November 2014 GLOSSYBOX Spoiler #1

GLOSSYBOX Free Alex and Ani Bangle Coupon

The GLOSSYBOX beauty subscription box delivers five beauty essentials from luxury and independent beauty brands to your door every month. We have our first box spoiler for the November 2014 GLOSSYBOX!

Every November GLOSSYBOX will include Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer.

November 2014 GLOSSYBOX Box Spoiler - Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer

Replenish and firm your skin with this clinically proven age defy moisturizer that combines a brightening and refining complex of certified organic juices, with a powerful antioxidant cocktail of alpha lipoic acid, Co Q10, Vitamin C, peptides and DMAE for optimum age defying results.

Are you looking forward to receiving Juice Beauty in your November GLOSSYBOX? Let us know in the comments below!

If you aren’t a current GLOSSYBOX subscriber and you want to receive the November 2014 GLOSSYBOX, through November 25, 2014 you can use coupon code ALEXANI to get a FREE Alex and Ani Bangle with any new GLOSSYBOX subscription – a $38 free gift value!

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  • Angelia Phillips

    November will be my 2nd Glossybox. My first box in October was amazing! I must admit that I learned of GB, signed up for the monthy sub, and placed my order only after all of the items to be included in the box had already been revealed. Since I actually did want and would have paid full price for each one, it seemed like fate had led me to GB. None the less, I love every single item from October, LOVE THEM!!
    Now about November… After the first two reveals I’m getting super nervous as to what the other three might be. Because they will have to be super-duper fantastic to make up for the first two items being things I do not like/want/use.
    I may be a crazy product junkie with enough deluxe samples and full sized items on hand to open a small store, but I am just not a, “must have my nails painted” kind of chick….all about a good manicure but my nails stay natural and are complimented all the time! As for the Juice Beauty moisturizer, I do not care for it. I apply an essence, a serum or two, a facial oil, and then primer before my makeup. And I always allow time for each one to properly absorbe before apply the next, so when I say that JB moisturizer will not set on me and balls up when I apply makeup I am not exaggerating. There are a few moisturizers that I use from time to time that stay put, but even under oil the JB leaves me cursing and starting over with a clean face, wasting products I do like. But since I do have this mild sub box addiction that I feed by ordering about 15 boxes per month, I will more than likely stick through 3-4 boxes max before making the decision to either drop GB or sign up for an annual sub. With mostly full size products, and depending on there relevance to me, 3 out of 5 items for $21 per month will still be a great value. Now if it’s 2 or fewer that work for me…..ummm…..yea….