March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review + Coupon

#Sci-Fan Block is a monthly science fiction and fantasy subscription box of brought to you by Nerd Block. Each Sci-Fan Block subscription box contains 4-8 Sci-Fi and fantasy collectibles, toys, reading material and an exclusive Sci-Fan Block t-shirt sure to meet any Science Fiction or Fantasy lover’s needs. Today, we will be unboxing the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block. The theme for the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block was “Cyborgs”.

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review

Sci-Fan Block included a Nerd Block Sci-Fan Edition Magazine for March 2017. The articles in the Nerd Block Sci-Fan Edition Magazine for March 2017 were “Ranking The Original Power Rangers Dinozords”, “What’s Inside This Month’s Sci-Fan Block?” and “Invasion Of The Body Hackers: Good Guy Cyborgs”.  The Magazine revealed that “Kickin’ it Old School” will be the theme for the April 2017 Sci-Fan Block. You also receive a Shirtpunch card which has a piece of a puzzle on the backside. Once you collect the pieces by continuing a subscription with Nerd Block and finish the puzzle, you earn a $100 gift card.

Here is a look at all the contents inside the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block brought to you by Nerd Block.

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review - Box Contents

Inside the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Box

There were 6 items inside the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block.

EXCLUSIVE Cyborg Martini Shaker is complete with strainer and cap. The red and black shaker features a black silhouette of a cyborg and reads”CYBORG” underneath the image. The shaker came wrapped in shrink wrap, protecting it from getting scratched, dented or damaged in any other by the other Sci-Fan goodies during transit. Referring to the Nerd Block Sci-Fan Edition magazine “Mix up your own revolutionary cocktail with this Cyborg martini shaker. Add a little bit of this, mixed with a little bit of that and shake up the status quo.”

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review

EXCLUSIVE Cyborg Bar Mat is the perfect addition to match your EXCLUSIVE Cyborg Martini Shaker. The Red Cyborg Bar mat has a slightly darker embroidered Cyborg logo and reads ‘CYBORG”. The mat was packaged inside a semi-opaque pocket keeping the mat clean and free of snags while it made its way into subscribers hands. Referring to the magazine “With a futuristic take of ol’ faithful, this one-of-a-kind Cyborg bar mat will make you wonder how you ever made do without it. Your bar will reach a level of clean that can only be achieved by a hybrid!”

Star Trek Borg Ship Pin is the March 2017 Sci-Fan Block pin of the month. The pin features the gun-metal replica of their ship oozing green matter with an offcentered red border reading “Borg Collective”. Referring to the magazine ” We’ve surveyed the Collective… They know you’ll love this special Star trek pin that resembles their ship”.

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review

Judge Dredd Travel Pass may just get you out of an unwanted parking ticket if you happen to flash your ID to a Judge Joseph Dredd or even a Sylvester Stallone or Karl Urban fan. The black double-sided plastic pass features a golden colored shield/badge that reads “DREDD” on the exterior and has two translucent pockets for your cards on the inside. Referring to the magazine “Traveling outside your jurisdiction? Execute your power outside of the Mega-City One Boundaries with this travel pass. It even has slots for your bank cards, just in case you need to pay your way out of a jam.”

EXCLUSIVE Wild West Vs The Future Art Print is an outstanding piece of art meant to be on the wall, fridge, framed or placed in a select spot for any true Westworld fan. The full-color print features four of the main characters, “the map” and plenty of symbolism happening within the print. The print reads “Violent delights have violent ends”. Referring to the Nerd Block Sci-Fan Edition magazine “In the future, extravagant vacations and theme parks take a totally different meaning, and you’ll be left wondering whether robots are more lifelike than humans.”

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review

EXCLUSIVE Ghost in The Shell T-Shirt was in perfect timing to match up with the new real life Ghost In The Shell movie following after the famous anime. This month’s Sci-Fan black tee of the month features a gray cube outlining lighter gray script. and reads “Ghost In The Shell” in white below. Referring to the magazine “When you’re half cyborg and half human, which will prevail? Can human instincts defeat artificial intelligence technology, or will the machine take over control?”

March 2017 Sci-Fan Block Review

Create your own signature drink(s) and keep your experimental mixing area well maintained while doing so with the EXCLUSIVE Cyborg Martini shaker and EXCLUSIVE Cyborg Bar Mat. Add to your favorite jacket, bag, lanyard, pin wall etc with the Star Trek Borg Ship Pin. Become even more stylish than you already are with the Judge Dredd Travel Pass and EXCLUSIVE Ghost In The Shell T-Shirt. Liven up your walls, workspace or whatever it may be with the EXCLUSIVE Wild West Vs The Future Art Print.

What did you think of the March 2017 Sci-Fan “CYBORG” Block?

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