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Dungeon Crate is a tabletop gaming crate that provides you with various items to further your game play experience. Crates often include, miniatures, markers, dice or dice related items, map pieces, and one shot encounters! They have various prepay options of month to month for $35.95 a month, 3 month prepay for $105.99 , and a 6 month prepay for $210.99! The more you prepay the more you save! In the US shipping is included! They do ship internationally with shipping fees calculated accordingly. Today I will be reviewing the October crate.

I had been eagerly awaiting this months box, as all the posts hinted at a piratey, seafaring theme. I was not disappointed by what I received! One thing I love that Dungeon Crate has a Facebook page and a group for subscribers to follow along with where they are on the process. They do weekly live with the Owner, Wayne, and other members of his team.

I think that is a huge draw for me. It makes the company seem more personal and shows their excitement at the products you are receiving which means they really do put in the thought and care creating. That is enough for my being side tracked though. Thanks to their page I knew exactly when the boxes were being prepared to ship and it arrived before I expected it to! They always take care with the items using tissue wrap as extra padding when necessary.

 The first item, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, was this amazing pirate shot glass. It is matte black on the outside with the skull and crossbones image on the front. The main identifiable difference being the skulls teeth certainly resemble that of a vampire. The teeth did not pop out at first, but once they did I was amazed at the detail put into the design. I also really loved the inside of the glass being a nice deep red that can be paired with the blood a  vampire often drinks. this type of glass is one I would absolutely use in game whether it is a game of drinking and dragons or if I had to drink a potion in character. It would make any game more fun!

Next up, is a common box item. Reaper mini seems to always be in the box, but that is not a bad thing!  I love how they correlate the minis to the box. It really enhances the game play when you can have a good visual of the character or creature you are talking about. In this months box the mini was a pirate captain!. He embodies the feeling of the sea and could be used in either of the encounters in this months box. The detail on the minis as always is impeccable which will make it much easier to paint. They also save you a step as all the minis come primed already!

When I think of the sea one thing I always think of are sharks. Thanks to movie portrayal they add an ominous feel to any encounter. Thankfully with this box they gave us some sharks and shark fins breaking the water! I feel like these pieces are some of the cutest and most useful pieces for a sea campaign. The last time I played in a campaign with the sea element we never had sharks, despite ending up in the water on more than one occasion. I felt like it was something lacking that these pieces could have fixed. Well made.

To pair with the shot glass, or any glass really is this pirate themed coaster. The only bummer was there was a single coaster, however they sell the sets in shop on their site so your whole table can enjoy them. They will keep both your table and papers safe from any wandering moisture from your tankards as you drink and play your troubles away. It feels extremely durable and i just love the design on it. The coaster’s design can sum up the whole box.

The last non campaign specific item in the box is this metal compass. It has two sides so you can choose which design you like more. My personal favorite is the darker side. Any table with a map could use this compass. The compass can show the direction you need to go so you do not lose your way! Ultimately I find it as a generally awesome collector piece though. It has a bit of weight to it but not enough to really effect your encumbrance. It really is a gorgeous piece no matter what you use it for.

Each box includes these character or item cards. The cards always correspond with the campaign or encounter you receive in the box. The cards also are part of the digital content so even if you lose the card itself you always have it. The card for this month involved three characters and one item. There is Captain Death who looks outright ominous. The captains crew consists of the sea vampire pirates and the sea vampire sirens. The artwork on the vampires is amazing. I love the dark almost colorless feel as it portrays the death and eerie feelings to come. The Cutlass of the Abyss really caught my eye though. The sword deals necrotic damage while at the same time giving the wielder temp it points. It could really change the outcome of a battle if the dice  cooperate.

There are two encounters with this box both written by Wayne Brekke, the owner of Dungeon Crate. the quality of these encounters will never cease to amaze me. I love that they look so professional and are really well thought out. The details are all really thought out and can make the game much easier for the Dungeon Master to narrate. The campaigns in this box are Horror on the High Seas and White Fangs, Red Seas. Out of the two campaigns, White Fangs Red Seas would be my favorite. I think its a mix of the vampires and the artwork. The way they show the ship makes it all a lot easier to follow. I think I personally plan on taking a crack at Dming these two encounters.


The whole box fitted with the spooky vibes that come with October. Everything made me smile wider and wider. If you have any sort of interest in Dungeons and Dragons, I suggest you get this subscription box. It is perfect for beginners and experienced players. If you want to check it out and subscribe click here!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

This box provides the perfect spooky feeling needed for a great halloween game. It provides incredible gaming opportunities for everyone!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Dungeon Crate

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Dungeon Crate

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