November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review + Coupon

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Box Contents

Sci-Fi Block is a monthly mystery subscription box which carries licensed apparel, collectibles, toys and other merchandise for the best science fiction entertainment. Every Sci-Fi Block box is of a $60 value and includes a Sci-Fi T-shirt. 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions are available. Today, we are unboxing the November 2016 Sci-Fi Block.

Here is the first look inside the November 2016 Sci-Fi Block.

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - First Look

Sci-Fi Block provides you with a product card which gives you a brief description of each item held with in the Sci-Fi Block box. Along with the November 2016 product card we are informed on a separate card that “December’s Sci-Fi Block will feature a nostalgic exclusive from Star Trek along with intergalactic items from The Terminator, Star Wars and more!”

Inside the November 2016 Sci-Fi Block

There were 6 items inside the November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Box.

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Terminator Mitt & Holiday Shirt

First is an exclusive Sci-Fi Holiday Sweater from that is sure to be an original and set you apart from all the other ugly sweaters this holiday season.  Featuring a classic arcade style Godzilla scene with a city landscape in the background and tanks and helicopters going after the infamous Godzilla.  Holiday Sweater made out of 100% heavy cotton.

The exclusive The Terminator Hand Oven Mitt will become a holiday favorite while you’re serving all your delicious eats. Mitt is made of all new material, shell is 100% cotton and fill is 100% polyester. The black Mitt provides great coverage and insulation. The backside of this mitt features a traditional diamond pattern stitching. There’s a cyborg hand on the front with “The Terminator TM” written in red below. The mitt also features a loop on the thumb side for storing purposes.

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - X-Files Badge & Chestburster Pad

Next, the exclusive Chestburster Pen and Notepad is great for any Alien fan. This ingenious exclusive 4″x5″ pad features a man in a white t-shirt grasping at his chest. A hole located in the middle of his chest holds your Chestburster 5″ long pen. Pen comes with a clear plastic tip cover and pad has a sticky adhesive on the backside of the mans head on each sheet.  Packaged and pictured in the square black and green box above.

An Exclusive X-Files Air Freshener can travel with you on all your daily escapades and investigations. The Air Freshener features FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder on one side and FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on the other. The design is an FBI badge with signature the agent’s signature. Now, two of our favorite agents can follow us around while we enjoy the unknown aroma of the freshener.

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Predator & Star Wars Calendar

The Rogue One: A Star War Story 16 Month 2017 Calendar can assist you in scheduling and organizing. This calendar is perfect to hang anywhere from home to the office since it’s a compact 8″x8″ size. Each month shows popular scenes and movie posters from Rogue One.

An exclusive Vinimates Masked Predator is a fun collectible standing approx 3 1/2″ high. The predator figurine is of a block-like form. He is all one piece with his armor attached and can be articulated. The card says, “In our Story, we’re taking back the jungle, bringing down the Yautja and turning the Predator into prey.”

November 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Box Contents

Sci-Fi Block, you guys really aim to please! What do you think of the November 2016 Sci-Fi Block? Thank You!

Sci-Fi Block Coupon Code

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