Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reef Mission Box Review

Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reefs Mission Review - Inside the Box

Junior Explorers is a fun and educational monthly subscription for kids, ages 5-12, to explore and discover wildlife and nature. The motto: Explore. Share. Protect. All Mission activities will reinforce this theme.

First, sign up your child by choosing the right subscription for your Junior Explorer. There are four plans from which to choose—1, 3, 6, and 12 months (Best Value)—with a nominal $2 shipping charge per month. Then, the Mission Kit arrives with fun collectibles, activities, and animal facts every month. Go online, solve the mystery, play games, and earn rewards. It’s that simple

Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reefs Mission Review - Envelope

During the online experience, the Junior Explorer is led by the animated team of Kia and Kyle. In each kit, there is a letter explaining the Mission. Our Junior Explorer received the Mission Great Barrier Reef to assist the Marine Scientist Daisha in finding the cause and solution to a strange occurrence with the coral. The Junior Explorer will go through several online activities to complete the Mission.

When the monthly subscription arrives, the colorful envelope is filled with all the items needed to assist in the online experience for the Mission. There’s a Mission Checklist to help the Junior Explorer get organized before starting. It includes the collectibles—our Junior Explorer received a wristband, pin, and toy animals relevant to the Great Barrier Reef. Postcards to share the adventure with friends or family. Temporary tattoos and stickers. Animal Cards with cool facts about the animals which will be encountered on the adventure, plus a Fact Sheet with information on the Great Barrier Reef, virtual items needed in the online prep area, and information on the ecosystem. Plus, there’s an Activity Book with fun games and puzzles related to the Mission the Junior Explorer will use.

Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reefs Mission Review - Inside the Box

There’s an easy login for each Junior Explorer, a section for parents, too. The online experience is very user-friendly, with very little assistance needed for our Junior Explorer. Most children have the basic computer skills needed for this fun Mission. The Junior Explorer picks an avatar, and then begins the Mission. Along the way, there are simple online games to play, learning about the subject of the Mission along the way. Points can be accumulated, but the Junior Explorer is not bumped out of the program if the time runs out, and it’s an easy move to the next level. There are voice cues to help the Junior Explorer, and there is text, too.

Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reefs Mission Review - Online Mission

Our Junior Explorer had no problem navigating the experience. By the time the Junior Explorer has completed the Mission, the Junior Explorer will have learned about the ecosystem, how to solve the problem on which the Mission is based, utilized fun facts learned while playing games, and have a few mementos as reminders of the fun. At the end, there is an opportunity to use points to donate to worthy, preselected conservation causes which are described in the Mission Give Back. Each Junior Explorer earns a certificate which can be saved to .pdf and printed.

Junior Explorers Great Barrier Reefs Mission Review - Certificate

Junior Explorers lives up to its statement to “Inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.”  It’s a wonderful virtual program for the Junior Explorer who is educated while having fun! Our Junior Explorer enjoyed the Mission Great Barrier Reef learning experience.

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