November 2016 Arcade Block Review

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Box Contents

Arcade Block (now Gamer Block) is a monthly mystery subscription box brought to you by Nerd Block. Arcade Block contains a limited edition t-shirt, collectibles, reading material, accessories and more valuing $60+, which will press all the right buttons in order to sway video game lovers’ hearts. While going through the subscription process, you get to personalize your monthly mystery Arcade Block by choosing your favorite video games and t-shirt size. Arcade Block is customized to individual preference by the Arcade Block crew. Today, we will be unboxing the November 2016 Arcade Block.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Box

Each Arcade Block provides you with a product card in reference to all the goodies inside. November’s Arcade Block also had a December 2016 Arcade Block spoiler, $10 credit to Nerd and a $10 credit. The $10 credit to can stack up if you collect the puzzle pieces on the backside of the $10 coupon by continuing a subscription each month with Arcade Block.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Box

Below is a quick look of what was inside the Arcade Block November box.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Box Contents

Inside the November 2016 Arcade Block

There were 5 items inside the November 2016 Arcade Block.

EXCLUSIVE Diablo 3: Book Of Cain was the “Arcade Block product of the month” for November 2016. The 8.5/11 Diablo 3: Book Of Cain has an impressive assembly with a hardback textured cover, distressed pages, journal-type entries, circle-highlighted sections, illustrations and even a built-in envelope on the interior of the back cover enclosing a distressed map of Sanctuary. Diablo 3: Book Of Cain is quite the interactive book for anyone who already loves and is interested in gaining further insight to the story of the game or is interested in getting into the game.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Diablo 3

EXCLUSIVE Ugly Christmas NES T-Shirt is brought to you by and Arcade Block. This NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) themed ugly Christmas sweater is sure to gain sentimental value to 80’s kids and succeeding generations that acquired the NES. The tee is black with a pixelated arcade-look graphic of the whole Original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on the front and reading “now you’re playing with power” between the graphics.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Nintendo, Pacman

EXCLUSIVE Pac-Man Lanyard is complete with a key ring, hook clip and quick disconnect fastener if you don’t want to carry around the whole lanyard. The Lanyard features the famous Pac-Man rushing around eating Pac-dots while avoiding the ghost gang, Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. The Lanyard is of a standard length and the fabric used has a smooth texture.

EXCLUSIVE Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Shot Glasses will liven up any party for the many gamer’s that love to play Call Of Duty. A black, blue, orange and clear shot glass are included making a set of four. The black and blue shot glasses both read “Retribution Tip Of The Spear” with the headquarters UNSA seal. The Orange and clear glasses say: “Special Combat Air Recon S.C.A.R.” with the S.C.A.R. logo. The shot glass set was packaged in its own box with individual small bubble wrap and cardboard separators between each one.

December 2016 Arcade Block Review - Call of Duty, Zelda

EXCLUSIVE Master Sword Tea Infuser is perfect for Zelda fans that also love their tea. The infuser is food grade silicone, can hold 1oz  of loose leaf tea and is heat and strain resistant up to 392 Fahrenheit. The length of the infuser will reach the bottom of a standard sized mug, assuring that your loose leaf tea will disperse evenly without having to stir too much. The blade barrier feature of the Master Sword Tea Infuser works great to balance the infuser on the edge of your mug. The Master Sword Tea Infuser was packaged in its own box with a cardstock double-sided slip insert holding the product in place.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, NES, Zelda, Pac-Man and Diabo 3 whaaaat! Touching back to the NES and Pac-Man, moving on up the timeline to Zelda, spotlighting Diablo 3 and bring subscribers into the now with Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  Yet, another very impressive Arcade Block!

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