Comic Block November 2015 Box Spoilers, November Super Block + Free Comic Box Offer

Comic Block November 2015 Box Spoiler - Star Wars

We have our first Comic Block November 2015 box spoilers! Comic Block is a monthly comic subscription box for comic book fans, delivering a comic t-shirt, 3 comic books or graphic novels, and comic collectibles every month.

The Comic Block November 2015 comic book box includes Star Wars: Vader Down with Variant Cover.

Comic Block November 2015 Box Spoiler - Star Wars

Get hyped for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with our variant cover offering of Star Wars: Vader Down! See what happens when the entire Rebel fleet decides to put Lord Vader in their crosshairs after his TIE Fighter is shot down!

November’s Comic Block also features a Howard the Duck comic.

Remember when the man who brought us Star Wars also brought us Howard the Duck? That was pretty weird, right? Well now Howard’s in the hands of someone even weirder: Chip Zdarsky. We’re bringing you Howard the Duck’s latest, which we laughed along with until it hurt.

Which Comic Block November 2015 box spoiler are you most excited to get in your box?

Comic Block November 2015 Super Block

Comic Block November 2015 Super Block

One Comic Block subscriber is randomly selected to win a monthly Comic Block Super Block. The November 2015 Comic Block Super Block prize pack includes:

  • Harley Quinn Figure
  • Wonder-Woman Statue
  • Gotham Season 1 Blu-Ray Set
  • Batman Vol. 1 – 6 (The New 52)

Subscribe to Comic Block by November 25, 2015 to reserve your November block and for your chance to win the November Super Block!

Comic Block Free Welcome Box Offer

Nerd Block Jr. Free Block

ENDING SOON! Through November 25, 2015, new Comic Block subscribers can get a FREE $20 Welcome nerd box with their Comic Block subscription. Subscribe to Comic Block today to start building your comic book and comic collectibles collection.

Offer expired? Save 15% off monthly Comic Block subscriptions when you use Comic Block coupon code SAVE15 at checkout. Save up to 25% automatically with multi-month and multi-block subscriptions!

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