Flaming Licks Review

Flaming Licks is a hot sauce subscription box originating in the UK. Each box includes three hot sauce items, whether they be actual hot sauce, chutney, marinade or the like. Also included are recipe cards, a spicy snack and a free hot sauce key chain in your first box! They have various subscription options  including:

Monthly Prepay-
One month- $21.86
Three month- $65.59
Six month- $121.57
Twelve month- $240.48
Bi-Monthly Prepay-
Two month- $21.86
Six month- $65.59
Twelve month- $121.57
These  options make sure you can get the box that fits your exact needs. There is free shipping in the UK and a $6.08 shipping and handling to the US or EU. Today I will be reviewing the August box I received.

I live in the US so I know international packages can take awhile to arrive but I was pleased that they threw in the extra warning. Turns out it was unnecessary as the box arrived in stellar time! It was packaged in an additional large padded envelope as extra security. Each individual item was wrapped in padding within the box to keep the glass from clanking together and breaking. I was really happy with the care that went into just shipping my package.

Each box includes a fun recipe card to try. I was excited when I saw that the recipe I received was Falafel & Houmous. I am always looking to try new things and this definitely falls in that category. On one side of the card is the image of what it should look like once created. The other side is where the actual recipe is. This one seems pretty simple for ingredients and easy to follow steps. I am really really looking forward to making this.

The first hot sauce item in my box was this tomato & chilli chutney. It is from a company called From Dorset with Love that was established in 2010. When I personally think about chutney I tend to think Indian food or like a sauce. I do not normally associate it with spicy. However, I was excited by this chutney. I make a lot of tomato based meals as well as spicy meals because my husband is a hot sauce lover. This chutney will fit in well to many of my recipes. Tastewise I love it. the spice mixed with the bit of acidity from the tomatoes. It is fantastic.

Next up is this Cantina chilli chimi sauce and marinade. This is a type of sauce I would plan on using with a delicious chicken, perhaps on the barbecue. It has a bit of a tang mixed in with the spicy flavor. I Imagine this would also be delicious on a nice hot steak and I look forward to using it in a meal.

Probably my favorite of the three sauces is this Jamaican jerk sauce from The Jerk House. Jamaican jerk sauce is a staple for our family. We love it on chicken, wings, everything. My first plan with this tangy sauce is definitely boneless wings. The smoky taste makes my mouth water all the time. There is no real way to describe the deliciousness that is this sauce except to say I am using it for dinner tonight it is that good.

The munchy snack part of this package was this bag of Chika’s chilli plantain crisps. These are a bit weird. They give a spicy flavor mixed with the sweet flavor of the plantains. The plantains definitely fit into the munchy crunchy aspect though. They are not bad but they are not something I would normally choose for myself.

This was technically my first box so I was also given a hot sauce key chain! It makes life so much easier to never have to worry about missing out on that extra spice in a dish. It is a wonderful size for the key chain and holds a few meals worth of sauce. Once it is used up it is easily refilled with whatever sauce you want!

  I love basically everything about this box! so many tasted and new things to try! If any of this interests you be sure to check out this link!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Some amazing flavors in this box all for a fantastic price!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Flaming Licks

  • Hot Sauce Subscription
  • From $21.86

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Flaming Licks

  • Hot Sauce Subscription
  • From $21.86