GlobeIn March 2017 Artisan Box Theme, Box Spoilers + Coupon

GlobeIn Artisan Box March 2017 Theme - Unwind

We have a first look into March’s Artisan Box subscription box with these GlobeIn March 2017 Artisan Box spoilers. GlobeIn Artisan Box subscribers receive monthly subscription boxes that feature handcrafted items from global artisans from around the world. Starting in March, subscribers will be able to choose from two new themes. The March GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box theme is UNWIND!

GlobeIn March 2017 Artisan Box Theme - Unwind

Ahhhhh. The day is done and you’re finally home. You’re eager to relax and restore. But relaxation is not always available at the drop of a dime, especially when your mind is still racing from all the day’s demands.

This box is dedicated to the process of unwinding. And indeed, it is a process. Maybe even an art. The items in this box are geared toward leading you along the path to ease.

Step 1: Drop everything.
Step 2: Kick off your shoes, slip into a cottony mood.
Step 3: Pour yourself a glass of something nice. Step 4: Couch? Porch? Patio? Choose your place of respite.

Unwinding is a journey. Consider this box the map.

GlobeIn March 2017 Artisan Box Spoilers

We have our first March GlobeIn Unwind Artisan Box Spoiler! The March Unwind box has a Glass Mug from Mexico! (Retail $16)

GlobeIn March 2017 Artisan Box Spoiler - Glass Mug

When it comes to drinking vessels, a different shape is a whole different vibe. Your glass mug, for example, is a world away from a wine glass—although filling it with wine is obviously a fine idea. Mugs, of course, are not usually glass, and that makes this piece rather unique. Less dainty than the wine glass, your mug calls to mind the kingliness of a goblet, but with an informal air that says couch much more than throne.

This innovative shape took its form in Tonalá, Jalisco, a hub of glassware and pottery and home to the glass-blowing workshop Cristaluc.

Based on the theme description, it sounds like there may also be some socks or slippers in the box.

What else do you think could be in the March Unwind GlobeIn Artisan Box?

GlobeIn March 2017 Coupon

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GlobeIn Artisan Box Coupon

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