August 2016 Loot Wear Monthly Mystery Apparel Box Review + Coupon

August 2016 Anti-Hero Loot Wear Review - Wearables Tees

Formerly Loot Crate Level Up, Loot Wear by Loot Crate delivers a monthly package of geek clothing and accessories. There are 4 Loot Wear subscriptions to choose from: Loot Socks, Loot Tees, Loot Wearables, and Loot for Her. With today’s Loot Crate Loot Wear review, we’re unboxing the August 2016 Loot Wear geek fashion subscription boxes. The theme for the August 2016 was an Anti-Hero collection.

We were excited to peek inside the August Loot Wear by Loot Crate subscription box. Loot Wear ships their items inside a bubble mailer with black exterior black and orange interior. Our delivery contained a menagerie of apparel including one of our favorite characters. Mainly this month, Loot Wear focused on a character who most will say is “deranged, desirable and loves her Puddin!”

Inside the August 2016 Loot Wear Box

You got it…Its her! Harley Quinn! The August 2016 Loot Wear Loot for Her item was an adorable half red and half black, 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, Harley Quinn mini skirt. It has a black diamond pattern split onto the red half. This skirt is made of a comfy t-shirt material. But wait… in addition to the skirt, there are Harley Quinn socks to match! The crew socks also had diamonds to coordinate with the skirt. This fashionable footwear is a LOOTCRATE exclusive.  This skirt and sock combo is perfect for anyone looking forward to becoming Harley Quinn this Halloween.

August 2016 Anti-Hero Loot Wear Review - Loot for Her

Loot Wear didn’t stop there with the fun footwear. Along with the Harley Quinn awesomeness, August’s Loot Socks also had The Punisher crew socks. The iconic Punisher emblem is visible on both the inner and outer part of your calf when you put them on. No matter how much they are stretched, The Punisher skull is obvious.

August 2016 Anti-Hero Loot Wear Review - Loot Socks

The August Loot Wearables item featured our favorite character! One of the last items we pulled out was a mid-length, long sleeve baseball Archer t-shirt, folded and wrapped into a plastic sleeve. Full of color and humor with a slimming fit, this shirt is definitely going to be worn to shreds.

August 2016 Loot Wear Review - Wearables Tees

Finally, we have an exclusive World of Warcraft Sylvanas Windrunner t-shirt that was the August Loot Tees shirt. The caricature of her is intricate and well transferred onto a black cotton t-shirt.

We absolutely loved opening, reviewing and enjoying the contents of the August 2016 Loot Wear by Loot Crate geek clothing delivery. All the items fit the theme remarkably and are going to be worn until they are lost or fall apart. I hope you enjoyed this review and will want to feel the surprise and satisfaction of ordering from this stellar subscription box company.

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