April 2017 Comic Block Review + Coupon

April 2017 Comic Block Review - Box Contents

Comic Block is the comic book subscription box brought to you by Nerd Block. Every Comic Block subscription box is filled with $60 worth of comic collectibles including an exclusive comic book t-shirt, comic book merchandise, comic books, and other comic collectibles. With today’s Comic Block review, we’re unboxing the April 2017 Comic Block.

April 2017 Comic Block Review - Box

Comic Block recently added a monthly Nerd Block Magazine – Comic Book Edition. The magazine has descriptions for each of the comic book collectibles in the box.  There were also other articles like The 6 Toughest Women in Horror and a Q&A with Fossil Games, the creators of the Camp Sunshine video game featured in April’s Gamer M for Mature Block.

April 2017 Comic Block Review - Magazine

Here’s a first look inside our April 2017 Comic Block.

April 2017 Comic Block Review - First Look

Inside the April 2017 Comic Block

There were 10 comic book collectibles in Comic Block’s April box.

April 2017 Comic Block Review - Inside the Box

  1. EXCLUSIVE Deadpool Maximum Effort T-Shirt
    This Deadpool T-shirt puts maximum effort into cool and is bound to bring you a flood of compliments.
  2. EXCLUSIVE Knight Guardians of Relativity #1 by Titan 1 Publishing
    The Knight Guardians must fend off those who wish to harness the immortal powers of their Relativity Machine in order to protect the City States. Variant cover art by Gabe Sapienza.
  3. EXCLUSIVE LARP! Volume 1 Trade Paperback
    Can Pete Ford maintain the balance between himself and Lord Blackmane, or will his emotions get the best of him? Cover art by Rapha Lobosco.
  4. EXCLUSIVE North Issue #1
    Powered by Kickstarter, North #1 features homegrown Canadian superheroes that are alive and seemingly well… Cover art by Scott Sawyer.
  5. EXCLUSIVE The Sovereigns Issue #0 with Exclusive Variant Cover
    How will Turok, King of the Lost Valley, fare in the biggest crisis the legendary Gold Key characters have ever faced. Exclusive variant cover by Stephen Segovia.
  6. EXCLUSIVE Riverdale Issue #1 with Variant Cover
    Follow the tales of Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the crew as they explore life in a small town and uncover the darkness beneath the wholesome facade of Riverdale. Variant cover by Rebekah Isaacs.
  7. EXCLUSIVE Jean Art Print
    This jean Grey art print by comic artist Max Wittert shows off the lighter side of Phoenix as portrayed in Jean and Scott.
  8. EXCLUSIVE Jean & Scott #1
    This comic parody by Max Wittert examines the hilarious daily tasks and once-romantic relationship of Phoenix and Cyclops.

BONUS: Subscribers received TWO of the following by 451 Media Group:

  • HUMBUG #1 – Find out what happens when Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and others become paranormal investigators. Cover art by Cosmo White.
  • Red Dog #1 (Variant Cover) – A solid bond is the key to survival as Kyle and his robotic K-9 encounter an alien attack on human miners. Receive 1 of 2 variant covers by W. Scott Forbes or Tom Velez.
  • Neverland #1 – Set in modern-day Hollywood, this reimagining of the classic Peter Pan tale is dark and gritty.  Featuring cover art by Leila Leiz.
  • Bad Moon Rising #1 – Teddy Wagner takes the law into his own hands after what he believes to be n animal attack on his father and others in the town. Cover designed by Ty Dazo.

April 2017 Comic Block Review Wrap-Up

April 2017 Comic Block Review - Box Contents

We were pleasantly surprised to see how many comic books were in April’s Comic Block. All of these Issue #1 and Issue #0 comic books are new series for us. We love that Comic Block introduces us to both new and older comic book series in each box. April’s comic book t-shirt features Deadpool leaping through the air with swords drawn and yelling Maximum Effort. You’ll feel ready for anything when you wear it!

North is a new comic book series written and illustrated by Scott Sawyer and funded by Kickstarter. In this Issue #1, we meet to an oddball group of superheroes from a giant metal robot to a werewolf. The storyline is engaging and action-packed, with bits of humor thrown in. The beginning and end of the issue leave us (and some of the heroes) hanging.

This month’s art print features Max Wittert’s version of Jean Gray imagined as a housewife. In the comic book Jean  Scott Issue #1, we see Jean hilariously using her powers to try to save sandwiches from a seagull, get a soda refill, and in other parts of daily life.

The CW has brought a modern-day version of Archie Bunker and his friends back to the small screen. In Riverdale #1, we catch up with Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. Archie has made it to the Varsity football team, as long as he makes it through hell week. While Betty made it on to the cheerleading squad, team captain Cherly is determined to force her off.

We’re still working our way through the other comic books and look forward to seeing what adventures are in store.

What was your favorite April Comic Block comic book item?

Comic Block Coupon

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