Smart Art Box Review September 2018- Pretty Painting

Smart Art Box Review September 2018- Pretty Painting

Smart art box is a fun box everyone can enjoy! Each month you get a complete art project to try your hand at. You will Receive every item you need, which is usually at least 6 full sized products. You also receive easy to follow instructions to help with that month’s project. You can choose Monthly, Quarterly, or Semiannually billing so your needs are met! Billing comes to a total of $49.95 for monthly  $47.95 for quarterly and  $44.99 for semiannually, all with free shipping!

Today I will be reviewing the box I received in September. So I love to dabble in art but I can honestly say I am not very good. I was still super excited to receive this subscription box. It came quickly, the communication was awesome, and the package came really securely so all the items were safe! This months project was a painting project! It has been so long since I have worked with water colors, I normally use acrylics but I was so happy to open it up!

The item right on top of the box was a fun flyer with the rules and examples of what you could do with the items they gave. There were some incredible pictures in it! I loved taking my time just looking at what others had created. The pamphlet was also really large. It took up the entire size of the box and then some! Below you can see what I started with a simpler project for myself. If you can’t tell who it is, just wait til the end of the review!

Onto the art supplies! So there was this  super cute water color paint set. It had its basic color of black to reds. I had to find a good balance of water to paints, but once i got it sorted out, it worked perfectly! The colors were vibrant and made for an awesome picture! What’s more is that it came with a paintbrush, which round off the perfect pallette.

One thing I loved is that the supplies really provided for more than one project. They provided me with 10 sheets of paper! the best part is the quality of the paper. It makes everything look a million times better than on regular paper. It has a grain that soaks in the paint and seems to give the paper a great texture.There were also these two Jack Richardson Metallic watercolor paints in my box. One is a coppery red, and the other is a gorgeous shining blue. I was super excited to use these paints as they add a unique touch to the art. They are larger than the other paints as well, which proves useful as I need the colors a bit more in my art. On paper they are true to color! so happy for these paints!

The last items in my box were these simple to use tools! there is the ink pencil, which you can see I used in the picture above as my outline. there is also a larger paintbrush than the one that came in the first pallette. The last tool is a white colored pencil which helps give you the desired colors and details on some of your artwork.

As you can see I had a bit of fun with my box. This is just a small painting and one of the several I worked on. But between the paint itself and the fun tools it came with, you can see I had a lot of fun. The box is an incredible value for all the art tools you get. It also is an extremely fun box, and gives everyone, no matter their age, a fun craft to do. If this box interests you, check it out here!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

The number of items, as well as the quality, make this box amazing. It is more than worth the money

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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