How Your Business Can Profit From Pokémon Go

How Your Business Can Profit From Pokémon Go

How Your Business Can Profit From Pokémon GoPokémon Go has been all the rage recently, and the app isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The game’s developer, Niantic, has promised future updates and more content that will be sure to keep players playing for a long time to come. With this is mind, Pokémon Go also offers your business quick and easy ways to boost sales and attract more customers.

How Pokémon Go Works

To properly use Pokémon Go to your advantage, you must first have some understanding of how the game works. The main objective of the game is to catch Pokémon and battle those Pokémon against other players’ Pokémon. Pokémon spawn in different places all around the world, and it is up to the players to go out and catch them. Pokémon Go also deems certain locations as “Pokéstops” and “Pokémon Gyms.” At Pokéstops, players will congregate to obtain items and catch Pokémon.

Even more Pokémon can be caught if a player uses an item called a “Lure.” This item makes additional Pokémon spawn near Pokéstops that everyone can catch. At Pokémon Gyms, players battle their Pokémon against other players’ Pokémon to take control of the Pokémon Gym and earn in-game rewards. If your business is considered a Pokémon Gym or Pokéstop, you can easily use the game to attract more foot traffic. To check if there is a Pokéstop or Pokémon Gym near your business, you will need to download the game and create an account (the game is free). Open the game while at your business location and if a Pokémon Gym or Pokéstop appears near your character, then there is a Pokéstop or Pokémon Gym located near your business.

Attracting More Customers With Pokemon Go

If a Pokéstop is nearby, then you can use Lures to attract more customers. When used, Lures last for 30 minutes and cause additional Pokémon to spawn around the Pokéstop. Pokémon Go players will be able to see that the Lure is active and many will walk or drive to the location to get a chance at catching the extra Pokémon. This extra foot traffic alone can greatly increase your sales. To use a Lure, simply tap on a Pokéstop, then tap on the Lure icon (a small and white icon that is above the large central circle that features picture of the location and just below the name of the Pokéstop), then tap on the Pokéstop menu on the bottom of the screen and select one of your Lures to use it. Lures cost 100 Pokécoins (the currency the game uses). You can get Pokécoins and Lures by playing the game or buying them in the in-game shop. Buying 100 Pokécoins in the shop costs 99 cents. For this rather low price, you can use lures to massively increase foot traffic and sales.

How Your Business Can Profit From Pokémon Go

If your business location is a Pokémon Gym, then another great way to increase sales is to offer special discounts to players who are able to take control of the Pokémon Gym located near your business. Up to ten players at a time can be in control of a Pokémon Gym, although most Pokémon Gyms rarely get above three or four players. You can verify that the player is a current owner of the Pokémon Gym by comparing the username of the player with the usernames of the players currently holding the Pokémon Gym. To do this, tap on the Pokémon Gym to open up the Pokémon Gym menu. Then you can swipe right and left along the menu to see all the names of the players that own the Pokémon Gym. Simply compare the customer’s username with that of the names of the Pokémon Gym owners, and if they match, offer them a discount. This is another simple and easy way to attract more customers, as players will be much more likely to patronize your business if they can get a discount just for playing a game.

Additionally, simply advertising your business as a Pokéstop or Pokémon Gym location will draw more customers. Many people will intentionally go out of their way and visit your business location simply because of the Pokéstop or Pokémon Gym. Adding a sign to the front of your store or including that information on your business’ website is perhaps the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to attract more customers.

Using Pokémon Go as a promotional method may not be right for every business, but incorporating the game into your marketing strategy can be a great way to boost sales. These suggestions are a great starting point, but it’s up to you to experiment and figure out what method works best for you.


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