10 Pokemon Go Safety and Etiquette Tips

10 Pokemon Go Safety and Etiquette Tips

10 Pokemon Go Safety and Etiquette Tips If you’re like millions of other people and have become enamored with the latest geek, gamers, and nerd craze, Pokemon Go, welcome to the club. It’s challenging, fun, and gets you out of the house as you chase all the creatures that pop up on your phone screen. However, there are some dangers lurking in the Pokemon world.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe and polite while you indulge:

Don’t play Pokemon Go while on the clock.  Your boss is paying you to do stuff for the company, so put down your phone and get your work done. Save the creature hunting for later, or you might find yourself without a job.

Pay attention to your surroundings. This means that when you are walking on a sidewalk, be aware that there are other people who don’t appreciate getting trampled. Don’t forget about the lampposts, meters, and other inanimate objects that inflict pain when you run into them. Be aware of suspicious characters who will take advantage of your distractedness to pick your pocket or mug you.

Don’t drive and play. You know you’re not supposed to text and drive. Use the same logic for playing Pokemon Go. When you’re behind the wheel, your attention should be on the road and not on your phone.

Stay off other people’s property. Even if you see a creature hovering over someone’s front porch, it’s trespassing to go there uninvited. The people who live there might take issue with strangers trampling across their manicured landscaping.

Give your servers and sales clerks the attention they deserve. It’s rude to ignore someone whose job is to make sure you get good service.

10 Pokemon Go Safety and Etiquette Tips

Watch your valuables. Thieves love seeing expensive items that have been left unattended. When you’re out and about hunting Pokemon creatures make sure your valuables are safe. Better yet, don’t bring them with you. Leave them at home behind locked doors.

Avoid dangerous locations. Games that attract multitudes of people also provide opportunities for folks who have figured out how to lure you to isolated areas. Unscrupulous people put lures in out-of-the-way locations to attract more of the desired creatures, knowing there will be unsuspecting people who will go anywhere to level up. Don’t go there, no matter how tempted you are. Wait until the creature moves to a better place.

Keep track of your data. This game uses data, and if you’re not careful, you’ll pay dearly for it next time you get your cell phone bill.

Be social. If you like to play at night, travel with a group. It’s true that there is safety in numbers.

Use common sense with the physical aspect of playing the game. If you haven’t walked past the edge of your driveway in the past 10 years, take it easy the first few times you go out. While this game encourages exercise, going from zero steps one day to five miles the next, you’ll be too sore and tired to keep it up. Also, make sure you stay hydrated.

There’s nothing wrong with playing Pokemon and similiar video games if you follow these basic guidelines. You’ll get more exercise, have the excitement of the catch, and be able to communicate with others who share the same passion for hunting Pidgey, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and all the other Pokemon creatures.

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