Bespoke Post Launches New Swagger Box

Bespoke Post Swagger Box

Rock your socks with the new Bespoke Post Swagger Box. The Bespoke Post Swagger box has an exclusive collection of seven stylish socks from Etiquette Clothiers so you can show off your sock swagger each day of the week.

The socks in the Bespoke Post Swagger box are knitted from fine Italian cotton that is both soft and strong, creating a sophisticated sock that comfortably fits sizes 8-12.

Bespoke Post Swagger Box

The Bespoke Post swagger socks include:

  • Branson, Blue Polka Dots
  • Grizzly, Twisted Red Boot Socks
  • Patriot, Crosswalk Stripes
  • Midas, Luxe Gold
  • Marathoner, Ankle Needle Stripes
  • Throne, Royal Ribbed Blue
  • Undercover, No show polka dots

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Get the Bespoke Post Swagger Box today!

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