Pennie Post Review – October 2018

Pennie Post is a subscription box that sends out three beautiful and unique stationery items each month. Subscription items can include greeting cards, postcards, gift tag sets, and more! A Pennie Post subscription starts from $12.50/month, and shipping is included in the cost.

Today I will be reviewing Pennie Post’s October curation! It arrived in a little blue envelope, with a pretty butterfly stamp. I love that the stationery arrives in a letter envelope! Opening this made me realize that I wish I received more letters in the mail.

The first thing I looked at was this little slip with information about October’s curation. This month’s stationery is “Wild Animals”. I noticed that the paper slip mentioned that this is September’s subscription. However, I received Pennie Post in September, and the theme was Back to School. I believe this was just a misprint, and that this is actually October’s subscription.

The first item I received in this month’s Pennie Post is a Unicorn Costume Birthday Card. This beautiful card features a little girl dressed up as a unicorn and holding a wand. It has a gorgeous pastel pink color scheme, and the drawing is so whimsical. This is perfect for the little one in your life who loves mythical creatures and magic.

The inside of each of Pennie Post’s cards are blank, so there is lots of room to write your own personalized message.

The next piece of stationery I received is this Lion Party Animal Birthday Card. I love the watercolor effect of the leaves, and I think the lion is just so cute. Honestly, I would give this birthday card to any friend, younger or older.

I also received this Yay!!! Card, which is covered in little yellow triangles. The card is pretty basic, but I like how flexible it is. You could use this as a birthday card, or perhaps to celebrate somebody’s promotion or even a sport victory. I will keep this on hand, because it’s always great to give somebody a congratulatory card.

Pennie Post also included a bonus sticker sheet of sock monkies and bananas. I teach ESL classes online, and one of my frequently taught lessons includes a section about monkeys and bananas. I’ve been showing my students these cute little stickers, and they love them! I think this is a great bonus item, and it would also make a great decoration inside the Lion birthday card.

I loved the stationery items in October’s Pennie Post. Getting 3 high quality cards for $12.50 is a great deal, and it lets you skip a last minute trip to the store. Pennie Post’s designs are very cute, and you can see the love that goes into the artwork. This is a great subscription box!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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