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WOWBOX is led by alternative thinkers who have a passion for the tastes hailing from this island. Carefully selecting local specialty snacks with flavors that are true to its region and putting them into well curated snack boxes. WOWBOX aims to bring the unique flavors of Japan to the world and properly introduce the Japanese snacks and the culture behind it.

Prefecture Box

We make sure to pick local treats and sweets from the 47 Prefectures in Japan, the ‘Prefecture Box’ will bring you on an adventure where you will explore Japan from a new viewpoint. From popular snack souvenirs to well-known national confectionery made by craftsman.

For November ‘Prefecture Box’ we are taking you to explore snacks from Fukuoka (福岡), which is known as Kyushu’s biggest and populated city, with 6.8 million international travelers in 2019. Mentaiko (code roe) is known to be a specialty in Fukuoka for its freshness and high quality. Several Japanese dishes are served with mentaiko, either raw or cooked. Mentaiko can also be found in specialty snacks such as senbeis (rice crackers), rusk, and more. Make sure to explore Fukuoka’s many flavors with this exclusive ‘Prefecture Box’ that will include Hakata’s specialty mentaiko!

Healthy & Beauty Box

For ‘Healthy & Beauty Box’ we insist on picking regional snacks that uses natural ingredients in order to explore the profound connotation of the Japanese food culture. It is a combination of flavors and domestic ingredients where several of these snacks fall into the following category: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and additive free.

Original Box

Get a wide variety of the latest and tastiest snacks out of Japan delivered to your doorstep every month. Includes a mix of treats, from the latest items on convenience store shelves, such as limited Pocky and Kit Kat, to regional offerings that will make your tastebuds wanting more. ‘Original Box’ also includes a Japanese 500ml bottled drink.

Trial Tasting Box:

Get a taste of what we got to offer with our ‘Trail Tasting Box’! Explore the lasts and tastiest snacks out on the convenience store shelves! This box will give you an assortment of snacks and a good variety of Japanese treats so you know what the buzz is all about!

Shipping Method

We offer FREE Express Shipping + SMS Tracking Number for ALL boxes, including Premium Boxes so that your premium snacks, with short shelf lives, will be 100% delivery guarantee!

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Premium Boxes: ‘Prefecture Box’ and ‘Healthy & Beauty Box’

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  • Japanese snacks
  • From $40

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  • Japanese snacks
  • From $40

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