February 2017 The Handy Box Review + Coupon

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - Box Contents

If you are a new home owner or are looking to start building your tool collection, The Handy Box subscription boxes are a great way to get started. Every month, The Handy Box sends you a tool subscription box filled with tools and gadgets for beginning to intermediate level DIYers, handy men and women, or anyone looking to get started with tools. With today’s The Handy Box review, we’re unboxing the February 2017 The Handy Box.

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - Box
The Handy Box includes a product cards that describes each of the item in that month’s tool box.

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - Product Card

Here’s a first look inside our The Handy Box February tool subscription box.

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - First Look

Inside the February 2017 The Handy Box

There were 5 tools and gadgets in our February The Handy Box.

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - Inside the Box

  1. 2 MYCHANIC Magnetic Roadside LED Flares, Retail Value: $18.99
    Keep yourself safe while on the side f the road with these 2 LED flares with magnetic base.
  2. 2 500lb Ratcheting Tie Downs, Retail Value: $10
    Secure a wide range of objects with these handy ratcheting tie downs.
  3. Tubing Cutter, Retail Value: $8.49
    Cut through copper, brass, aluminum, steel and plastic. Includes a retractable reamer blade for deburring.
  4. Stubby Philips & Slotted Screwdriver Set, Retail Value: $3.50
    These compact screwdrivers are ideal for pockets and small drawers or working in tight work spaces.
  5. 6 AAA Duracell Batteries, Retail Value: $4.99
    Uses these Duracell Coppertop AAA Alkaline Batteries to power everything in your home.

February 2017 The Handy Box Review Wrap-Up

February 2017 The Handy Box Review - Box Contents

The February The Handy Box delivered must-have tools and gadgets for any household. The MYCHANIC LED flares are perfect your your car. They come with a nylon carrying pouch and are powered with three AAA batteries. The Handy Box always provides batteries for the electronic items in their monthly tool box. The flares have 3 magnets on the base to mount the flare to your vehicle or metal surface. They have a spotlight mode and several emergency light modes.

Next are the ratcheting tie downs. If you have a trailer or carrying things on top of your vehicle, these tie downs will help keep things secure.

For small plumbing DIY projects, the tube cutter is the tool you’ll need to cute your tubes the the right length. You use the reamer blade to smooth the edges of metal pipes after cutting them.

Finally, the Stubby Screwdriver set is very useful in small or confined work spaces. They’re only 4″ long and have a nicely sized rubber grip handle for easy handling. The total retail value of February’s The Handy Box was $45.97.

What was your favorite tool from the February 2017 The Handy Box?

The Handy Box Coupon Code

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February 2017 The Handy Box – MYCHANIC Roadside LED Flares

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