I Want It All Box! – February 2019

 The I Want It All Box by Natalia Rivera is a box that ANY girl would absolutely love. It has a little bit of everything! From snacks to make up to hair accessories! I am loving the design of the box. It is very clean and colorful and just makes you smile when you find it on your doorstep! Am I right?!

One of the reasons why I love this box so much is that it helps small business in the Hispanic community. I am seeing a TON of products from Puerto Rico! This makes my heart so happy after everything the Puerto Rican people have had to deal with. This is a box that you can really stand behind and support! Let’s dive into the goodies that they have in this box!


Dulzura Borincana

The first item that I saw when opening the box were these fantastic snack from Dulzura Borincana. They are a healthy gourmet snack that implement Caribbean tropical fruits from Puerto Rico. I love that there are two bags of these amazing gems, I only wish that they would have been two different flavors so that I could really experience the brand. These were the biggest item in the box as well.


Another wonderful snack that was in this month’s box was the Poskon popcorn. I have the BIGGEST weakness for POPCORN and this one was as gourmet as it comes! They have so many different flavors from cherry to chocolate! Can we say YES PLEASE!?!


There is nothing like a little bit of glitter in your life right? Uniglitter is a line of designer glitter blends that have holographic, color-shifting, and even black-light reactive products.

This is a product that, though I wouldn’t wear it, I know a lot of people will love! I am going to be giving this amazing product to my mom because she does amazing things with flashy types of makeup!

Phone Loops.com

One of the most frustrating things with phones nowadays is the fact that you can’t really get ahold of them. Pop-sockets tend to hurt your hands after a while and trying to hold your phone without assistance gets to be troublesome. I like that this was in the box but I’m not sure where it fits into the whole scheme of the box. It seems a little out of place with other aspects of the box but I enjoyed it nonetheless.



Anda Pa’l

You can never have enough small bags if you ask me! The company Anda Pa’l makes fun and witty bags that are supposed to inspire nostalgia for life in the Caribbean! Each of these bags are made thick, lush canvas and they are hand printed. I love the fun print on the inside! I can see this being a cool pencil case, makeup bag, or a catch all for all of those things that float around in your purse!



D’Cafe Scrub

D’cafe Scrub is a small Puerto Rico business that loves enhancing natural beauty! This is something that I can really stand behind. All of the products are made with coffee and other natural ingredients. This scrub is meant to purify pores and skin imperfections.

I am ALWAYS down for anything with coffee in it! It will help wake me up and wake my skin up! Love this product.




CarsonLife is all about promoting a healthier, happier, and more confident life. This is something that I can really stand behind. I love the idea that all of their products are natural. They are all about creating products that can be used on natural hair, like this spray, to skin care, and rejuvenation!

Diosas Artisan Makeup

Diosas Artisan Makeup is an all natural and vegan brand of makeup. How wonderful to know that what you are putting on your body is as healthy as it can be. I know that as I am getting older I am looking more and more into the things that I am putting into my body.

We only have one life and one body to live in. We need to take extreme care and caution with it and I love that Diosas and the I Want it All Box have that in mind as well.

By Grace

One of my MOST favorite things to get in a box is jewelry! I am most horrible at picking out jewelry for myself but these boxes always seem to hit the nail on the head with them. By Grace is a jewelry designer where everything they make is done with honor and it is handmade.

I love how delicate this bracelet is! It is so light and it is perfect for all outfits and occasions!

Pao Tops

I’m not going to lie, this is my favorite item in the whole box! I love the idea of having a beautiful hair piece in my hair to make me feel cuter! Even on those days where you have more dry shampoo in your hair then your actual hair! Ha! PaoTops is a small local business which makes bandanas and clothing for both men and women. I love the neutral style of this headband!

Check out I Want It All Box today!

Our score: 7.7/ 10

Overall I really liked this box! It has a lot of potential when it comes to a Lifestyle box. I think that with a few tweaks this could be an amazing box. I would make sure that most of the items have a theme or a scheme. There was a certain flow for a lot of the box's contents, but there were somethings that I thought were a little off. For example the phone loop and having two of the Dulzura snacks in the same flavor. I would also have LOVED to know what the prices were for everything. One of the best feelings when opening a monthly box is the ability to feel like you saved money for the quality of the products. There were not prices on the product card and I didn't quiet feel like I would have gotten a "deal". I can't wait for the next box and to see what they have in store!

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