April 2017 Sock Panda Review + Coupon


Subscriptions are hit or miss. The mystery is all part of the allure. Every month brings a different surprise. This month’s Sock Panda delivery was a surprise. Sock Panda is monthly subscription box that can up the ante by delivering fun socks right to your front door. These are not just socks; they are a part of your wardrobe. These are not just socks; they are part of your style. That is why this month it took me a minute to share my review. I needed longer to really determine how much I liked it. With today’s Sock Panda review, I’m unboxing my April 2017 Sock Panda sock subscription.

April 2017 Sock Panda Review

Most subscription boxes carry some sort of theme, but Sock Panda doesn’t follow a theme beyond a pattern and a graphic image. But there is a authentic uniqueness about these socks that really make them stand out a bit and that it what really makes the subscription great. You’re not going to find a pattern replicated in a store, you won’t find a similar graphic, and that what makes it worthwhile. Each month you’ll receive a little teal-ish blue resealable envelope with an adorable panda on the front.

Within each package you will find two pairs of uniquely designed socks, both soft and comfy. Cute, stylish and nothing like you’ve ever seen. Pause, think, and embrace what these fun socks can add to your style and flair.  Each month I decide which socks will be mine and which socks, I am willing to share.

April 2017 Sock Panda Review

I have two teenage daughters; of course I have to share. From my April 2017 Sock Panda sock delivery, I chose to keep these greenies. They kind of remind me of minecraft, I don’t know why, but they do. I am not necessarily a minecraft fan, but I am a fan of green. I loved the fun combination of colors that I don’t normally add to my wardrobe, but these would pair nicely with my camouflage v-neck t-shirt.

April 2017 Sock Panda Review

The best part is that these socks challenge the way I look at my wardrobe and they add a fun flare to my style that I didn’t necessarily have before. So even if each month brings a pair of socks that make you pause, consider how you can make it work for your style and just go with it!

April 2017 Sock Panda Coupon Code

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