April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - Box Contents

Valor Blocks U.S. Army® Block is the new Army subscription box for active military, veterans, and U.S. Army® supporters. Each month, Valor Blocks Army Blocks delivers 4-6 officially licensed U.S. Army® items including apparel, accessories, and more. With today’s Valor Blocks U.S. Army® Block review, we’re unboxing the April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Army subscription box.

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - Box

Valor Blocks includes a product card that describes each of the U.S. Army®-branded items in the box.

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - Card

Here’s a first look inside our April 2017 Army Block.

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - First Look

Inside the April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block

There were 5 U.S. Army® collectibles s in the April Army Block.

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - Inside the Box

  1. T-Shirt U.S. Army® Est 1775
    Show your Army pride and celebrate the long history of our forces with this classic American t-shirt design.
  2. U.S. Army® Pint Glass
    Relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while proudly showing your support for the troops.
  3. U.S. Army® 4 Pack Coasters
    Protect and guard your furniture against cold drinks with this 4 pack of coasters.
  4. U.S. Army® Bottle Opener
    Breach your favorite cold one with this handy bottle opener.
  5. EXCLUSIVE Challenge Coin: Eagle Crest
    Celebrate the history of the U.S. Army® with this high-quality collectible Challenge coin.

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review Wrap-Up

April 2017 Valor Blocks Army Block Review - Box Contents

We’ve come to expect high-quality, officially licensed U.S. Army® gear from Army Block and once again, they did not disappoint. This month’s t-shirt showcases the Army’s long history of defending our nation. The design has the Army’s official motto “This we’ll defend” and the rattlesnake, a symbol of America during the revolutionary war.

To help relax with a cool drink, the U.S. Army® pint glass, coasters, are a great combination. The U.S. Army®  bottle opener is a sturdy and compact tool to ensure you’re always prepared for a cool drink. You can enjoy that drink using the pint glass which has the U.S. Army® logo on one side and a majestic eagle design on the other. You can protect your furniture from water rings with the U.S. Army® coasters. These foam coasters are simply designed with camo and the U.S. Army® star.

Finally, the exclusive Eagle Crest challenge coin is the first of the exclusive challenge coins that we believe are in upcoming Valor Block Army Blocks. The coin is very heavy with the same eagle crest design on each side. It will make a great U.S. Army® collectible.

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Valor Block Army Block - Army Subscription Box

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