Best Ways to Treat Your Dog

Best Ways to Treat Your Dog

Best Ways to Treat Your DogDo you think about the best ways to treat your dog? Your dog is truly man’s best friend, always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and there to cuddle whenever you’re feeling blue. When you consider all that your pooch does to brighten your day, you naturally want to do something special to show your pet how much he means.

Treating your dog doesn’t have to mean spoiling her with fattening food. These 10 special treats are healthy, safe and fun for you both:

Praise Your Pup

Your dog loves the sound of your voice, especially when you speak with excitement at a high pitch. Simply taking a few minutes to lavish some praise on your dog or even to talk to him or her about your day in that special tone will mean the world to your fur baby.

Toss a Ball

Enjoying some active play with your dog is as easy as tossing a ball. If your pooch tends to chew through balls quickly, look for bite-proof ones in pet stores and online. For added fun, check out the new automatic ball throwers that shoot specially designed tennis balls indoors or outdoors at random times. Your dog will go crazy chasing them.

Take a Swim

Many dogs love the water, so taking a dip together can be a special treat. Some public pools have special doggie days that you can take advantage of, or you can take your pup out to a lake. Even just splashing in a stream or brook can be tons of fun.

Hop in the Car

Nothing says fun to dogs like a car ride. Even if you just take a spin around the block with the windows partway open, your dog can savor the feel of the wind whipping through his fur.

Go for a Walk

A walk around the neighborhood or at the park is great exercise and fun for you both. To make walks stress free, invest in a retractable leash. This way, your dog can stop, sniff, and then catch up to you when ready.  This will go a long way with improving everyone’s overall health and fitness.

Treat Your Dog

Head to the Store

Big box pet stores lavish attention on dogs and make them feel special. Take your pooch in for a visit and pick up a new toy while you’re there. Your dog may even get a chance to meet a new four-legged friend while you shop.  If you don’t get out to the pet store much, subscribe to a monthly dog subscription box to receive monthly treats and toys for your loved one.

Have a Friend Over

Speaking of friends, if your dog is social, consider having a play date with a friend or family member’s dog. Whether you meet at home or at the park, your pup can enjoy spending time with a fellow pooch for an hour or two.

Best Ways to Treat Your Dog

Make Healthy Treats

You can give your dog something tasty as a treat, guilt free, when you make your own healthy dog snacks. There are tons of recipes online that require only a few ingredients and an hour’s time.

Play Hide and Seek

Dogs have a natural tracking instinct and can enjoy a game of hide and seek. Let your dog sniff a favorite toy and then hide it somewhere for him to find. Start off with an easy location to see how your dog does. If he finds it fast, try a more difficult spot next time.

Get Away

The next time you plan a vacation, look into bringing your dog along for the fun. Many hotels are now pet friendly. Some even provide special treat bags or offer dog-walking services to make your stay more enjoyable.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to treat your dog is spend time with her. After all, she loves you as much as you love her.

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