New Project! Get Your 1st Kiwi Crate Project is FREE – Just Pay $3.95 Shipping

Kiwi Crate Free Trial Project

Kiwi Crate delivers a monthly box of fun activities for kids. Now is your chance to try Kiwi Crate for free! Enjoy a free sample-size project from one of the most popular crates Kiwi Crates with this Kiwi Crate free trial offer. Get your first Kiwi Crate project FREE – just pay $3.95 shipping.

Kiwi Crate Free Trial Project

Build and experiment with your very own pair of rockets that fly! Learn how rockets can travel through the air differently. Then measure the distance with your flight chart to see how far they can travel. Learn about the many ways airplanes and rockets fly in our explore! magazine with bonus projects and activities!

Your Kiwi Crate free trial crate includes:

  • All the materials to build your pair of rockets
  • Bonus flight chart to help measure distance traveled Set of metallic markers and pom poms to personalize your rockets
  • 16 page explore! magazine filled with kid-friendly recipes, puzzles and a bonus gliding airplane

Start Your Kiwi Crate free trial today!

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