TeaTourist Review – Nourish and Flourish Themed Box

TeaTourist is a UK based subscription box that sends taster-sized portions of loose leaf artisan teas to your doorstep. This is a great way to try out several exotic flavors of tea, before investing in a full-sized canister. Tea Tourist currently has one subscription option, but two more will be coming soon.

Themed boxes are £15 ($21) each; past themes have included “Magic & Mischief”, “Cool & Quirky”, and many more! A new themed box is released each month, but you can purchase one from a prior month. For example, Tea Tourist sent me January’s box to review, which is still available for purchase. Each box includes 6 tea samples, with enough loose-leaf tea for 3-4 cups.

You will soon be able to build your own box, or sign up for a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions will start at £11 per month, and the price for Build Your Own is TBD.

Today I will be reviewing TeaTourist’s January Nourish and Flourish box. If you like the sound of these teas, the box is still available on their website.

My box was a little dinged up from international shipping, but all of the tea packets were intact.

The Nourish and Flourish box includes these six teas: Black Tea with Turmeric, Organic Time To Drink Clean, Chakra Tea Flora, Simply Green, Traditional Green Yaupon, and Bamboo Leaf and Nettle.

Each packet of tea came with a two-sided card attached to the back. One side is a brewing guide that gives instructions on how much to use, how long to brew it, and what temperature the water should be. This side also gives the caffeine level, origin, and flavor of the tea. The other side of the card gives a description of the tea and the tea company, as well as a serving suggestion.

Black Tea With Turmeric by O-Teas

The tea: This is a black tea infused with turmeric. The tea leaves’ origin is Sri Lanka, and it is a medium caffeine level. O-Teas produces this tea, and they are a company that specializes in teas that promote and support a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Black tea, turmeric powder

My thoughts: I love a good black tea! I expected the turmeric to make it bitter, but it was vibrant instead. It is faintly sweet on it’s own, and I probably didn’t need to add any honey. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it perfect to fight off any cold weather sicknesses. I came down with the flu a couple days ago, so I have been drinking this. 


Organic Time to Drink – Clean by Caley’s Apothecary

The tea: This is a green tea  packed with antioxidants, and is meant to detox your system, and boost your energy. The leaves’ origin is from Sri Lanka, and it has low caffeine. The tea company is Caley’s Apothecary, which is a family run company that specializes in organic teas and herbal blends.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Green tea, nettle, bilberries

My thoughts: At first taste, it is earthy and herbal. Towards the back of my throat, I can taste the lemongrass. It is especially soothing on my sore throat. My tongue tingled after drinking it, which I think came from the nettle. 

Chakra Tea Flora by Swilk

The tea: This is a light herbal infusion containing a hand-blended mix of flowers and herbs. The flowers are all organic, and come from Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Bulgaria, and Poland. There is no caffeine in this tea. The tea company, SWILK, was founded by intuitive healer Sarah Wilkinson. SWILK offers products to support the chakra system.

Ingredients: Peppermint, hibiscus, lavender, marigold, chamomile, rose, cornflower

My thoughts: This smells strongly of lavender, with a little peppermint. However, upon taste all of the florals blend together. It is very fragrant and soothing – a perfect bedtime tea. 

Simply Green by The Tea Leaf Company

The tea: This is a Ceylon green tea – “Ceylon” refers to teas that are produced in Sri Lanka. Simply Green is considered the “Rolls Royce” of teas because the leaves provide such a rich, intense flavor. This tea has a medium caffeine level.

Ingredients: 100% green tea

My thoughts:  Plain green teas are probably my least favorite type of tea. I prefer fruity and floral teas, not bitter and earthy. However, I think anybody who enjoys green teas would really love this. It is rich and fragrant, and feels very smooth.

Traditional Green Yaupon by Yaupon Brothers

The tea: This is a grassy flavored brew made from Yaopon Holly, which is native to Florida. It has a high level of caffeine. The tea company is Yaupon Brothers – fun fact: they have plantations in Volusia County, Florida, which is where I lived until just a couple of months ago!

Ingredients: 100% Yaupon Holly

My thoughts: I have never had tea made from holly leaves, and I was pleasantly surprised. It has qualities of both black and green tea; it is earthy and herbal without bitterness, and slightly sweet and floral.

Bamboo Leaf and Nettle by Wise Owl Tea

The tea: This is a caffeine free herbal blend, with bamboo picked from Bali. It is sold by Wise Owl Tea – a company who has developed a range of organic and luxury fusions hand-packed in tea temples.

Ingredients: Wild picked Bamboo leaf, nettle

My thoughts: After drinking this tea I had a tingly mouth again – so that was definitely coming from nettle. This tastes like a mild, sweet green tea and is quite pleasant.

This was such a fun subscription box! I loved being able to try out six teas from all over the world. Investing in six full sized canisters of tea would have been much more expensive than the cost of this subscription box. Now, I know which ones I love: the Swilk Chakra Tea Flora, the Black Tea with Turmeric, and the Traditional Green Yaupon. I even discovered that the Traditional Green Yaupon was grown right down the road from where I used to live! Tea Tourist sent me 24 cups worth of high quality, organic teas, which has definitely come in handy while I’ve been sick with the flu. Keep reading for my final score:



Our score: 9.4/ 10

Testing these teas was such a fun experience. There were a couple that I didn't love, but that's just because I don't really like green tea. If you are an avid tea lover, this will be the perfect subscription box for you!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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