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Peekapak Lowest Prices

The Peekapak subscription box combines the magic of storytelling with the excitement of hands-on crafts to bring a new story to life every month. For a limited time only, you can lock in the lowest Peekapak subscription prices yet, starting as low as $16.50/month + FREE shipping!

Peekapak Lowest Prices

Subscribe to Peekapak today and your first Peekapak will include:

  • 1 original storybook
  • Learning guide containing educational elements for grown-ups to review
  • All the materials for two educator-designed crafts
  • Tool bag containing child-friendly scissors
  • NEW: Three wooden characters and one background scene (for storytelling)

The cut-off date for the November Peekapak is November 14, 2014. The November 2014 Peekapak features a heartwarming tale about how the Peekapak Pals – Menka, Cody and Leo – became friends, and two exciting crafts related to the story.

November 2014 Peekapak

Hurry, these discounted Peekapak prices won’t last long. Subscribe to Peekapak and save today!

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