Dream Dice Club Review- September 2019

Dream dice club provides any gamer, particularly TTRPGamers, the opportunity to expand their dice collections. Each month your receive dice of your preferred style, whether it is a full polyhedral set, a specially handcrafted d20, or a mix and variety! They have varying subscriptions based off length of time and material you would like your dice made of.

The Apprentice: Acrylic or similar
Monthly- $15
Three Month- $42
Six Month- $78
Annual- $120

Epic Roller Monthly: Metal or similar high quality
Monthly- $30
Three Month- $84
Six Month- $156
Annual- $300

Game Master Monthly: Natural Gemstone, handcrafted wood, or other unique high quality dice.
Monthly- $50
Three Month- $140
Six Month- $264
Annual- $480

Each Subscription comes with additional special access to the sites trading pages so you can get rid of misbehaving dice or dice that just no longer suit your collection! Today I will be reviewing the box I received for September.

So the Dice arrived very quickly and in a nice tube. The tube had both sides taped securely to prevent anything from falling out in transit. The subscription I received was the Game Master. I was excited to expand my collection to the fancier more crafted dice. there was no disappointment here.

Loose in the tube was this wonderful D6. Instead of the typical dots there were these little stars. The die is a vibrant red color and translucent. On one side of the die is the logo, which ultimately explains why they use stars on the other. Symbols of nighttime when you would be dreaming! They also threw in a bumper sticker with the logo. It is small which I find nice. I tend to tick to smaller stickers anyway. I was not expecting these two freebies so I was really happy to see them.


On to the most important part of the box! The Dice. The dice I received with the subscription was a gorgeous set of Opalite dice. There was a little note detailing what material they were made from which i found helpful. They could not have known but Opal and Opalite is one of my favorite natural stones. Opalite dice just made me all the more excited. The dice have a really nice weight and are balanced extremely well. They were kept safe in a velvet dice bag, that can be used as a continued holder for them. These dice are officially my new favorite dice. Looking around a good set of Opalite dice sells for nearer to $100 so the price of the subscription is well worth what you receive.

In Conclusion

The dice and every single thing about this subscription left me extremely satisfied. I strongly suggest any TTRPGamer look into this subscription for yourself or someone you love. Be sure to check it out here! Make sure that you dream hard and you too can roll a nat 20!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Amazing. Amazing product. Amazing customer service. Amazing price. Just all around amazing.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Dream Dice Club

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Dream Dice Club

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