Bright Snack October 2016 Review


As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to stop by the grocery store. With two teenage boys in the house, it seems like we are always running out of food, especially snacks. I decided to give Bright Snacks a try because I like to feed my sons products with healthy ingredients when on-the-go. With the wide-array of options available on grocery store  shelves, it’s a challenge finding snacks with wholesome ingredients that match finicky palates. With Bright Snack, there’s no more guessing involved. The products come right to my door, and I’m saving time and money. With today’s Bright Snack review, I’m unboxing the Bright Snack October 2016 Healthy Lifestyle snack box.

Bright Snack October 2016 Healthy Snack Box Review - Box

Inside the Bright Snack October 2016 Healthy Lifestyle Snack Box

Bright Snack offers different monthly subscription boxes based on the customer’s preference. For example, there are boxes specifically for low carb/high protein, vegan, healthy lifestyle, diabetes, high cholesterol/high blood pressure, and iron deficiency. I chose the healthy lifestyle option because my boys do not have any dietary restrictions. The box contained fifteen single serve packages that included nuts, grains, and legumes. The company offers two sizes of full boxes with 15-21 servings delivered every 30/45/60 days that can be paused, restarted, or cancelled at any time.

Bright Snack October 2016 Healthy Snack Box Review - Box Contents

Our October Healthy Lifestyle Bright Snacks box had:

  • Eden Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Olomomo Almonds – Chai Bliss Flavor
  • Rise Protein Bars – Almond Honey and Cacao Banana
  • Kind Breakfast Bars – Raspberry Chia and Dark Chocolate Cocoa
  • Cruncha Ma-Me Freeze-Dried Edamame Veggie Snacks – Lightly Seasoned and Onion & Chive
  • Beanitos Original Black Bean Chips
  • Beanitos White Bean Chips in Nacho Cheese
  • Nii Bar – Almond Chocolate Chip and Berry Cashew

Bright Snack October 2016 Box Review Wrap-Up

Personally, I was impressed with the list of ingredients for each product. The amount of protein and fiber in every snack truly satisfied their hunger without comprising its taste. The combination of products from chips, bars, nuts and seeds enabled my boys to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

The boys ranked the Dry Roasted Organic Pumpkin Seeds as the absolute best product in the box. Despite being low sodium, the seeds pack a powerful punch. With 8g of protein, 4g of fiber, and only 65mg of sodium, this pocket snack satisfies hunger by using simple ingredients such as organic dry roasted pumpkin seeds, organic tamari soy sauce, organic garlic, and organic cayenne pepper.

Bright Snack October 2016 Healthy Snack Box Review - Pumpkin Seeds

If you are in search of healthy snack alternatives delivered right to your home, check out Bright Snack. The quality and taste of the products makes this subscription box service a wise choice.

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