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Dinnerly is a long running and affordable meal subscription service. The price per serving starts at only $4.49 plus $8.99 for shipping! This box is meant for working parents, or busy families which makes it perfect for my family! Dinnerly can be delivered almost anywhere is the US. The subscriber has the choice of a 2 person or a four person sized box, but let me tell you now the portions are humongous. You get to choose your recipes as well as an added bonus, getting to choose 3-5 meals a week from a list of 14 weekly recipes. Every recipe comes with a card you can print. I received a box for the 3rd week of September and will review it for you today!

So Dinnerly uses recipes that contain 5 easy steps and minimal easy to use ingredients! Looking at the recipe cards I was excited to know I only had to purchase 2 items, that I really should have already had like sugar. The box was delivered exactly on the day it was supposed to be and I knew they had said the box had insulation but I still made sure to get home as fast as I could to grab it. Insulation is an understatement. I opened the package and found  my vegetables safely wrapped up and perfectly portioned. Under all that goodness which definitely had insulation,  was two giant ice packs securely packed around my meats and cheeses and the like. I was so happy with the quality of all my items, especially the fresh items.

  The first meal I chose and prepared was the Shrimp & Rice Noodle Stir-Fry. It took me roughly a half hour to prepare and it was nothing I couldn’t handle. This was the recipe I had to buy sugar and white wine vinegar for but that is no big deal. The shrimp was already peeled and de-veined which made me ecstatic because i am not sure about you but I absolutely hate that part of shrimp. It is time consuming and just plain gross. For this meal aside from the actual cooking, the only prep work I had to do was slicing the scallions, dicing the garlic, and chopping the broccoli. it took all of 5 minutes to chop it all up nicely. The steps were easy to read and follow. I got the noodles started, then chopped my ingredients, mixed up my sauce and by the time I was done with that the noodles were ready to come out. I set them aside after straining, cooked the broccoli and shrimp as instructed. Once I finished the shrimp and broccoli I was able to mix in the noodles and sauce simmering it slightly til it was done! I was really shocked at how easy it all was and how delicious it tasted! Even my girls loved it.



The second meal I chose for my box was the delicious Mexican Mac & Cheese. I figured this would be a good meal for our family because it is mac and cheese and that is always a hit. This particular recipe required scallions, corn, the cheddar cheese, the noodles and the red pepper. The only thing I had to really prepare for this meal was slicing scallions, dicing cheese and chopping the garlic. I also had to slice up some of the larger pieces of fire roasted red pepper but it was almost completely ready. Once again I started with the pasta getting it going while i chopped everything else up. Then I slipped the garlic and some of the scallions into my skillet to get it going. When it was finally ready I was able to add in the corn! I cooked the corn til tender and set it aside, as well as draining and setting aside the pasta. In the same skillet I added in butter, seasonings a hint of flour and some milk till it was all heated. I was able to then add the cheese in and stir til it melted. Then it was just a matter of adding everything else on top and mixing it together! I personally do not like red peppers however I loved it in this meal. It was such a hit with everyone. and once again the portion size meant for two easily fed four.  

The final meal I prepared was Skillet Beef Moussaka. This was the only dish I was unsure about so I was really branching out. The beef was so much better than anything I could have bought at a store. Prep for this meal was garlic, scallions and eggplant, and then of course grating some Parmesan. I started cooking the sauce, which was easy but made it seem like it was a won of work. Then I heated up a skillet and mixed in garlic and scallions and then adding in the beef til cooked. Once its cooked you add in the diced eggplant and let it cook til soft and tender. Once its all cooked I added in the tomato paste and the spices. At this point I realized this was a lot like shepherds pie without the potatoes. Once its all cooked together you top with the yummy sauce and pop it in the broiler for a little bit and voila! I have another easy recipe to make for my family!


Overall, this box was incredible. It was my first try at a meal plan subscription box and I was so happy. I am excited to have new recipes that I know are successful and easy to make. My kids loved them, and my husband and I loved them. It made my whole life easier and would do the same for you. If you are interested in this affordable, and wonderful meal service check it out here!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

My expectations were exceeded and everything was fresh and tasty!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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