Menlo Review- August 2019

  Menlo is the perfect clothing subscription for the men of your life. My husband actually used to get it back when we first started dating, though it was known then as the Five Four club. For the low price of $60 you get at least two clothing items a month, sometimes more. There is a style quiz you fill out to perfectly curate the clothes to you. A ton of thought is put into these boxes and the quality shows. Today I will be reviewing the August Box I received.

Menlo ships shortly after your card is charged. The package arrived within 3 days of getting the shipping notification. It was wonderful.  The package is discreet which can be extremely helpful in todays society. All the items were wrapped together in a really nice black tissue paper which kept them secure and wrinkle free. I was expecting 2 items, but received so much more.

First up in the box were these Grand Athletic Club sandals. They have ridges at the toes as a bit of added safety I would say. They help keep the sandals on your feet. The soles are nice and thick rubber but at the same time super smooth. The size is perfect and the color really suits the outfit as well as my husband’s wardrobe as a whole. The shoes are especially fitting as his relaxing shoes needed to be replaced. The rubber also helps keep them waterproof which is wonderful in a very rainy state. These have now become his day to day comfort shoes!

Five four is one of the big brands included in the Menlo package. These shorts are extremely well made. They are a light brown or olive color and fall perfectly at the knee. The waist is a bit large but not large enough that a belt can not fix it. They are lightweight and have so many pockets. The pockets are extra help because my husband typically carries his wallet, his phone, and various tools in his pockets. The more pockets the less bulky he looks. These pants are perfect for his closet.

Next up in the box is this handsome Indigo blue shirt. It is a lightweight breathable denim. It has several buttons that blend in nicely with the indigo dye. There is a nice warning about washing with the indigo dye which is amazing. I would not have known how to wash if it had not been there on the clothes. The shirt matches nicely with the Olive shorts.  I know my husband loves this shirt.

Rounding out the clothing items in the box is this simple black baseball cap. The Ricci cap is different from any other caps my husband owns. Rather than the typical snap back there is a drawstring that tightens and loosens the size! The back is mesh and the front is a rip stock fabric. It is so simple but so unique at the same time. It is especially useful in Florida with the sun always shining brightly!

The final item in the box was the Liquid I.V. hydration power drink. It also fits in wonderfully in florida. My husband works manual labor and with the heat, hydration can be a problem. This helps with that all with a great lemon lime flavor! What a fun bonus to have in the box.


In Conclusion

Overall Menlo exceeded our expectations. It is still the same amazing company it was when my husband joined them. They delivered quality products and a package full of happiness. It truly is made to make men feel their best. It is worth every penny and you get much more. If you are interested in this, check it out here!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

The box goes above and beyond to show how much they want men to look their best.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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