January 2017 Shirt Block Review

Shirt Block is a monthly mystery subscription box brought to you by Nerd Block. Each month Shirt Block puts together 5 EXCLUSIVE t-shirts that altogether have at least a $100 value. Each month subscribers receive 2 black and 3 random colored shirts. The monthly price with Shirt Block starts at $29.95/month for 5 shirts. subscribers can choose from a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. Today, we will be unboxing the January 2017 Shirt Block.


Shirt Block includes a product card or a magazine with information on each t-shirt for that month. The magazine for the January 2017 Shirt Block also features articles on 5 Comic Doppelgangers They Didn’t Think We’d Notice (Marvel Vs. DC), Artist Spotlight Retro Review and, Freddy Krueger’s 5 most Creative Kills. You also receive a Shirtpunch card which has a piece of a puzzle on the backside. Once you collect the pieces by continuing a subscription with Shirt Block and finish the puzzle, you earn $100 shirtpunch.com gift card.

Here is a quick look at the 5 t-shirts inside the January 2017 Shirt Block.


Inside the January 2017 Shirt Block

EXCLUSIVE Do Not Pass Go T-Shirt is an “officially licensed Monopoly design that’s impossibility in its purest form” referring to the product magazine provided by Nerd Block/Shirt Block. The tee is a light gray featuring a three-dimensional Monopoly game board with a red hotel piece and green house piece claiming property on the board. Monopoly reads diagonally in black along one edge of the board.


EXCLUSIVE Dungeon Master T-Shirt is black and features the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons logo in solid red on the front. The logo is of a dragon which is recognizable as the shape of an ‘&’ symbol. Fans may have seen the dragon logo in the center of two letter D’s for D&D (Dungeons & Dragons).


EXCLUSIVE Pizza Planet T-Shirt is dark blue with one of the infamous destinations from Pixar’s Toy Story featured on the front. Pizza Planet reads in white on the front in a classic Jurassic Park logo style. Behind the Pizza Planet lettering is a silhouette over a lime green background of a Squeeze Toy Alien character becoming “chosen” by “The Claw”.


EXCLUSIVE Mad Balls T-Shirt is a white tee with illustrations of 4 of the popular 80’s Mad Balls toys featured in vibrant colors on the front. Mad Balls is written in a red and green fun font in the center of the tee separating the Mad Balls into pairs above and below the writing. Keep an eye on the little buggers as they are well known to release a menagerie of fluids and fragrances that may not be super pleasant.


EXCLUSIVE Marty Cove T-Shirt is the second black tee included in the January 2017 Shirt Block. This “John Kreese inspired design” features the famous mantra “Strike First, Strike Hard”  written in a pale yellow, “No Mercy” written in red in one lower corner and an image of John Kreese in the opposite lower corner on the front of the tee. John Kreese was the #1 antagonist in the first The Karate Kid.


Shirt Block reminded us of the hours spent on Monopoly and D&D, all the rage in trying to collect every Mad Ball and, classic top movie choices for family movie night with Toy Story and original The Karate Kid. Thank You Shirt Block!

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