A Closer Look: April 2014 The Handy Box Review – For the Home / “Handy” Subscription Box

April 2014 The Handy Box Review Wrap-Up

The Handy Box monthly subscription box is the first subscription box delivering handy tools and gadgets every month. Whether you’re looking to build your tool collection or if you just want to be a little more “handy” around the home, The Handy Box can help get you started.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at the first official The Handy Box – the April The Handy Box.

April 2014 The Handy Box Review

After opening the box, we found their product information flyer, which included product information about the items inside this month’s The Handy Box.

April 2014 The Handy Box Review First Look

Inside the April 2014 The Handy Box

There were 7 total handy items inside the April The Handy Box.

April 2014 The Handy Box Review Inside the Box

1. Multi-Function Tool with LED Light, Retail Value: $15.10

Tough, reliable, and easy to handle, this multi-tool is engineered to tackle jobs in every situation. It folds into a compact shape and comes with a protective pouch.

2. Assortment of 3 HDX Pliers, Estimated Retail Value: $10

Made from drop forged, heat-treated carbon steel, HDX pliers are a long-lasting addition to any toolbox.

3. Dual Blade Package Opener, Retail Value: $9.97

Stop struggling with clamshell packages with this Dual Blade Package Opener. Tip: Use the retractable blade to cut a 2 inch opening the package, then slide the package opener into the cut to easily finish opening the package.

4. 7 LED head Lamp, Retail Value: $12.50

The 7-LED head lamp is compact and lightweight, with an adjustable head strap, pivoting head, and 3 illumination modes.

5. 3AAA Duracell Batteries, Estimated Retail Value: $2.25

Once again, The Handy Box has included batteries. Always useful, the AAA batteries can be used to power the LED head lamp.

April 2014 The Handy Box Wrap-Up

April 2014 The Handy Box Review Wrap-Up

The Handy Box brought a variety of handy items to their April box. The multi-tool is something everyone can use for a variety of purposes. The LED headlamp can be used for emergencies, for working under cars or in dark places, or for extra light if you’re walking out at night. The total estimated retail value of the April The Handy Box is $49.82.

Did you get the April The Handy Box? Which was your favorite handy tool or gadget?

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