February 2017 Loot Anime Review + Coupon

February 2017 Loot Anime Review - Box Contents

Loot Anime Crate is monthly anime subscription box for anime and manga, powered by Loot Crate and crunchyroll. Each Loot Anime crate has a different theme and features anime accessories, manga, figures, reading material, collectibles, clothing and more for those of us that just cannot get enough! Loot Anime subscription boxes cost $24.95 + $5 shipping and handling in the US and each box includes $60+ USD worth of merchandise. Subscribers have the choice between 1, 3, 6, and, 12 month subscriptions. With today’s Loot Anime review, we will be unboxing the February 2017 Loot Anime Box.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review - Box

Loot Anime Crate arrives in a black sided flip-top box with tab inserts that slide into the front edges, to more fully ensure that all of our goodies will make it in one piece. The Loot Anime Crate box interior can be reversed to be the exterior, when unfolded, flipped and refolded it reveals a scene.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review

The February 2017 Loot Anime Crate theme is TOGETHER. On the poster sized guide included, Loot anime states, “TOGETHER everyone loots more! February’s Loot Anime celebrates manga and anime characters with the strong bonds of friendship and family, featuring items from One Piece Film: Gold, Haikyu!!, The Boy and the Beast and Mr.Osomatsu. You can count on this team of goodies to brighten up your day!” The poster guide provides a brief description and photo of each item inside the box on one side and, an impressive illustration by Cotton Tan on the other.

Here is peak of all the items inside the February 2017 Loot Anime Crate.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review

Inside the February 2017 Loot Anime TOGETHER Crate

Haikyu!! T-Shirt is black, short-sleeved and “features art from the third season and says “Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy.” Haikyu!! “is a riveting show about teamwork and the ups and downs of competitive high school volleyball.” The art on the tee gives a small window into the characters personalities through their expressions and body language. Licensed by Crunchyroll and made by Bioworld.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review

Mr. Osomatsu Blind Bag Charm is a unique addition to your favorite purse, luggage, clutch or whatever carrying accessory you wish. “Mr. Osomatsu is a comedy series following the Matsuno brothers, a sextuplet of lazy, mischievous siblings. Their names are Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu. But even when they get you into trouble, you can’t help but love your siblings.” referring to the Loot Anime poster guide. Inside the February 2017 Loot Anime Crate you have a chance of receiving one out of six different Mr. Osomatsu Blind Bag Charms.  Licensed by TV Tokyo and made by A Crowded Coop.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review

Yume Together Charm is a vibrant and playful piece that was meant to be dangling of your cell phone cover, your purse or favorite accessory.  “TOGETHER Pirate Yume and her kitty First Mate will conquer the seven seas.” referring to the poster guide. Art by Michelle Mauk.

The Boy And The Beast Light Novel ‘is an award-winning movie about a young orphan, Ren, who is adopted into the Beast Kingdom as a disciple of Kumatetsu. Together, the master and disciple develop a bond that will bridge two worlds. This light novel shares the story of their powerful bond!” referring to the poster guide. The 188 page paperback novel is a delightful and heartwarming quick read. Written by Mamoru Hosoda, licensed by Yen Press and, made by Hachette Book Group.

February 2017 Loot Anime Box Review

One Piece Film: Gold Luffy Figure is approximately 5 inches tall including his base and weapon. The figure is precisely and vibrantly painted. Inside the packaging the figure was separated out into 5 pieces inside an individual plastic bag divided into sections to prevent the pieces from scratching and rubbing against one another. “One Piece follows the adventures of the Monkey D. Luffy, a man who wants to become King of the Pirates and whose body has the power of rubber.” referring to the Loot Anime poster guide. You can see the One Piece Film: Gold Luffy Figure outside his box pictured above at the beginning of this review with the reversed image of the Loot Anime Box. Licensed by Toei Animation Inc and, made by Banpresto Co., Ltd.

I am sure feeling the togetherness with the February 2017 Loot Amine Crate! What a great grouping to symbolize the meaning of family, friends, teamwork and cooperation as a whole.

What did you think of the February 2017 Loot Anime TOGETHER Crate?

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