Prepper Gear Box
Prepper Gear Box

Prepper Gear Box

  • From $25.00

Prepper Gear Box a monthly subscription box for those who like survival gear and education.

Every Prepper Gear Box contains 2-3 (or one very cool) carefully selected, high-quality survival gear and preparedness items. Plus, each box will have helpful tips, instructions and challenges to grow your survival skills and confidence in any situation.

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Prepper Gear Box
Prepper Gear Box

Prepper Gear Box

  • From $25.00


  • Anthony cramer

    I love these boxes its lime my birthday every month. Have done about 6 months worth now and just did another 3 month subscription

  • Tony Lin

    Quality of the products in my box are top notch. We love hiking and camping, and these items are great ways to teach our kids new skills every time we go on an outdoor adventure. Highly recommend!

  • Brandon Taylor

    I’d like to start off by saying I really enjoy my subscription to Prepper Gearbox. With that being said they aren’t perfect. A couple months back they sent out a box that had one item in it of questionable value, but subscribers let them know they weren’t happy with the box and this is where the excellent customer service comes into play. The staff almost immediately took to social media to start making thing right with those customer base. Doling out discounts on renewals and lord knows what else. If they’re late with a box they’ll usually throw in a little something extra to make up for the inconvenience. I’ve been a subscriber for nearly a year and can honestly say there is no comparison with other boxes of this type in this price range! Subscribe with confidence folks these guys are good to go!

  • Gary Beagles

    Yes i love every box i have gottin and the customer service is the best i have had answers all my questions i highly recommend this box to all my friens

  • Zak

    Great fun just waiting for the box, but the products are not only good quality and extremely useful, but also absolutely must haves for any prepped or outdoor enthusiast.

  • Jonathan Gilliam

    A $25 box that won’t disappoint. On average you’ll end up with about $40 value of stuff. And opening a box every month is like Christmas.

  • Tom

    I have had a couple of issues to do with late or missing boxes but the customer service has been great and resolved all issues. the box contents are alway top notch and I am loving my subscription

  • Ryan Smith

    Great boxes at a great price.

  • David Roark

    I love Prepper Gear Box! Every month I’m excited to discover all the new goodies! The July box was cool with a combination usb charger/lamp and a pretty cool Schrade folding knife.

  • Joe Rill

    I just signed up and got my first box I love it so far. The quality is amazing. Love it

  • Michael Hale

    3 months, 3 boxes that rock. Always left deeply wanting my next box.

  • Michael Hale

    I love it.

  • Holly Lewis

    So far, my 3 boxes have contained items that I have deemed to be of good quality. The July box was a folding knife and a portable battery charger, like for cell phones. I can’t complain about either.

  • Chad Schlumbrecht

    Quick response with customer service. I haven’t received a box yet I wasn’t happy with. I’ll be a long time subscriber!

  • Chris Starks

    I talked the wife, folks, and in-laws into getting me a year subscription for my birthday. Now it’s like my birthday every single month! Not to mention it’s always something I can put in my go bag, my hiking pack, vehicle emergency bag, or even everyday carry stuff! I have been receiving Prepper Gear Box for four months now and haven’t been disappointed yet!

  • Tom Garrow

    Started out great. The first box is usually really good. I’ve had a couple disappointing boxes but, they have made up for it the next month. Overall, I am going to continue as long as they don’t let me down a few months in a row.

  • Laura McAlexander

    Absolutely obsessed with my Prepper gear boxes! I have gotten about 6 so far and each one is better than the last. Great quality gear, amazing advice and the perfect price point for my budget. The July box was one of my favorites. It included a power bank/flashlight and a knife that were both immediately added to my EDC. Great job!!

  • Tim Jordan

    Great starter box. For a bit it was getting voring with a knife in every box, but they shook it up a couple times and I was always glad to stick it through when I did. Dont get me wrong either, every knife but one was awesome. And every box with a knife still had awesome stuff.

    Keep up the good work PGB.

  • Frank ostos

    Great product. They shop a great selection of survival tools.

  • Dusti McCartney

    Love getting Prepper Gear Box in the mail. Each month has great gear and amazing survival cards. Haven’t been disappointed with anything from this amazing box.

  • Shane Fry

    I truly love this company. I have been a member for the past 4 months. Never been disappointed plus they have great customer service. I will be continuing my membership for quite some time. I wish I could list all the items I have received but I can tell you I can and will use all of them. Great company.

  • Jason Perry

    I have been a subscriber since almost the very beginning. It started out as a gift and now it’s my monthly present to myself. Every month it’s like I’m waiting for a Orphan Annie secret decoder ring to show up. I have added many things to my go bag, my camping gear and always have some cool gear for my EDC plus I have learned some survival skills along the way. Every buddy that’s into being smart and prepared , I recommend a subscription. It’s the best gift for the prepper in your life.

  • Adam stowell

    This box rocks worth every penny

Prepper Gear Box

Prepper Gear Box

  • From $25.00