December 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review

December 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Box Contents

Sci-Fi Block is a monthly mystery subscription box brought to you by Nerd Block. Each Sci-Fi Block box contains 4-6 Sci-Fi collectibles, toys and an exclusive Sci-Fi Block t-shirt sure to meet any Sci-Fi lovers needs. Today, we will be unboxing the December 2016 Sci-Fi Block monthly mystery subscription box.

December 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Box

Sci-Fi Block always includes a product card with a brief description and pertinent information on each item you are acquiring from inside that months box. You receive a chance to win a $100 gift card from Shirtpunch by collecting all the puzzle pieces on the backside of the Shirtpunch card included each month from Sci-Fi Block and finishing the puzzle. There is a reveal that Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, The Lord Of The Rings and more are coming in the January 2017 Sci-Fi Block. They also reveal that Sci-Fi Block is “evolving” to Sci-Fan Block “The Ultimate Sci-Fi & Fantasy Box” in January 2017.

Below is a look at all the contents inside the December 2016 Sci-Fi Block brought to you by Nerd Block.

December 2016 Sci-Fi Block Review - Box Contents

Inside the December 2016 Sci-Fi Block Box

There were 6 Sci-Fi goodies inside the December 2016 Sci-Fi Block.

EXCLUSIVE Star Wars Death Star Pencil Holder is perfect for stars wars fans whether your holding pencils, tools, paint brushes, miscellaneous objects or other crafting supplies. It is packaged in its pure matte black cardboard box with foam inserts holding it in place. This oval shaped approximately 3″x3″x3″Death Star pencil holder is silver chrome on the outside and has a smaller opening than its girth in the center assuring you items within will not tip or fall out. Pictured below with puzzle cube.


EXCLUSIVE Star Trek Borg Puzzle Cube is an invigorating new challenge for rubrics cube Sci-Fi lovers. Even though its a novelty jest its a neat item to have sitting around for all Star Trek and Sci_fi fidgeters. Packaged in a smooth plastic bag inside its own fitted box. The size of the puzzle cube is the size of the original rubrics cube. The stickers making up the images stay on well and the rubrics moves smoothly. Pictured above with pencil holder.

EXCLUSIVE  Terminator 2 Shot Glasses are sticking with the silver chrome look on one of the glasses with the T2 model in color on the face. The second shot glass is black with the SKYNET logo in color on the face. They are packaged in their own fitted box with a card board separator and wrapped individually in small bubble wrap.Pictured below with Fleet pin.


EXCLUSIVE Fleet Pin makes you an official member of the Fleet in the war against the Arachnids. The bronze colored pin has a locking pin back. Pinned onto a piece of card stock inside a self-seal bag. I am honored to become a member of the federation. Pictured above with shot glasses.

EXCLUSIVE 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea T-Shirt is an excellent reminder to those who read the book and for those who want to again or for the first time. The dark blue T is Ring Spun Soft Style 100% cotton. This awesome T features an epic color illustration of the mysterious sea creature wrapping itself around Captain Nemos’ submarine. Pictured below with tie.


EXCLUSIVE Star Wars Alderaan Tie is packed in a heavy plastic with a display tag at the top. If you’re likely traveling to the planet Alderaan you should be sure that you do not have this tie in your luggage. This 100% polyester tie features the Death Star exploding Alderaan. It has the loop on the backside of the face of the tie to hold the tail in place as any good tie should. Pictured above with t-shirt.

Well, our desk is more tidy with our Star Wars Death Star Pencil Holder as well as more entertaining with our new Star Trek Borg Puzzle Cube. Became more fashionable with Star Wars Alderaan Tie, Fleet Pin and 20,000 leagues Under The Sea T-Shirt.  As well as more impressionable drinkware with our new Terminator 2 Shot Glasses.  What did you think of the December 2016 Sci-Fi Block?

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