September 2016 Try The World Italy Box Review + Coupon

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Box

Try The World is a monthly subscription box that delivers food from all over the world in one box. Each month, subscribers receive delicious gourmet products that month’s featured country. Today we will be reviewing the September 2016 Try The World Italy Box.

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Box

This splendid collection of Italian food was packaged in a smooth textured, teal colored box with lid. Decorative straw surrounded the food products in the box. In addition to the impressive presentation, the collection was double boxed into a Try The World brown cardboard shipping box for more protection. Support inserts around the sides of the teal Try the World box held it in place during transit.

September Try The World Italy Box Review - First Look

Inside a pocket, on the under side of the teal lid, was an Italy Box Try The World Culture Guide. An “About The Cover” is provided inside the guide. The Italy Box Culture Guide cover was “exclusively designed by Belissimo and the Beast, a communications studio in Milan headed by Roberto Maria Clemente. He’s a professor of design at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan and IED (European Institute of Design) in Turin.”

The guide describes of each gourmet Italian foods in the September 2016 Try The World Italy box. This month’s box was curated by Chef Laura Vitale. The Culture Guide also provides her recommended recipes for the products. A map shows exactly where each item is produced in Italy. Lastly, there is an exclusive 20% discount for all Italian items through Try The World.

September 2016 Try The World Italy Box Review - Culture Guide

Inside the September 2016 Try The World Italy Box

We couldn’t wait to try the Vivace Ground Coffee by Giuliano Caffe and Classic Amaretti by Marabissi.  The Culture Guide describes the coffee as “roasted in small batches for over 20 minutes at a time-more than twice the length of the standard industrial process, the beans then rest for 5 days, so as to allow the aromas to fully develop.” This let us know that the is coffee is extremely dark, strong and pungent. We tried it black first. Everything from the aroma to the taste packed an expected punch and had an intense flavor. We then tried it on ice and it was smooth, sweet and delectable. The guide recommends to serve chilled with ice or to mix with hot chocolate to make mocha.

The Classic Amaretti Cookies are made with “flour ground from pugliesi almonds grown in southern Italy instead of the more common (and cost effective) ground apricot kernel. Extra crushed almonds stirred into the batter give these cookies a delicious texture.” The cookies are golf ball-sized dollops. They hold their form so well, you would never know how fluffy, soft and silky their texture is until you indulge. Individually wrapped, these superb bites pair marvelously with the Vivace Ground Coffee.

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Coffee & Cookies

Next, we have Egg Pappardelle by La Pasta Di Aldo and Pesto Sauce by Cascina San Cassiano. This pappardelle is named “the finest in Italy” and is made with just egg and flour. The Pesto Sauce is made with “locally-sourced produce.”

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Egg Noodles & Pesto

When combined, these two gourmet Italy food items create an enticing and mouth-watering dish. To add anything to the noodles other than the savory and hearty pesto sauce would be overwhelming, in my opinion. One single noodle is a mouthful of goodness, making this a satisfying and fulfilling meal.

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Pesto Pasta

Up next we have the Truffle Zest by Sabatino Tartufi and Mushroom Risotto Kit by Terrigena. The guide’s suggestion for the risotto is to fry leftovers to make arancini or stuff baked tomatoes or peppers. As for the Truffle Zest the guide says you can use it to sprinkle over pasta or garnish risotto. On the backside of the truffle zest packet it mentions to sprinkle it over pizza, popcorn, risotto, eggs and pasta.

We made Stuffed Green Bell Peppers with the Truffle Zest and the Mushroom Risotto Kit. The zest was an exquisite and full-flavored addition to the already appetizing risotto. The risotto is cooked in butter. The Culture Guide explains that “The rice undergoes a particular husking process to keep its outer layer intact and improve its texture.” This gives the risotto a melt-away, saucy and creamy consistency.

September Try The World Italy Box Review - Risotto & Truffle Zest

Finally, we have the Balsamic Vinegar by Societa Agricola Acetomodena and Hazelnut Cream by Maison della Nocciola. These were definitely a couple of our favorite items. Served as a dessert, we again tried a tip from the Culture Guide… Balsamic Vinegar drizzled over cantaloupe. I was surprisingly pleased (I never would have thought of that.) “To produce this balsamic vinegar, which is quality certified by the Italian government and free of coloring, Acetomodena grows Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes in the family orchard before crushing, cooking and aging the juice in oak and chestnut barrels.” We tried the Hazelnut Cream on pancakes, as the guide suggested. You can also use the Hazelnut cream to update a classic PB&J. The cream reminded me of Nutella but, more authentic, creamy and easy to swallow since it’s a cream, not a butter.

September 2016 Try The World Italy Box Review - Balsamic Vinegar & Hazelnnut Spread

I have always been a huge fan of Italian food such as pasta and pizza. After trying the foods in the September 2016 Try The World Italy Box, I realize I had no idea just how much heart, family, patience and ingenuity is involved with the production of these authentic products. I trust each and everyone of the families that are creating these spectacular gourmet food items. A huge thumbs up to Try The World for delivering monthly subscription boxes that allow you to experience the flavors of these impressive culinary artisans. I strongly recommend trying a Try The World box.

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