The Dollar Brush – Sept. 2018: Yes to Pearly Whites!

I was super excited to receive this box since I am consciously trying to whiten my smile! There’s nothing worse than great makeup, hair, and outfit paired with less than ideal teeth. Thank you to The Dollar Brush, I know I’m getting a great clean no matter what!

Now let’s talk about this beauty of a brush. 

Let’s just say that if Apple ever designed a toothbrush, this would be it. It’s sleek, sexy, and does the job. The handle of the Invigorator is super light and smooth with a simple round on/off button. The bottom features an indentation so that the brush can sit on the charger, which plus into the wall. A small light on the handle of the brush blinks while charging.

The Aquafresh brush heads are rectangular, rather than circular, and use super fast vibrating motions to really get in between your teeth and in all the little nooks and crannies. The bristles are made with DuPont nylon!

One really neat feature of this brush is the 2-minute timer that automatically breaks up the brushing time into four 30-second increments for each quadrant of your mouth! The brush pauses for a split second after each 30-second increment so you know when you switch! How amazing is that?!

The set came with a great carrying case for the brush and the removable head, as well as a total of two brush heads –one to use for morning and one for night (six month length) or you can use each brush head morning and night for 3 months each.

All the pieces come in a super sleek (not surprised) box with simple, easy-to-understand instructions as well as tips and tricks while brushing! After six months, two new brush heads will be delivered!

I am super happy with this product so far and highlight recommend it!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

Great product: from the sleek design and simple directions to the excellent brush heads and extras, this package is fantastic

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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The Dollar Brush

  • Electric toothbrushes
  • From $2.99

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The Dollar Brush

  • Electric toothbrushes
  • From $2.99