A Closer Look: The Handy Box Review – For the Home / “Handy” Subscription Box

The Handy Box Review - Box Contents

Have you ever started a project only to find that you were missing the one gadget or tool you needed most? The Handy Box is a new subscription box for just those scenarios. Every month, The Handy Box carefully curates an assortment of “handy” tools and gadgets to help you complete around-the-home projects of any size. Each The Handy Box will include over $40 worth of useful items that are  perfect for those who are building their confidence with tools as well those who are building a simple home-use collection of tools and gadgets.

The Handy Box is shipped in a stamped brown cardboard box.

The Handy Box Review - The Box

Inside The Handy Box, items are wrapped in brown paper with a sticker.

The Handy Box Review - Inside the Box

The Handy Box also includes a product information card that includes a description of the items inside that month’s The Handy Box.

The Handy Box Review - Product Info Card

After opening the box, we got our first look at the handy tools and gadgets inside the special pre-launch The Handy Box.

The Handy Box Review - First Look

Inside The Handy Box

There were 6 items inside this month’s The Handy Box.

The Handy Box Monthly Subscription Box Review

1. 25 piece Tool Set with Built-in Spotlight, Retail Value: $29.99

This all-in-one tool set has all the basic tools needed for working around the home AND has a battery-powered flashlight to help illuminate work areas.

2. Hex Key Ring Set, Retail Value: $7.99

If you’ve lost all the different allen wrenches that came with your assembled furniture, this is a must-have for tightening loose screws.

3. 10ft. Tape Measure, Retail Value: $5.00

A measuring tape is an essential for every tool kit.

4. 4AA Duracell Batteries, Retail Value: $5.00

Use these batteries to power the spotlight on your 25 piece tool set or for your TV’s remote control.

5. Compass Key Chain with Thermometer, Retail Value: $5.95

Keep your keys on this key chain and you can always know temperature and direction.

6. Crank Power LED Flashlight, Retail Value: $12.99

Power out? Crank this flashlight for just 30 seconds and get up to 15 minutes of light – no batteries needed!

The Handy Box Wrap-Up

The Handy Box Review - Box Contents

The items that were included inside this month’s The Handy Box were a great collection of items that are both useful and practical. The crank flashlight is a must-have for any emergency kit and the 25 piece tool kit with flashlight is great for keeping in the car or in the home for quick tool access. The batteries to power the flashlight were a nice touch as well. The total retail value of the pre-launch The Handy Box is $66.92, making this box a great value.

Which was your favorite item in this pre-launch The Handy Box?

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