A Closer Look: July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review – Sweets Subscription Box

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Box Contents

The Orange Glad monthly subscription box is a box designed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Every month, Orange Glad delivers a variety of gourmet sweet treats for you to enjoy. The Orange Glad Sweet Box delivers 5 deluxe size desserts and the Orange Glad Double Treats Box is great for families (or those who love sweets) – delivering twice the desserts to your door.

Our July 2014 Orange Glad box arrived inside a sealed mailer envelope.

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Mailing Envelope

Removing the box from the envelope, we found our July Orange Glad box – a durabe cardboard box with the Orange Glad logo.

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Outer Box

We opened the Orange Glad cardboard box and found the Orange Glad product information card on top. The product information card detailed each of the desserts in the July Orange Glad box, along with an ingredients list, as well as suggest dates to enjoy the desserts by.

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Product Information Card

Under the product information card was a smaller, white gift box with a teal ribbon and Orange Glad sticker.

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Inner Box

Inside the July 2014 Orange Glad Box

There were 5 sweets inside the July 2014 Orange Glad Box.

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Inside the Box

1. Seattles Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. Cranberry Muffin Top

Enjoy a delicious, fruit-filled muffin top with sugar drizzled on top. Perfect for muffin and muffin top lovers!

2. Orange Glad Ice-Dream Sandwich

One of Orange Glad’s own cookies, this buttered sugar cookie sandwich has a layer of sugary” ice” inside.

3. Gianna’s Homemae Baked Goods Freedom Star Sugar Cookies

These patriotic, star-shaped cookies are perfectly crumbly and burst with sugary flavor.

4. Chocolate Maven Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie Cookie

Is it a brownie? Is it a cheesecake? It’s both – a perfect combo of rich chocolate brownie and creamy cheesecake.

5. Lily’s Bakery Shop Chocolate Babka

This tasty treat combines the light texture of coffee cake with a whole lot of chocolate!

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Wrap-Up

July 2014 Orange Glad Box Review - Box Contents

One of the biggest testimonies to how good the July Orange Glad box desserts were is the fact that after just a day, only 1 dessert remained to be eaten. The cookies were fresh and flavorful. The muffin top was large enough to be split as an afternoon snack and a breakfast side. We can’t wait to see which delicious treats are in future Orange Glad boxes.

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Did you get the July Orange Glad box? Which was your favorite treat in the July box?

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