Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 Theme Reveal + Box Spoilers

Loot Crate is giving us a sneak peek at the first Loot Crate Halo Legendary Crate, which ships in August. The Halo Legendary Crate is a bimonthly gamer subscription box featuring official Halo gear, collectible and in-game content. The founders Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 theme is SPARTAN-IV Initiation!

Loot Crate Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 Theme - SPARTAN-IV

With the initiation of the SPARTAN-IV program, legendary warriors like Commander Sarah Palmer and the Spartans of Fireteam Osiris would be forged, culled from the UNSC’s front lines of the three-decade long Covenant War.

Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 Box Spoilers

We also have our first look into the first Halo Legendary Crate. Each new Halo crate will feature a new Halo Icon set celebrating that month’s theme. The Halo Icon figures are an all-new style of Halo figure. You can connect the base of each set to build scenes as you receive new crates. In addition, the characters can be removed from the base to mix and match different possible battles! The Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 Spartans-IV box will have an exclusive red and blue spartan Halo Icon set!

Loot Crate Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 Box Spoilers - Halo Icon Figures

Our founders’ crate features a red and blue spartan facing off, celebrating the Spartan IV initiation theme and the huge multiplayer legacy of Halo.

Each Halo Legendary Crate has 5-7 EXCLUSIVE Halo collectibles. Also, if you sign-up for a 6-crate Halo Legendary Crate subscription, you’ll get an EXCLUSIVE legendary pin in your first crate.

Order by August 15th at 9pm PST to reserve the first Spartan-IV Halo Legendary Crate!

Are you excited for the Spartan-IV Halo Legendary Crate August 2016 box?

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