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Powered Geek Box

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Powerd Geek Box (formerly Power Up Box) is a subscription box that provides geeky, nerdy, pop culture, and gamer items to thrill your inner geek. Each monthly Powered Geek Box includes 6-9 items featuring some of the best brands, including Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, and more.

Power Up Box

Every month, the Powered Geek Box team searches the country for the best newly released items to include in your Powered Geek Box. Receive Funko products, epic apparel, comic books, gaming codes, and a wide variety of other incredible and exclusive items delivered right to your door with the Powered Geek Box subscription box.

1, 3, 6, and 12 month Powered Geek Box subscriptions are available.

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Power Up Box

Powered Geek Box

  • Geek products
  • From $24.95

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  • One of my favorite things about Powered Geek Box is that all of their items are officially licensed collectibles. There is usually a t-shirt and some type of vinyl figure in each box, along with some smaller collectibles. Lots of variety from different franchises, including Marvel, DC Comics, etc. If there are any upcoming geek/nerdy movies (like Ghostbusters or Star Trek) they’ll often have something for that as well.

  • Cristina H.

    Alright guys… So I like what they send every month but did anyone noticed how badly the boxes come in? I contacted Power Up box to let them know about how their boxes come. They assured me that they contacted USPS who is their shipping provider. Anyways, I recommend this box to any nerd or geek.

  • Thomas X.

    I spoke to powerup rep. and wished companies had such a good customer service. I had a problem with my package and they took care of it. Awesome job guys…

  • Otto N.

    I subscribed for the 3 month plan since they launched this service. So far I liked my first 2 boxes. I’m going to see if I like the 3rd box and if I like it I will subscribe again but this time for 6 months. Highly recommend them.

  • Ralph Brzowski

    So far I like this subscription. Getting a monthly t-shirt is my favorite part.

  • Adam T.

    Groot box? Can’t get better than this! So far this is my favorite geek box this month!

  • William Carroll

    Been eyeing this company for a while now and it wasn’t until this month box that convinced me to sign up. Not a huge fan of randomness in the box but it looks like I can trust Power Up box. Hopefully all the future boxes will be as good as the past boxes I have seen.

  • Joe B.

    Getting 2 t-shirts in my premium box just made me SUPER happy. I used to play Monopoly so this box reminded me of the old days and the good times. Didn’t mind the other items. Fairly well put and the drink was sweet but tasty.

  • Dr. Brain

    Awesome job guys. The comic was very interesting and we had a lot of fun playing the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled game.

  • Jennifer Sandoval

    Box came in beat up, so I emailed them about it. Thankfully nothing was broken or missing inside the box… I also complained to USPS. Not sure what they are doing. Great customer service and quick response by Power Up.

  • Daniel Manki

    I don’t think power up has any themes and at first I wasn’t sure if I like that or not but after getting the 2nd box from them it’s exciting. Not knowing what you will get in the box gets me really surprised when the box arrives to my house. So far I have been liking their box and think it’s something I want to be getting every month….

  • Den F.

    Okay, so I got their first box which was the June box and I’m happy with what I received. The Groot Dorbz was one of my favorite. Actually just emailed Power Up because I had a question about their shipping and they responded before this review. So got to give it to them… Quick response and great products. Highly recommended them for your geek subscription.

  • Tony R.

    Just got their June box and it’s by far the best geek box I have received! The DORBZ is so CUTE!!! 2 t-shirts (sick)! Hanging Neca GROOT SCALER! And other items, can’t beat that! So happy with all the items! GOooo POWER UP BOX!

  • Anna Campbell

    My daughter decided she’s going to start getting things done around the house after I bought her the Power up box. I have a good feeling this is going to be used as an easy way to get some help with house chores. :)

  • Sid Varius

    My thoughts on Power Up Box… I subscribe to 3 other subscription boxes and don’t get me wrong, they are all great but what really surprised me about Power Up Box is that their t-shirt was licensed by Star Wars. Not even once have I received from the other 3 subscription boxes a licensed t-shit! Therefore, paying the extra dollar for this box is worth it. Highly recommend them.

  • Casper Douglen

    Well Power up box is the newest box I’ve seen but I gotta say they come out with some very very well put boxes. I saw a review of the April box which caused me to purchased their May box and I really enjoyed the content. I’m going to give them another month and if I enjoy June’s box I’ll go for that 3-month subscription or possible a 6 month subscription.

  • Art Rantan

    Definitely my favorite nerd subscription box overall. The price is high but it’s definitely worth it! I missed their first box which I believe it had a little bit of Batman theme in it. As for the second box it was focused a lot on Star Wars. My favorite items are the licensed Star Wars t-shirt and the For Fox Sake mug! Ha! Get it?

  • John Greenwood

    I’m just sick and tired of all these new geek subscription companies opening up but I’m also so intrigued by them that I keep subscribing. It’s like being in hell for all of eternity but you get a glimpse of heaven every month or so while being in hell. That’s my best analogy, however, Power Up Box is a badass box.

  • Helene S.

    First box not too impressed. But with their second box I was. Licensed Star Wars t-shirt was my favorite part. The pen not so much, Funko Pop was cool and will keep the other items. Will be sticking with them for now…

  • Dean Chai

    Love all the randomness in the box! This is my first time subscribing to subscription box and I think I will keep my subscription for now. Having said that, keep it up powerup box..

  • Amanda Sepulveda

    Order the box for my brother’s birthday. He kept on bragging to me that he wants the power up box for his birthday. I kept it a secret and gave it to him at the last minute. Boy was he happy… Wish the box didn’t come as beat up as it did. USPS needs to do a better job. Other than that, the box was well worth it.

  • Joey Ranty

    I was debating if I should write a review for them or not. I wanted to wait until I receive their May box so that I have a better idea on what kind of company they are. So far I think they are worth the money. I wonder what will be in the may box since they don’t have themes. This get’s me nerves, anxious and excited!!!

  • Joe H.

    My son loved the box! I wish they had more options on the t-shirt sizing so that my son can get the right shirt. I’m a nerd, but I stop collecting stuff long time ago and now I got my son hooked on this box. Keep it up.

  • Frankie

    Their first month box looked soo good! Just subscribed for 6 month and I hope all of their boxes are as good as their first month! Anyone know if they have monthly themes?

  • Tom R.

    Got my box finally! Loved everything in it and I can’t wait for the May box! Guess I will be the first to review this… Woohoo for me ;p

  • Tom R.

    Wow that was a nice box! I saw the review here and it looks so good… Def. worth my money.

Powered Geek Box

  • Geek products
  • From $24.95