscribe to Lootcrate and sometimes would be disappointed with what I received in the box however with pop in the box you aren’t ever disappointed!!
    I would highly recommend subscribing to them!!

  • Bryan

    Having been a customer who has left and then came back to Pop In A Box for various reasons (mainly personal, e.g. money) I thoroughly enjoy receiving this mystery crate. The fact that you can choose what products you receive based on your interests, but still have the element of mystery, is fantastic. Especially compared to Loot Crate, Arcade Block, My Geek Box etc. as they always have some part of the box that you never want.

    There are many areas where I believe that Pop in a Box can improve, the customer service has lacked in the past when dealing with store orders and several break downs on the website during busy periods means that customers have been left unaware of when their order is due for delivery. That said, they are only a relatively new company and are always working hard to delivery the best product for their customers, with the above issues being mainly teething issues which will eventually be addressed, and therefore I would definitely recommend.

  • katie dean

    This is an awesome site run by awesome people. The products are always brilliantly packaged

  • Kylie Brown

    Alwyas helpful whenever you have a problem and have made it easy to get the pops you want with their system. Comes on the day expected and always in pristine condition, They are my first choice to tell people for those who want to start or are currently collecting pops.

  • Stacey Mitchell

    The only funko pop subscription box that takes your collection into account and let’s you record what you do and don’t want . I’ve been with pop in a box for about 6 months and I’m never disappointed with what I get in my sub box . Would definitely recommend

  • amy lawrence

    This compony is amazing there service is excellent . I have pre-ordered figures a few times with these and they always arrive in perfect condition and very well packed and I am always updated with the payment/que order/shipping ect

  • Chris Carter

    Approaching a year of being subscribed, always a Pop! I want due to their brilliant “Thumbs up & Down” system. Always good customer service, highly recommended for any Pop! lover. With the different Subscription choices you can really customise how many Pops! you want and when you’re billed for it.

  • Joanne Reid

    Pop in a box is fantastic, I love that you get a surprise that you may not necessarily pick up in a store but that you still want, You use the thumbs up and down so you never get one you don’t want, The staff are super helpful and really nice..I love that you can also pre order pops that are going to sell out fast and get a queuing number..Also the packaging it comes in can withstand a tornado.
    Big thumbs up ?

  • Colin crowden

    Pop in a box differs from so many other subscription boxes as it gives you the ability to select the pops you really want then let the website bots send you mystery pops from your selection including random exclusives and rarer items. This takes away the disappointment you get with a lot of other boxes. A real bonus is the sites free collection tracker, better than a lot of the paid for apps elsewhere. A great box for newbie and more established collectors alike.

  • Cheryl

    This company goes out of their way to provide the highest level of customer service. Lovely, friendly service who are always happy to help! Packaging is always great and padded. Pops are only ever taken from your want list so you know you’re not getting one you already have it do not want. I love this subscription box!

  • Chewy Highley

    Absolute brilliant service. Best subscription service I’ve used, what you get is totally random but always something you want. I get excited every month just waiting for it to arrive

  • Ryan Procter

    Pop In A Box is a very fun and efficient way for collecting pops. Their best feature is being able to thumbs up and down pops, as well as selecting what you already have in your collection, meaning you’ll never get duplicates or pops you don’t want. The price is very affordable and the more pops you want, the cheaper the service becomes. When I was a subscriber I always received my boxes quickly and very well packaged, as well as always being left satisfied. I’ll definitely be re subbing after Christmas once the pennies are back in the bank to do so.

  • Danielle roberts

    One of the best companies out there, kind and helpful staff, always packed really well I cannot fault them at all

  • Arron

    Pop In A Box are fantastic. If you are a fan of Pop Figures then this is the place to go. They always have a wide selection in stock in the online store. The best feature is the subscription service, choose between 1 and 12 pops to be received every month, choose the categories you are interested in and they will hand pick Pops that you love and send them to you. They always have special subscriber offers going on and fantastic giveaways on their Facebook page.

  • Sam Lee

    Pop in a box is awesome, great service like Pop Christmas once a month. Ed is the owner and if you ever have issues he’s always there to help… Love my pop in a box subscription.

  • Eddy

    Great box ;)

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