GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Themes, Box Spoilers + Coupon

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Theme - Lunch

We have the first theme for the GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box! GlobeIn Artisan Box subscription boxes send a surprise monthly box featuring handcrafted items from global artisans from around the world. GlobeIn recently started offering subscribers the choice of new themes each month. The first May GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box theme is LUNCH!

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Theme - Lunch

Remember those days back in kindergarten when your lunchbox was a beacon of self-expression? Turns out they’re not over. Just because you’re all grown up that’s no reason to stop sporting an ultra-savvy lunchroom style.

It does mean, however, that slapping a sticker on a mini plastic suitcase is no longer going to cut it. These days, you want your lunch kit to promote healthy eating, to save you time, cash, and fuss, and to save the environment from going kaput. And as always, you want it to be pretty!

The second May Artisan Box theme is Epicure!

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Theme - Epicure

Writer Virginia Woolf once proclaimed, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” To which this box proclaims, here, here!

Indeed, what if the path to our highest good really were through following our pleasure? Well, that would make wine and cheese very, very important—and this kit a pretty sacred set of tools.

May Artisan Box options are available for all active subscribers in their subscription settings May 1st-May 5th.

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Spoilers

We have the FULL box spoilers for the GlobeIn Lunch Artisan Box. Each box includes:

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Spoiler - Tri Bento Lunch Box

  1.  Tri Bento Lunch Box, India, 5.25×5.25″ (Retail $30)
  2. Upcycled Lunch Bag, Kenya, 12x7x4″ (Retail $16)
  3. Handmade Cloth Napkin, India (Retail $6)
  4. Spork, Sweden, 7″ (Retail $3)
  5. GlobeIn Greeting Card, 6×4″ (Retail $3)

Next, we have our first box spoiler for the May Epicure Artisan Box! Each Box will come with Stemless Wine Glasses from Mexico – a $30 retail value.

GlobeIn May 2017 Artisan Box Epicure Spoilers - Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses, Mexico (Retail $30)
Material: Recycled Glass
Suggested use: Make a toast!

What else do you think could be in the May Epicure GlobeIn Artisan Box? Stay tuned for more May GlobeIn Artisan Box spoilers!

GlobeIn May 2017 Coupon

Save on new GlobeIn subscriptions! Use GlobeIn Artisan Box coupon code WELCOME to save $10 off 3 month of longer Artisan Box subscriptions.

GlobeIn Artisan Box Coupon

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