Horror Block June 2016 Review + Coupon

June 2016 Horror Block

It’s time for another Horror Block brought to you by Nerd Block. Each month you get loads of goodies sure to make you shriek in excitement. With today’s Horror Block review, we’re unboxing the Horror Block June 2016 horror subscription box.

Horror Block June 2016 Review

If you follow Horror Block on social media then you know that June’s box was going to have 2 Funko Pops inside. Funko Pops are really gaining speed in being collected, I have a whole shelf and more full of them for my kids, my boyfriend and myself.

They gave us a Buffy The Vampire Slayer character and one from The Strain as well. These shows are not really in my wheelhouse but my boyfriend does enjoy them.

Horror Block June 2016 Review - Jaws Shirt

The monthly shirt is one of my favorites! It’s a Jaws theme including the shark, the boat and of course those classic barrels. It’s hard not to talk about classic horror movies and bring up Jaws. It changed everyone’s view of the water. Don’t forget that it’s also perfect for Shark Week!

Horror Block June 2016 Review

The next item had my boyfriend begging me to hand it over. His favorite horror villain, Freddy Kreuger featured on a pillowcase. I mean who better to help put you to sleep than the dream master himself?

It being an exclusive item makes it just that much sweeter. Featuring an image of Freddy and including some of the classic phrases fans will remember from his movies.

Horror Block June 2016 Review

I feel like Horror Block somehow knows the movies that we have been wanting to see as this month included another movie that’s been on our list Turbo Kid. Think of Mad Max on dirt bikes and of course crazy costumes and weapons that we all love for that theme.

Horror Block June 2016 Review

This month’s Rue Morgue features some really amazing and scary articles. One of my favorite directors Guillermo Del Toro has an article featuring some crazy monsters!

IHorror Block June 2016 Review

Extra extra… we got an awesome credit from ShirtPunch in the box as well! $10 towards an order and the chance to win a $100 gift card if you collect all cards.

Horror Block June 2016 Review

Again Horror Block hit it out of the park this month and they have me drooling for next month. Teasing us with some Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors and Psycho. July will be a big month for new subscribers in my opinion.

Horror Block June 2016 Review

Leave a comment sharing your favorite horror item from the Horror Block June 2016 box!

Horror Block June 2016 Coupon Code

New Horror Block subscribers can save 15% of new monthly Horror Block subscriptions! Use Horror Block promo code FindSubBox16 at checkout to claim your savings.

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