Nadine West September 2018 Review: Boldly Beautiful

Who doesn’t love clothes? Nadine West sends them to you in a perfect package. For a simple shipping fee of $9.99 every two weeks or four weeks depending on your choice, you can get some awesome items for your wardrobe! Once the clothes have arrived, you have a few days to decide what you want to keep and send back the other items. Once you have completed that, then you only get charged for the items you keep! You will know the cost of the items before you decide so you know how much you will be charged. Items range in price from $9.99 and up.  Today I will be reviewing the beautiful pink package I received in September!

So when I was signing up for this package I got to have the full experience. I took the fun quiz and let them know what my usual size, style, and what areas I am least confident in and would prefer to cover. They immediately got ready to start preparing my package and I started to wait. They shipped off quickly and before I knew it my pink package was here! It was all packaged so perfectly that the clothes came nicely and the items within were safe too!

First up was this super cute dress. It was made of a cotton material that felt silky smooth when I put it on. It was, unfortunately, a bit short for me, but it worked wonderfully as a longer shirt. The pattern was a unique one that added to the overall appeal. The shirt had a unique open back too. That is not normally my style but it adds a definite appeal to the dress itself. I really love this item and the cost was only $28.

  This next shirt was also so comfortable. My only issue with the shirt is it was a size smaller than the one I asked for, so it was a bit tight.  The color reminded me of perfectly creamy coffee. My favorite feature on this shirt was the front neckline. It added a subtle sexiness that can’t be accurately shown through pictures. It normally would have been a slightly loose shirt that I imagine would be the perfect final touches. This shirt cost $31.49 which is an amazing price!

Here you can see two fantastic pieces both from Nadine! These both were my absolute favorite items from this months package. I love the floral print of the shirtas well as the way it hung. The unique criss cross of the sleeves is my absolute favorite part of this shirt. It costs $34.99 and pairs perfectlyt with the $24.19 leggings. The leggings fall roughly mid calf and have lace along the back that add a nice beauty to them. This outfit is a perfect fit for me.

Nadine does not just send clothes, they also include some beautiful accessories. I love these dangly earrings. they have a double cirlce with a gorgeous pattern. They are a bit heavy but they are worth it. The accessories arrive in a signature little pink drawstring bag. The earrings, cost a grand total of $12.99. There was a necklace also included in my package, but unfortunately, the clasp was broken.


Overall, my package was incredible.  It had a good variety of items that made me feel confident again. This subscription box far exceeded my expectations. I love the items they give, and I will always reccommend this box! If you are interested in getting your own beautiful pink bag in the mail click here!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

What an incredible box. literally perfect

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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