December 2016 Shirt Block Review

December 2016 Shirt Block Review - Box Contents

Shirt Block is monthly mystery subscription box brought to you by Nerd Block. Each month as a subscriber you will receive 5 EXCLUSIVE t-shirts that altogether have at least a $100 value. Every month Shirt Block includes 2 black and 3 random colored shirts. The monthly price with Shirt Block starts at $29.95/month for 5 shirts. Subscribers can choose to go with a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Every box includes a product card with information on each t-shirt for that month. You also receive a Shirtpunch card which has a piece of a puzzle on the backside. Once you collect the pieces by continuing a subscription with Shirt Block and finish the puzzle, you earn a $100 gift card. Today, we will be unboxing the December 2016 Shirt Block.


Here is a quick look at the 5 t-shirts inside the December 2016 Shirt Block.


Inside the December 2016 Shirt Block

EXCLUSIVE Retro Hulk T-Shirt will bring you back or spike your interest in the beginning of Marvel comics. This Black T is Softstyle Ring Spun 100% cotton. The t-shirt features The Incredible Hulk is rage mode in nostalgic Marvel comic book style.


EXCLUSIVE Battleship T-Shirt is the second black T included inside the December 2016 Shirt Block. The Black t-shirt is also Softstyle Ring Spun 100% cotton. This tee is bound to bring back flashbacks if you were a Battleship fanatic as a kid. I know this neat T stoked interest in myself to want to whip the game out and take my chances at the sea skirmish board game once more.


EXCLUSIVE Mystical Sword T-Shirt is blue Softstyle Ring Spun 100% cotton. Sport this awesome t-shirt featuring the Master Sword in order to conquer over Ganondorf, the King of Evil from The Legend of Zelda. No need to worry if you’re feeling weary, the Master Sword holds the power.


EXCLUSIVE Artificial Amusement T-Shirt is gray Softstyle Ring Spun 100% cotton. Westworld originated in 1973. The story about an extensive western themed amusement park encompassing artificial intelligence within the barriers. Wealthy individuals pay top dollar to be able to take part in the replicated era….until??!


EXCLUSIVE Evil Exes T-Shirt is red Softstyle Ring Spun 100% cotton. The Evil Exes T is the December 2016 Shirt Block featured T of the month. On the product card for the “Artist Spotlight” it tells us that “Coinbox Tees are a bunch of guys and a gal trying to make it big, one shirt at a time. They’re multiple artists from across the world who came together and specialize in all sorts of gaming and anime tees.” The fun anime version “Ramona vs. the World” was inspired by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


Shirt Block landed it with t-shirts that will assist you towards defending yourself from evil exes; to defeating the King of Evil from the desert; to defending yourself from artificial intelligence. As well as tees that will always hit the spot with nostalgic The Incredible Hulk to nostalgic Battleship. Thank You Shirt Block!

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